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Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Vadovic

Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Vadovic

About Dr. Robert “Bob” Vadovic Dr. Robert "Bob" Vadovic is a Nurse Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Nursing Practice. He started as an Office Provider...

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Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla

Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla

Originally from Egypt, Dr. Atalla spent his early childhood growing up in Cairo, Alexandria, and London. Then, when he was older, between Cairo,...

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The Telehealth Medical Cart That is Revitalizing the Dental Industry

Dental care includes regular visits to the dentist. However, this is a challenge for many people. The COVID-19 pandemic makes matters worse, not just for the patients, though. Even the dental industry struggles as well. The good...

The Possible Health Hazards of EMF Exposure

In today's technologically driven world, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are omnipresent. From Wi-Fi signals to cell phone towers, we are surrounded by various sources of EMFs. While these invisible forces power our modern conveniences, concerns about their potential...

Don’t Miss a Beat: How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Regimen When Away From Home!

If you are a true fitness enthusiast, I know you work very hard daily to build more muscle, burn off excess body fat, and stay as healthy as possible. You more than likely pre-prep all of your meals, carefully strategize your supplement regimen and make sure to hit...

Up All Night? 3 Ways to Sleep Through the Night

For many, a restful night's sleep can feel elusive, with tossing and turning becoming a nightly ritual. Sleep disturbances not only leave us fatigued but can also impact our overall health and well-being. Fortunately, there are various strategies and natural remedies...

Introducing the Vagus Nerve: Your 1-Minute Hack to Reducing Stress Today

If you’re like me, when someone says, “Stop being stressed,” you start to stress about being stressed. It’s like you have a new task added to your already busy schedule. You’re stressing about your to-do list, and now on that list is to “stop being stressed.” What can...

Constructing the Super-Ager

In the last few years, medical science has identified a new group we can aspire to join — the super-agers. The term refers to people in their 70s and 80s with the mental or physical capability of their decades-younger counterparts. Norwegian researchers have used the...

From Tradition to Empowerment: One Woman’s Journey with Ancient Natural Remedies from Morocco

"We believe in nourishing our skin, not harming it, through ancient traditions and treatments from Moroccan women like my grandmother," shared Amina Johnson, the owner of Minarra, as she began recounting her remarkable journey from a scientist to the founder of an...

Exercises to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

The Impact of Hormonal Changes on Connective Tissue and Pelvic Floor Health   Connective tissue serves as a crucial foundation in our bodies, providing essential support and structure to various organs and systems. It plays a vital role in pelvic floor health,...

Custom-Tailored Treatments for Each Unique Skin Type: An Interview with Dr. Anna Lorenzi

Dr. Anna Lorenzi: creator, innovator, and entrepreneur. These are a few of the qualities that allowed her dreams to blossom into reality. Over the last 15 years, Anna has opened three clinics in Ukraine under her own brand, the Anna Lorenzi Clinic.    “When I was...

Should You Drink Regular Water or Vitamin-Rich Water?

The Choice of Hydration: Plain Water vs. Mineral-Rich Water   Water, the elixir of life, is essential for our existence. However, the debate over the benefits of plain water versus mineral-rich alternatives has gained traction with the rise of various infused...

BCAA’s: A Must-Use Supplement for Athletes, Weightlifters and all Fitness Buffs!

I have been heavily involved in the fitness industry for 30 years now, spending most of that time as a competitive bodybuilder, trainer, coach, and physique transformation specialist. I have also worked with many of the most prominent supplement companies, helping to...
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