World Cancer Day: Natural Remedies to Heal Cancer That Work

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Suzy Griswold was in her forties when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.1 Naturally, she wanted to do whatever it took to remove the cancer from her body. Griswold was...

Suzy Griswold was in her forties when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.1 Naturally, she wanted to do whatever it took to remove the cancer from her body. Griswold was married with children and wanted to be there for her family. She already had 12 family members diagnosed with cancer. Ten of them passed away. So, she understood the stakes were high. Griswold decided to go down the traditional path and had her thyroid removed and underwent radiation.

However, following her treatment, doctors discovered cancer in her lymph nodes. That’s when Griswold had enough. She declined chemotherapy and consulted other doctors to get multiple opinions. After witnessing the death of her family members, she knew there had to be a better way to get treatment than the traditional route.

So began Griswold’s research. She received pushback from doctors and loved ones who didn’t want to lose her. But she was determined to find a better path so she could be there for her husband and her boys. Finally, she found something to heal her cancer that would empower her never to be afraid of a crippling diagnosis again.



The Gerson Therapy

Griswold became open to holistic approaches to fight cancer through a book called Knockout by Suzanne Somers. In Griswold’s research, one method especially resonated with her: The Gerson Therapy. 

Dr. Max Gerson developed The Gerson Therapy in the 1920s. Dr. Gerson created his treatment plan initially to heal his migraines.2 Through a special nutrition plan, he thought he might cure his ailment. But, much to his surprise, Dr. Gerson discovered his treatment healed one of his patient’s skin tuberculosis. 

Dr. Gerson went on to treat many tuberculosis patients. He was part of a study where he worked to heal 450 patients with skin tuberculosis, and 446 of them were cured by his treatments. Dr. Gerson’s therapy healed patients with lung tuberculosis, heart disease, kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. He helped hundreds of cancer patients who were set to die after traditional medicine failed.

The Gerson Therapy “is a natural treatment system that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself by treating the underlying cause of degenerative disease – toxicity and nutritional deficiency — through a specific protocol consisting of an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, detoxification, and natural supplements.”3 That’s what Griswold did to heal her cancer.4 She didn’t walk it alone, either. Her family did the treatment with her. They all stepped back from several responsibilities so they could reduce stress and focus on health.

Griswold admitted that she modified the treatment a little bit to fit her busy lifestyle. She doesn’t recommend altering a tried and true method, but she did what she could as a busy mom. 

After 18 months, her cancer was gone. Not only that, Griswold’s whole body had experienced healing. Her cholesterol improved, and her tremors from an injury even got better. 



Griswold mentioned fasting as another excellent method to heal cancer. Her family regularly does intermittent fasts, and they’ll periodically do longer fasts to boost their immune system. Griswold explained fasting enables your body to go into “protective mode,” which allows your cells to kill off bad ones.

Dr. Mindy Pelz, a women’s health expert, spends a lot of time discussing the health benefits of fasting. She echoes Griswold’s claims of the benefits of fasting. She recommends a 3-day water fast twice a year to help prevent cancer.5 In these 72 hours, the body’s immune system resets and becomes more effective.

Dr. Pelz noted a study where cancer patients were undergoing chemotherapy and did the 72-hour water fast.6 By the end of the fast, the patients’ white blood cells became stronger, which restored their immune system. Dr. Pelz continued that a 72-hour fast does a lot of repairing to the body, including brain neurons and muscular skeletal injuries. The fast also fights off cancer and viruses and slows the aging process. She said the body has natural healing properties that do not need supplements during this fast.

In a separate study, Dr. Pelz shared that fasting helped women with PCOS.7 Women with PCOS can struggle with heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As such, Dr. Pelz noted that people without PCOS can still experience healing from fasting. After about a month, the women in the study experienced weight loss, improved insulin resistance, and a better menstrual cycle.  




The human body has incredible healing abilities, many of which are ignited in nature. One of those is grounding, also known as earthing, which connects you to the earth’s electrical current. You can do this by walking barefoot outside, lying in the grass, or swimming in the ocean.8 As strange as it might sound, this practice has numerous health benefits. The earth’s electrical current stimulates our immune system, which in turn helps our health. Grounding can alleviate several ailments, including anxiety, sleep problems, and immune disorders. It can also reduce inflammation that’s linked to several chronic diseases, including cancer.9 

Additionally, grounding helps lower cortisol and improves sleep, both of which The Cancer Center for Healing says are crucial for healing in cancer patients.10 The Center believes cancer patients must focus on healing the whole body rather than treating the symptoms. 

Grounding really can heal cancer. My grandmother had a friend who received a terminal cancer diagnosis. But, he decided to ground. He’d go outside daily and stand barefoot on the ground for 15 minutes. He’d boil water and pour it on the ground, even in the cold months, before standing in place. After some time, his cancer was completely gone.  




Sunlight can also do wonders for our health. While many of us put on sunscreen before spending time outside, it’s good that we get some sun before we cover up. That’s not to say sunscreen is bad per se, but you should be mindful of the brand you use since some sunscreens have cancer-causing chemicals in them.11 Ideally, you want to spend 10-30 minutes in the sun every day without sunscreen, depending on how sensitive you are to sunburns.12 

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, a key vitamin we need but that most people don’t get enough of. Studies show that getting sunlight can boost immune function.13 That’s why fewer people get sick in the summer. It’s not that there are fewer viruses then, but rather, more people are in the sun. Sunlight has been shown to improve sleep, pain tolerance, fertility, healing abilities, and vision. Vitamin D deficiency, on the other hand, is linked to osteoporosis, muscle weakness, depression, cancer, and death.14 

Dr. Mindy Pelz simplifies cancer as when good cells develop into bad ones.15 She stresses the importance of taking care of our overall health, and sunlight is one of the essentials to that.



Whether or not we have cancer, any one of these natural remedies can do wonders for our health and thereby fight cancer. Suzy Griswold knows that to eliminate cancer, you have to address the whole body and not just remove a symptom. With this mindset, she’s no longer afraid of receiving a cancer diagnosis. She knows what to do, and she knows it works. Now that you know these natural remedies, you don’t have to be afraid, either.

Sydney Good

Sydney Good