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Why Telehealth Is So Cost-Effective

Many patients have enjoyed easier access to professional medical and therapeutic advice due to telehealth technology, and the convenience factor is significant. But there's another side to the value of telehealth: it's cost-effective. So why exactly is telehealth so affordable, and will it be a better option for you and your family in 2022?

Why Telehealth Is So Cost-Effective

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3 Ways Houseplants Improve Your Mental Health

Keeping a houseplant isn't only a good hobby that will add beauty to any indoor space. Aside from the aesthetics, houseplants can also benefit your mental health. Plants are more than just decor or a hobby to keep; caring for them can give you a sense of purpose and help you destress

3 Ways Houseplants Improve Your Mental Health



Giving the Power to the Patients: An Interview with Dr. Gregg DeNicola from Caduceus Medical Group

Coming from a proud, hardworking, blue-collar family with a small liquor store business, Dr. DeNicola was determined (and pushed by his parents) to become professional by trade and used his volunteering experience as a sign that he belonged in medicine. In his interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Dr. DeNicola describes his experience of practicing Family Medicine for over thirty-five years and co-founding Caduceus Medical Group (CMG), an innovative physician-owned multi-specialty group in Orange County.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

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The Impact of the Medical Metaverse on Patients and Physicians

The medical metaverse is not a small pocket of technology with a handful of applications in the medical space but the future of healthcare provision. Like the internet, the medical metaverse is likely already available in your clinic or home. The only thing you need to do is access it.

The Impact of the Medical Metaverse on Patients and Physicians

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