Custom-Tailored Treatments for Each Unique Skin Type: An Interview with Dr. Anna Lorenzi

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Dr. Anna Lorenzi: creator, innovator, and entrepreneur. These are a few of the qualities that allowed her dreams to blossom into reality. Over the last 15 years, Anna has opened...

Dr. Anna Lorenzi: creator, innovator, and entrepreneur. These are a few of the qualities that allowed her dreams to blossom into reality. Over the last 15 years, Anna has opened three clinics in Ukraine under her own brand, the Anna Lorenzi Clinic


“When I was 15, I decided that I wanted to work with skin. That’s why I went to school with the intention of pursuing healthcare and then went to university, obtaining my degree in medicine,” Dr. Lorenzi said. 


Furthering Education and Forging Partnerships

While launching these clinics, her pursuits led her to earn her Ph.D. in medicine. She is now in the midst of continuing her schooling to include a doctoral dissertation. Her research currently focuses on skin pathology and treatment for patients in all her clinics and around the world. Now that there is a variety of skincare innovations and treatment options that are becoming more easily accessible, Dr. Lorenzi’s focus on personalized skincare has become prominent in her practice and throughout the cosmetic industry.


TopDoc Wellness has been fortunate to forge a partnership with Dr. Lorenzi and her incredible work in cosmetic care and rejuvenation. Her 15 years of work on cosmetic treatments have impressed the world-renowned clinic into a partnership where Dr. Lorenzi can utilize her knowledge to help people at any stage of their skincare journey in the U.S. and abroad.





The Anna Lorenzi Clinic Services

Dr. Lorenzi’s practice extends beyond basic skincare. She and her team also provide dermatology, gynecology, cosmetology, IV therapy, injection techniques, laser dermatology, cosmetology, and medical analysis services.


The team at the Anna Lorenzi Clinic is committed to treating the patient as a whole and offering various services to meet their patients’ needs. Medical analyses are an integral part of comprehensive treatment, upon which the entire clinic’s work is based. They are necessary to gather a complete medical history, establish a diagnosis, and prescribe appropriate treatment.


“I always carefully examine the patient’s skin and assess the situation based on their skin type and specific skin condition. I must assess the best products or treatment regimes to solve the issue. I can recommend brands I like, but I prefer to use custom treatments for the patient’s unique needs,” Dr. Lorenzi shared. 

The main areas of expertise in the clinic include classical dermatology, specifically the treatment of dermatological conditions and removal of skin growths, and aesthetic dermatology, encompassing all aesthetic and injectable procedures that can only be performed by a dermatologist.

The Anna Lorenzi Clinic also offers laser dermatology, which can address various issues, such as pigmentation treatment, skin resurfacing, vascular removal, and skin rejuvenation techniques that work on all layers of the dermis.

The classical gynecology offered encompasses the treatment of gynecological issues, as well as aesthetic and laser gynecology. That includes vaginal muscle tightening, intimate area whitening, and injectable methods for gynecological improvements.

Cosmetology, including aesthetic procedures for facial and body skincare and additional services, such as IV therapy (detox and vitamin drips), are also available to maintain overall tone and health from within.


The Anna Lorenzi Clinics’ Recommended Brands

Dr. Lorenzi has many preferred brands she recommends and promotes across her multiple social media platforms. Some favorite cosmetic brands of Dr. Anna Lorenzi are ZO®️ Skin Health, Skinbetter, Maria Galland, Jan Marini, Jean D’Arcel, Alastin skincare, and Neauvia. Each of these brands Dr. Lorenzi recommends is known worldwide and well-respected in the skin-care industry. Most of these brands have been around for over fifty years, each holding its own unique composition of why Dr. Lorenzi advocates for their products. A few also offer medical-grade cosmetics to help address a multitude of skincare concerns.


The philosophies and focus of these companies align with Dr. Lorenzi’s goal to establish meaningful relationships with her patients to help them best achieve their skincare goals.1 Each of these companies has created brands that put careful consideration into their product’s design and uses, ensuring quality care for different skin types. With years of experience in the aesthetics industry, these companies have combined science and beauty to promote keeping the biggest organ in one’s body healthy and glowing.2 


Understanding the outstanding accomplishments of the brands above, Dr. Lorenzi carefully considers every product she endorses. While many dermatologists and medical professionals will simply prescribe a medication or treatment that works for most people, Dr. Lorenzi intentionally chooses specialized formulas for each patient and creates a plan and treatment that will have the best results based on each client rather than the status quo treatments. 





Dr. Lorenzi’s Secret Formula 

Along with her recommended product lines and treatments, Dr. Lorenzi has successfully been developing her proprietary skincare line. 


“I have created a secret lotion recipe that works wonders for people with problematic skin. I had acne in my childhood, and I know how challenging it is to treat this issue, especially during adolescence. That experience inspired me to develop my own lotion based on acids that inhibit acne bacteria, serving as an alternative to acid peels and being safe for home use. This solution has helped numerous people with acne problems. I am already working on special documents to make it available for sale beyond my clinics, throughout Ukraine and soon in the U.S. and South America.”


Dr. Lorenzi takes time with each client who walks through her door to ensure she fully understands what treatments they need for beautiful skin. Some clients will have exhausted their options before they meet with Dr. Lorenzi, but she keeps going until she can find the solution to their ailments. Skincare is a highly populated industry with plenty of treatment options, so Dr. Lorenzi discusses the clients’ lifestyles and conditions to find the root problems beneath the skin.


Some clients simply need lifestyle changes rather than medication to aid their skin. However, some require medical-grade care, while others do best with holistic treatments. The point is that each client has a different story and skin type, which needs to be treated uniquely. Dr. Lorenzi assesses all variables to require an understanding of each client rather than labeling them into a generalized group with one path for treatment. She works with them to find the best solutions to have long-lasting, beautiful effects.


“Sometimes, I can recommend treatments or helpful exercises if needed. But what if this patient is in pain and needs medical treatment? If that patient does need medical treatment, I can explain its side effects and walk them through their options. I assure the best results with everyone, utilizing all our assets. I always recommend what I am confident will work, whether that’s exercise, diet, treatments, or medication,” she said. 





Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Lorenzi’s brand has seen an increase in business since she attended multiple medical conferences and spoke about her experience in skincare with specific treatment options. Her love for education has not ended and will continue into the future. As she helps more clients in Ukraine and the U.S., Dr. Lorenzi plans to expand and continue educating on healthy skin and skin care treatments. 

Dr. Lorenzi and her team continually look for opportunities to expand their knowledge. In recent years, they have attended laser cosmetology training at several different conferences with various trainers who have taught them unique techniques. The specialists at the Anna Lorenzi Clinic also undergo training to expertly utilize the equipment from Alma Lasers which are frequently used in the clinic. 

Dr. Lorenzi and her team constantly seek opportunities to expand their knowledge while systematically attending global congresses and undergoing professional development with leading experts. That is why she attended the 25th-anniversary IMCAS World Congress 2024 in Paris, one of the most authoritative events in the world of aesthetic medicine. This congress, which brought together over 17,000 doctors from around the world, is notable not only for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and achievements in the fields of cosmetology and dermatology but also for its exceptional exhibition. 

The exhibition featured devices with innovative technologies that elevate the quality of procedures to an entirely new level. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with products from top cosmeceutical brands, including preparations with the most innovative active ingredients that meet the highest standards of beauty and health. 

Renowned speakers from around the world presented the latest advancements and innovations in aesthetics, discussing new technologies for procedures and innovative approaches to skincare. This event provided a unique opportunity for knowledge and experience exchange, contributing to further development and improvement in aesthetic medicine. 

Dr. Lorenzi understands the importance of innovation and continuous development in service delivery. Therefore, she not only keeps up with the latest trends in aesthetic medicine but also actively implements cutting-edge methodologies and technologies to ensure clients receive the highest quality of service.

In 2020, she attended two conferences. The first was the Injection Congress 2020 in Ukraine, an annual injection congress that gathers all the country’s dermatologist injectors in one place. The second was From Surface to Shape 2020 in Ukraine, a congress for dermatologists and aestheticians.

Anna Lorenzi organized the first gynecological conference in Ukraine in 2021 with Lyudmila Shupenyuk, the country’s leading gynecologist and well-known TV presenter. The conference attracted hundreds of gynecologists from different parts of the country.

In 2021, she was also able to attend the Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference & Exhibition, an annual congress featuring top dermatologist speakers and an exhibition of leading manufacturers in the field of medicine, as well as Global Aesthetics 2021, Miami, which is a congress featuring presentations by top dermatologists and surgeons from the USA.






Dr. Lorenzi has worked toward her passion for skin care and treatment from a young age. Her successful brand has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve better skin. Through her specialized treatments, custom-tailored to each client, her results speak for themselves. 

Achieving better skin does not have to take a toll on you. Clients who speak with Dr. Lorenzi can attest that her custom treatments achieve the results they have been searching for over time. Dr. Lorenzi’s unique protocol with clients ensures success, even if it is through nontraditional routes that clients don’t typically experience in the medical industry. Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, Dr. Lorenzi and her team work tirelessly to help clients reach their goals of clear, healthy skin. 

To learn more about Dr. Lorenzi, visit her clinic website https://anna-lorenzi.com.ua/, company website https://anna-lorenzi-company.com.ua, or her social media:

Clinic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna_lorenzi_clinic?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igsh=ZDNlZDc0MzIxNw==

Company Instagram:


Be on the lookout for her future partnership with TopDoc Wellness and learn more by calling (305) 4TOPDOC. 



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