A Story of Success: Dr. Rudolph Moise, His Family Practice and Aesthetics

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Early Years and Education Dr. Rudolph Moise came from Haiti when he was just 17 years old and moved to Chicago knowing no English. In July of 1971, young Dr....

Early Years and Education

Dr. Rudolph Moise came from Haiti when he was just 17 years old and moved to Chicago knowing no English. In July of 1971, young Dr. Moise attended a 30-day program at a community center as he redid his final year of high school to learn English and get the necessary credits to be accepted into college. He finished a pre-med degree in five years and applied for medical school, where the Chicago College of Medicine accepted him as a student. They offered him a scholarship from a federal program where they sponsored his school and required him to work for four years in an area of his choosing post-graduation. After some convincing, Dr. Moise was sent to Miami to work in federally qualified health care for a few years. 


He became very involved with the Miami community and stayed to practice there, where his primary care practice took off. He quickly found that owning a medical practice also had a significant business aspect to address. Seeing an opportunity to grow and learn more, Dr. Moise returned to school, this time attending the University of Miami to earn his law degree and MBA every weekend for two and a half years. After those two and a half years of commitment to hard work, he finalized his healthcare administration and business administration degree, which ultimately helped his practice grow and thrive. Further schooling encouraged Dr. Moise to run for U.S. Congress in 2010 and again in 2012, with the goal of serving the Miami community in a new capacity.


“I came very close, coming in second. It was always a dream to serve this great country since it has given so much to me and my family,” he shared.


Deciding to stay in the medical field, Dr. Moise is one doctor who is making a positive impact on American healthcare. Having served in the United States Airforce Reserve as a flight surgeon for 21 years, Dr. Moise has been leading the way to better and more available medical opportunities throughout the medical industry as a whole.



New Aesthetics Focus, Connecting with Patients, and Community Outreach


After the Congress battle, Dr. Moise became a medical flight surgeon in the military for 21 years. He has now been serving as a family physician for 30 years, focusing on diabetes, back pain, illness, and so much more.


Due to his practice being in Miami, people often come to Dr. Moise for referrals on aesthetic care. Because of the overwhelming demand for aesthetics and interest in the topics from his clients, Dr. Moise investigated the field and went to conferences around the country to become certified in aesthetics. 


“I would say 85% of the aesthetic procedures that are done are non-surgical, so you can really help people doing these things. The other percent is when they go to a plastic surgeon to do cosmetic procedures or things that require a lot of downtime after surgery,” he said. 


Because there are so many procedures that are minimally invasive and have a short recovery time, Dr. Moise invested in aesthetic equipment for these procedures to add to his practice called Comprehensive Medical Spa, based in North Miami. 


Being involved in patients’ lives is a vital role that Dr. Moise and his practice have always championed. 


“I always believe that success is really nothing unless you reach back out and are engaged in the community,” he shared. 


He spends time with different clubs and community outreaches for children to teach them and encourage them to stay in school. Dr. Moise is a mentor for these children to help them learn and do all the things others say they could never do. On top of being a mentor in his current community outreach endeavors, he was also the president of the Dade County Medical Association in Miami and then became a chairman of the Jackson Health Foundation, which raises money for the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. 



The Challenges in Family Medicine and Aesthetics 


“Right now, access to healthcare is more important than ever,” Dr. Moise shared. 


Having an easy and affordable way to see a professional medical doctor is essential. Finding a doctor and provider that truly cares for them is also vital. According to Dr. Moise, it is important for communities to provide access to the patient so there is not a time when patients walk into the office and cannot be seen. Dr. Moise’s practice accepts all patients to provide the best care, even if they do not have an appointment. 


Accessibility in healthcare is a huge issue facing the U.S. right now. According to health.gov, 1 in 10 individuals do not have healthcare. The lack of affordable health care in the U.S. often prevents patients from being able to see a doctor at all and then becoming ill or not getting proper screening for disease. What could have been prevented is now an issue because they never saw a physician in the first place because of the multiple roadblocks. That is why Dr. Moise’s practice makes it a point to accept walk-ins and not only take patients with appointments throughout the day. 


“It’s very important that, as a community, we create the possibility where we provide access to the patient. There isn’t one time that somebody has walked into my office and we told them ‘no, we cannot see you,’” he said. 



Overcoming Obstacles and Hiring Qualified and Dedicated Health Workers


This requirement to see all who enter Dr. Moise’s practice comes with its own set of difficulties. Finding qualified workers in the health space is essential in order to see everyone who walks through the door. Finding qualified people to stay in the medical field and face the challenges that healthcare often presents can prove difficult. Tasks take longer when insurance is involved and documentation is required, so finding a team with patience and education is a necessary qualification in Dr. Moise’s practice. 


Having certified healthcare professionals who have the time to commit is a difficulty of its own. Training is required for the job, of course, which is already complicated for employees. Then, it would be best to have employees who work longer hours to accommodate different needs and require a certain level of pay for their time. Finding people willing to dedicate the hours and commit to the hard work of medical jobs is a constant obstacle but a rewarding one when one’s practice is able to bring compassionate and dedicated healthcare workers to the team. 


There is also the challenge of spending proper time with each patient to really understand what they require to improve their health. This means that there must be available time, and the provider must have patience to reach the goals set in place by the patient. In order to successfully cater to a patient, Dr. Moise seeks to spend time with patients individually and not rush them out of the office before truly understanding what is necessary to treat them properly. The only way to truly understand a patient’s diagnosis is to understand what symptoms they have faced, what goals they have set in place to reach full health again, and what kind of time they have put into the issue already to resolve it. How have they previously tried to cure it, and what brings them to an office to fix the problem? 


“I like to spend time with patients because you want to give them back communication and also listen. But if you spend a lot of time on the computer and try to document things that the government needs to know, it really reduces the time you need with your patients, and that’s a challenge,” Dr. Moise said. 


While there are hurdles to maneuver, Dr. Moise and his team are dedicated to giving their patients the utmost attention and care while sticking to the necessary protocol and spending the extra time needed to bring excellent care.



The Road to Efficiency and Quality Care


Being efficient while providing quality care is a top priority for Dr. Moise and his team. 

Holding a business that employs over 57 people and his current practice, Dr. Moise has had to learn to train and manage all these responsibilities to care for his patients. 


“I have multiple businesses, and the key thing is to find responsible people because you cannot do everything yourself. At my office, I have a great manager who manages everything for me. Same thing in Orlando. I have somebody I meet with, and they let me know what’s going on in every company I have,” Dr. Moise shared. 


One of the keys to overcoming barriers in the field of aesthetics and family medicine is to have upstanding people working for you. Dr. Moise implements this in every aspect of his life, including his businesses, practice, and community involvement. 


Dr. Moise has multiple businesses, so ensuring he can balance it all is a significant part of his success story. His practice manager takes care of his medical practice, while his employees are sure to stay involved in the business and medical aspects, keeping Dr. Moise in the know. This can include everything from charts to business expenses to day-to-day management. Between all the business endeavors, Dr. Moise must have a reliable team around him that can ensure his success along with their own success in the business. Having a great team of trusted individuals makes a huge difference in the success of business and medicine. 


“The key to success is to have good people working for you who are qualified and can really handle operations in medical and business endeavors without you present. In terms of giving you advice and to other people, they have to be full of well-wishes for your success and company. And basically, that requires a lot of discipline and education from your team,” he shared. 



How Dr. Moise Has Reached His Goals in Life


Discipline is something that Dr. Moise has learned and practiced over his years of practicing medicine, schooling, business endeavors, and running for public office. Years of his time have been dedicated to discipline, and those hours of dedication got him to where he is today. 


He tells all his students how important it is to learn more so that they can take on more tasks and understand things around them better. Dr. Moise believes that the more you know and are educated, the easier you will solve tasks in any capacity. Education is the true power in the world of medicine, business, and just in general. To get things done, people must experience bumps in the road and trials to learn more and overcome the struggles they face. 


“There are a lot of bumps along the way, but don’t give up. Keep on pushing, and keep on doing it, and successful is what you will be,” he said. 


Maintaining discipline and pushing until you reach your goals is crucial. The only way to reach your goals and overcome obstacles in life is by maintaining discipline to reach the goals you have set in place for yourself. 


“Discipline in your education is number one. Your brain has billions of cells, and you can absorb a lot of information. So, the more you learn, the more you’re ready to take on tasks and challenges and get things done. I tell all my students that education is power,” he concluded. 


To learn more about Dr. Rudolph Moise and what his practice offers, visit his website at https://chcmedrehab.com/staff/Dr-Rudolph-Moise

Riley George

Riley George