The Crucial Keys To Outstanding Sexual Performance And Long-Lasting Heart Health

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If you want a more exhilarating, powerful, and long-lasting sex life combined with stellar heart health, then you’re exactly where you need to be. Men's sexual health is a topic...

If you want a more exhilarating, powerful, and long-lasting sex life combined with stellar heart health, then you’re exactly where you need to be. Men’s sexual health is a topic that does not receive enough attention. The foundation of your sexual health starts with your daily sleep habits, nutrition, and a few supplements to ensure your body has everything it needs to thrive. I’m going to teach you how to maximize your sexual health and keep your heart health on the good side of Father Time.


Every man is looking for the fountain of youth. Whether in the way he looks with his shirt off or the way he performs under the sheets. To maintain optimal sexual function, you should be spending at least seven to nine hours per night under the sheets…getting quality sleep. Sleep is a magic bullet for health and longevity because it helps your body manage cortisol production. Cortisol is a necessary hormone produced by our adrenal glands, which, in normal amounts, helps regulate blood pressure, immune function, and the body’s own anti-inflammatory processes. On the flip side, when chronically high, it can significantly lower your testosterone production, which will have a negative effect on your libido and result in erectile dysfunction.


Chronically high cortisol can also lower your insulin sensitivity, increase your risk of developing digestive problems and food sensitivities, and decrease your immune function, which puts you at greater risk of developing colds, contagious illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. So, do your best to maintain sound sleep hygiene by going to bed at the same time consistently and aiming for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.



It’s my mission to help you improve your health and sexual performance, so here is your first tip. To improve your sleep, follow the 3,2,1 method. Three hours prior to bed, your last meal should be complete. This will allow for proper digestion, prevent acid reflux and any other disturbance in sleep quality due to your digestive tract still being very active. Two hours prior to bed, your last serving of any fluid should be complete. This will prevent you from getting up to pee in the middle of the night. One hour prior to bed should be your last exposure to any blue light from your phone, laptop, T.V. screen, or any electronic device screen. This will allow your brain to relax and your body to release melatonin in preparation for sleep.  


As a men’s health specialist and nutritionist, I believe nutrition is a cornerstone in every aspect of your health. You’ve likely heard lots of different information on how to lose weight and “detoxify” your body. First and foremost, you need to eat a sufficient amount of protein if you want to ensure great health. Maintaining as much muscle as possible through the years is extremely beneficial for your health. Muscle keeps you strong so you can enjoy doing the activities you love, like playing with your kids or catching a round of golf with your buddies.  Muscle helps regulate blood sugar by utilizing the carbs you eat, which helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. 


Besides being the symbol of love, your heart is responsible for pumping that wonderful red elixir called blood around your body. In order to do so as efficiently as possible and for as many years as possible, you need to provide your heart with everything it needs. First, you need to make sure your arteries stay clear of plaque. Plaque builds up most easily when there is excess inflammation in your body. There are a few things you can do to limit inflammation and support long-lasting heart health. 


First and foremost is avoiding inflammatory foods. Half the battle is preventing the problem in the first place. Foods and food-like products such as processed carbs from candy, cookies, cake, low-quality bread, low-quality dairy, sugary cereals, fast food, and seed oils should be avoided. These products are found in a lot of the foods we come across on a daily basis, so you’ll need to read your labels to make sure you steer clear. 

Second, I recommend consuming plenty of omega-3 fats. These help maintain great heart and arterial health by preventing plaque build-up, fighting excess inflammation, reducing triglycerides, and raising HDL (good cholesterol). It’s recommended that you take 1,600 mg- 3,000 mg of omega-3 fats from high-quality fish oil brands such as Nordic Naturals or Thorne.  



Next, in order to ensure your sexual health is outstanding, you must protect and optimize your nitric oxide production, which is a linchpin for proper blood flow. Nitric oxide is a magical substance produced in our blood vessels, responsible for vasodilation, preventing arterial plaque buildup, aiding in brain function, improving wound healing, managing proper blood pressure, and your erections depend on it.  


Several products that we’ve traditionally used on a daily basis, which you should avoid, have a detrimental effect on our nitric oxide production. Here are two that you are likely using daily right now. First is mouthwash, which contains chlorhexidine, which destroys the nitric oxide-producing bacteria inside your mouth. The second is to avoid any toothpaste which contains triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial substance that kills the good bacteria in your mouth and has a detrimental effect on nitric oxide production. The sooner you get rid of these, the sooner you’ll be on track for ideal NO2 Production. As a tip, you can substitute your toothpaste for Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste, which I personally use and recommend. 


For thriving erectile health, you need to nurture your mental health through stress management. I’ve had a lot of male clients who had erectile dysfunction when they began working with me, and much of it was due to unmanaged stress and anxiety. Some of them would use Cialis, Viagra, arginine, and various other products to try and deal with erectile dysfunction. The products would help manage some of the symptoms in the short term but never solve the problem. We had to get to the bottom of what was causing the stress and anxiety. Some of the causes were poor self-image, career stress, relationship stress, family issues, feeling like they did not have a mission in life, or a schedule demand that was hyper-stressful and unsustainable.



We worked on different forms of stress management. I would have some of my clients get involved in activities such as boxing, jiu-jitsu, meditation, hiking, running, sauna, or lifting weights. Other clients had to have crucial and difficult conversations with people to get closure on personal issues or issues in the workplace. Once we got to the bottom of the issues and came up with a method to deal with them, their sexual dysfunction improved soon after. 


The last piece of the puzzle is exercise. Men, it’s imperative that you include intense resistance training and cardiovascular exercise if you want to thrive. Resistance training helps you build muscle, promotes testosterone production, builds strength, and forges your character. The journey of building muscle and strength allows you to learn what your body is capable of. That journey to creating the body you desire is an investment in your mental health, which ultimately affects your sexual health and heart health. The more confident you become and the healthier you are, the better your sexual health will be, which has a direct effect on the quality of your intimate relationships. Also, intense resistance training creates an elevation in testosterone and the release of endorphins, which helps you improve your hormonal health and ultimately your healthspan. The most fun part of building muscle is that it helps to shape the body you’ve always wanted, which your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of.


Men, your sexual health and heart health are both areas you have significant control over. By applying what I’ve taught, you can create unshakable confidence, be a beast in the sheets, and live a long, strong, healthy life.



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