Regenerative Medicine and Nutrition: An Interview with Dr. Benjamin Arthur

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INFORMNITY, LLC. is a company that creates novel technologies and identifies new applications for already existing technologies, integrating them in multi- and cross-disciplinary systems. The company seeks to co-opt and...

INFORMNITY, LLC. is a company that creates novel technologies and identifies new applications for already existing technologies, integrating them in multi- and cross-disciplinary systems. The company seeks to co-opt and support nature’s engineering and crafting of processes. They also provide an intellectual framework and financial partnerships ranging from cell therapy (stem cell products such as tissue allografts, suspensions, and wound healing patches) to regenerative medicine, which supports and encourages the body to heal naturally and has no significant side effects. The mission of INFORMNITY is to “offer the highest quality of safe and scientifically-based products and services that support the best health outcomes at lower financial cost with no adverse health side effects,” according to their website.1 


Dr. Benjamin Arthur, the founder and chairman of INFORMNITY, LLC., has become a prominent figure in regenerative medicine. He is also the founder of The Right Shake, LLC., which is a company focused on using meal replacements customized to each person’s needs based on genetic profiles. Among his other companies, Dr. Arthur is a co-founder and partner of PolyRegen Biosciences, Provitx, and Renover.  


“I’ve always been interested in trying to help people through our knowledge and development of new technologies and cutting-edge scientific discoveries from a multi- and cross-disciplinary perspective. So, I was initially involved with a lot of studies specializing in the area of Molecular Genetics and Behavioral Neuroscience and formulating bioscience models by application of mathematics to medical systems,” Dr. Arthur shared. 



He was a senior research scientist at the University of Zurich, where he helped train graduate students on manipulating genes in the brain to study instinctive behavior and more. Dr. Arthur has received his experience and training from some distinguished institutions such as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD and the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, for practical training in basic medical and clinical research, the California Institute of Technology, University of Zurich, and Swiss Federal University, Zurich, ETHZ for molecular genetics and neuroinformatics, the Courant Institute, NYU for Applied Mathematics, and the Wharton School of Business an UPenn Engineering for Technology Management. He spent years of his time in Regenerative Medicine while receiving his degrees and doctorates in medically related fields on scholarships and fellowships he earned. Dr. Arthur returned to Zurich, Switzerland, after an NIH postdoctoral Fellowship in the USA to conduct research and train students in neurogenetics and behavioral ecology. It was during this time that he discovered and named a new “organ,” Prolatus, in one of the animal models in his efforts to unravel the mechanism of the enigmatic female cryptic choice phenomena in sexual selection. After spending his time training and teaching others, he wanted to enter the commercial space to help real people with his research and studies. 


“I wanted to enter the commercial space because I wanted to be able to use some of the capabilities I had learned to address problems that people face today within the medical area,” he shared. 


When he first decided to enter the commercial space, Dr. Arthur went to UPenn to study business and engineering at the master’s level. He co-founded a technology consulting company called Ventis, which helped companies take technology and translate it from the laboratory to a minimal viable product. Ventis helped these mostly startup companies establish their technology businesses, raise funds, and develop optimal exit strategies. 


“I help people choose the kind of lifestyle that will optimize their life because, in the medical field, it is as important to know what kind of patient you have as what kind of health issue they are presenting, paraphrasing from Sir William Osler’s quote of Parry of Bath. So, it pays to know your patient’s genetics! Also, prevention is key. The sooner you understand your unique situation and start taking measures to deal with any eventualities, the better. A stitch in time saves nine! ” he said. 


Individualization in the medical field is vital since every single body is different, and personalized precision healthcare can help with this. Through his multi-disciplinary research integrating discoveries and technologies from various disciplines, including molecular genetics, applied mathematics and regenerative medicine, Dr. Arthur is able to bridge the gap between an individual’s specific needs and what the medical field has to offer as solutions to many issues that require personalization in order to be addressed suitably. 



Genetics and Nutrition: The Right Shake LLC

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” – Hippocrates 400 BC. 


Regenerative medicine is “focused on developing and applying new treatments to heal tissues and organs and restore function lost due to aging, disease, damage, or defects,” according to the Mayo Clinic.2 The idea behind regenerative medicine is to offer a holistic approach to medicine and aid the body in repairing itself. Certain diseases are challenging to resolve on their own, but regenerative medicine focuses beyond disease management to find options to support the body in its well-being.


Our products range from aesthetic applications, supporting sustainable wrinkle removal, hair regrowth and thickening, scar removal, and medical applications supporting Osteoarthritis, Neuropathy, sexual health, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and chronic wound healing, without any significant side effects. Some of our products have shown great promise in managing the internal and external aging process, also referred to as the anti-aging process.


Regenerative Medicine outcomes are greatly enhanced when the body has been optimally prepared via nutrigenetics. That is essentially personalizing nutrition according to each individual’s unique genetic profile.


The Right Shake, LLC., produces total meal replacement shakes based on each individual’s unique genetic profile. The ingredients are from natural sources, free of any artificial agents. Every individual has a unique “Goldilocks zone.” If each individual kept within the confines of their personal zone, the expectation is that they would maximize the benefits and minimize of the potential adverse effects of epigenetic factors, etc. Dr. Arthur founded this company in search of helping others based on what their genetic makeup already presented.  




Out of a study of about 17,000 people, the research showed the subjects fell into clearly distinct groups in their relative efficiencies in how many calories they could burn or differentially store as body fat depending on which macronutrient was the source of the calories consumed. Some groups burned more calories from endurance exercise, while others burned more from speed exercises comparatively. The results from the studies support the general observation that everyone is different in terms of burning calories depending on the macronutrient source or exercise type. 


Lifestyle, epigenetics, and genetics factors feature prominently in the relationship between genetics and nutrition. Although most of the nutrition we consume may be potentially beneficial, it may also have potentially detrimental consequences, short-term or long-term. To aid people in nutrition optimization, Dr. Arthur and his team have formulated products to facilitate a personalized, healthy nutritional balance based on their lifestyles and unique genetic profiles.


“We obtain the ingredients from natural sources since those tend to include all the necessary complementary components designed to work in concert as in nature. Moreover, the packaging, storage, and ease of consumption undergo continual improvements to make it as convenient as possible,” he shared. 


Although these shakes are offered as whole meal replacements, the company recommends that natural food be included in the entire day’s meal plan to cover any important bases their current technology may have missed. They are simply to aid busy people in their journey to optimize health and wellness. 


“So now, for the first time in human history, we have the tools to pretty much be able to figure out a lot of things about a person’s genetic profile. And so we’re approaching the capability to write an individualized manual on how each person could optimally run their daily lives based on their very own unique genetic profile. We can include what foods to eat and when to eat, when to sleep, what exercises to do, and in general how to navigate this whole minefield of life,” Dr. Arthur shared. 


Nutrition is foundational in a person’s life. It affects an individual’s health constantly and alters people’s direction in life with their health journeys. 


“Genetics will give a person the baseline of where you are and the ‘chassis’ on which you are operating from to interact with external conditions, and that may provide some insight in personalizing interactions and corresponding outcomes,” he said. 


Technological advancements have created an emerging path that specialists can use to optimize the lives of people around the world. Human health can be improved through the use of technology that can give a baseline for approaches in further development. A person’s life can be fixed so long as they set their mind to allowing technology to help create a unique plan for their development. Technology is not perfect, though. 


“As long as our technologies are not up to perfection, we need to try to mimic nature as much as possible. We must learn from nature and exploit its well-evolved processes and systems as much as possible. The inadequacy of our current technologies is manifest in many areas of our industries. For example, how well are we able to identify all the necessary factors on a ‘ligand’ occurring in nature and reproduce it accurately enough for the receptor in nature to perceive it and interact with it as the naturally occurring ‘ligand’ with which it has co-evolved for several millennia? Several of the adverse side effects of laboratory-synthesized medications are consequences of being blind to subtle nuances of the natural systems due to our current technological limitations. Choosing to do things naturally is better because we don’t even have the technology yet to replicate the whole ensemble, meaning all the relevant components and their specialized interactions,” Dr. Arthur said. 



The Future of Personalized Regenerative Medicine 

It is most ideal for the body to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate naturally. The body knows itself the best in terms of what it needs, such as the right factors and dosing. Regenerative medicine is a discipline that promotes this repair and regeneration in patients. By providing essential cellular and biological support over a foundation prepared by personalized nutrition, this brand of regenerative medicine can change the course of someone’s life and what they can expect for their future. Dr. Arthur’s approach to regenerative medicine starts with each individual’s unique genetic blueprint as the foundation that guides finding a new path based on the patient’s current information to create a new course of action toward a healthier future. 


“If you are able to give the body what it needs, it is generally able to repair and regenerate itself. You will be healthier. Our products are designed to provide a personalized ‘Goldilocks zone’ type of support that could optimize their health and wellness. That is what people need,” he shared. 


AI, coupled with quantum computing, presents incalculable potential for regenerative medicine. Dr. Arthur believes that mathematics is the key anchor that could be used to optimize the capabilities. Mathematics is essentially the most precise “language” we know. Simplistically, algebra could help with better characterization of complex structures, and analysis could help with the characterization of the relationships among these complex structures. The challenge is that we need to develop more mathematics that is better suited to modeling biological phenomena. It has to minimize reductionism and be able to handle the dynamics of an ensemble made up of heterogenous parts and their nonlinear interactions and individual variations in the time dimension.    


“In my opinion, it is time for us to progress from our current reductionist approach to complex systems, which is too limiting to a more holistic approach. In most natural systems, the components work together like an ensemble. So, we must not only develop our way of thinking beyond the current binary ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but also be able to conceptualize and formulate models that are able to capture the complexities in real life and nature faithfully. In real life, some situations are not only partially a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ but also anything in between, depending on the situation. We should develop the capability to deal with gray areas. Models are, after all, a summary of our comprehension of the object under discussion”. Dr. Arthur concluded. 


Dr. Benjamin Arthur has been in the field of regenerative health and technology for years. Through his research and innovation, he has aided 15 other companies in healthcare technology and helped many others, even in declining markets. His development of biologics for regenerative medicine and genetic test panels in pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics for personalized healthcare are all in support of the emerging movement to shift the pervasive paradigm in medicine from the current “diagnose and treat” approach to the futuristic “predict and prevent” approach. To see a variety of products and care offered by INFORMNITY and affiliates, visit their website at informnity.com. 

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