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TopDoctor Magazine has had the privilege of featuring a multitude of distinguished professionals in the health and wellness space in 2023. The TopDoctor Magazine team wanted to recognize and thank...

TopDoctor Magazine has had the privilege of featuring a multitude of distinguished professionals in the health and wellness space in 2023. The TopDoctor Magazine team wanted to recognize and thank our featured medical experts and guest authors for contributing to a successful year by bringing the health and wellness community relevant information about medical and lifestyle news covering everything from cardiology to fitness to regenerative health and beyond. This article is a tribute to all the hard work and incredible people we’ve connected with along the way. Below, you can find excerpts from each of the issues we released from January to November of this year that highlight our cover features, contributing authors and some of our favorite articles from 2023. We hope you enjoy this review and look forward to bringing more excellent content in the years to come.



What Does the Organic Label Mean?

January 2023 | Issue 162

Decision paralysis often strikes when we are confronted with long lists of nutrition facts and declarations, like organic labeling, on the packaging. An increasing number of products on the shelves carry the organic label, so what does this mean for us as consumers? 


A Heart for VIP Service

January 2023 | Special Issue – Dr. Francisco Cabal

“My dream is to deliver the best care to the international community in the areas covered by our project,” Dr. Francisco Cabal said.

Dr. Francisco Cabal, MD, believes in a team-based concierge medical services model in which all parties involved coordinate their roles to get the best results.


How PRP Healing Changed One Man’s Life and Now Will Change Many: William Heskett and His Non-Profit

February 2023 | Issue 163

Heskett is the President and founder of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation. The charity focuses on public citizens who qualify physically and financially as an option to receive PRP or regenerative medicine, including stem cells, that can be helpful in treating the musculoskeletal system, such as bone and or soft tissue injuries.



Longevity and Quality of Life Through Regenerative Health: An Interview with Dr. Desirée Cox

March 2023 | Issue 164

Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, MPhil, Ph.D., is a medical doctor, visual artist, and CEO of the US Regenerative Medicine R&D Biotech company BioPep.

“Even back then, I knew my intuition that the medicine I was being trained to practice was primitive was just a hint at something deeper, something I was reaching for but could not quite see.”


Morinaga – Recent Trend In Functional Food Science

March 2023 | Issue 164

Functional food science indicates that foods and their components can significantly benefit the functions of the body. 

The latest trend in functional food science is Morinaga Milk. It is a dairy product company with a long history of researching and benefiting from the nutritional properties of functional ingredients.


Food Additives Banned in Europe but Not America

April 2023 | Issue 165

In August 2022, the European Commission banned titanium dioxide, a food additive. This preservative remains legal and unbanned in the U.S. With countries that many assume are similar in many aspects, what would prompt Europe to ban titanium dioxide and the U.S. to not? 



Removing Mental Blocks to Break Through Barriers: An Interview with David Nurse, Mental Skills Specialist

April 2023 | Special Issue – David Nurse

David Nurse, a mental skills specialist, works with and coaches high-profile actors, athletes, CEOs and celebrities to take their mental skills to the next level and dig deeper into mindset development. By focusing on removing barriers, Nurse helps clients reach their full potential in their careers and personal lives. 


How Chinese Medicine May Be the Solution to Your Chronic Issues: An Interview with Dr. Laura Capina

May 2023 | Issue 166

Growing up in Lavia, Dr. Laura Capina did not see the magnitude of allergies, asthma, or obesity that she saw when she came to the U.S. at the age of 20. Instead, she had grown up in a world where natural remedies and medicinal herbs were used to treat illness. 


Seeing Medicine as More Than Just Physical Treatment: An Interview with Dr. Ramy Mitwalli, M.D.

May 2023 | Issue 166

The medical field encompasses so much more than just physical well-being. Dr. Mitwalli feels that the focus in the medical field should be on the mind, body, and spirit, not just another pathology of a physical body. Regardless of the condition, every patient must be seen as a single, interconnected mind-body-spirit — that is, a patient. 



A Different Approach to Psychiatric Care: An Interview with Dr. Hyla Cass

June 2023 | Issue 167

An Integrative Psychiatrist for over 30 years, Dr. Cass described how the practice of medicine was woven into the fabric of her life from an early age. She has continued to evaluate individuals biochemically and physiologically to find the root cause of their problems. And the good news is most issues uncovered within her patients can be corrected naturally.


The New Medicine: An Interview with Curtis Martin D.C.

July 2023 | Issue 168

“I was a chiropractor right out of school and ready to make a difference. In my heart, helping people like my dad to avoid needless suffering and live strong has always been my passion, mission, and drive.”


How Psychedelics Have Changed Holistic Medicine: An Interview with Bianca Abbott

July 2023 | Issue 168

When working with plant medicine, like psilocybin and ayahuasca, detoxing the gut is vital to having a powerful experience. Abbott’s LunaFast program is beneficial for this process as it guides clients through an alkaline elimination diet through five fasting phases to cleanse and detox the gut, which is considered the first brain. 



Revolutionizing Health and Fitness: The Power of Collaboration and Anti-Aging Medicine

August 2023 | Issue 169

“Collaboration and strategic partnerships are the keys to unlocking the true potential of the health and fitness industry. Together, we can achieve optimal health and performance with remarkable transformations.” 


From College Athlete to Acclaimed Strength Coach: The Inspiring Journey of Ashleigh Quint

August 2023 | Issue 169

Ashleigh Quint’s transformative journey from a college athlete to a renowned strength coach has been an inspiring one in the world of sports performance and fitness. 


Revitalize Your Body, Boost Your Confidence, and Ignite Your Sex Life with These Expert Tips

August 2023 | Issue 169

Men, if you’re ready to feel great, have a stellar sex life, look great naked, and have unshakable confidence, then this is for you. You have the ability to make your future even better than your past through good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and sexual health.




August 2023 | Issue 169

Your body is fully equipped with all that you need to be strong, energetic, happy, and fulfilled. But you have to do the work. No one is coming to make you do it.  


Nobel-Prize Inspired Innovation: Centropix Pioneers A New Era In Wellness Technology

September 2023 | Issue 169

Alternative wellness usually conjures thoughts of essential oils, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles and yoga. But now, holistic care is rising to a level of Nobel-prize-winning science, incorporating physics, chemistry, and electromagnetic technology — finally addressing the root cause of biological imbalance.


Protein Needs as We Age | Jackie Kaminski MS, RDN

September 2023 | Issue 169

By now, the health and fitness industry has shed an abundance of light on the importance of protein in your diet. But… do your protein needs change as you age?



From Private Chef to Health Crusader: Chef Tzarina’s Journey of Transformation Through Food

October 2023 | Issue 170

In the world of haute cuisine and culinary artistry, there are chefs who not only tantalize our taste buds but also transform lives through the power of food. Chef Tzarina, the culinary virtuoso gracing the cover of TopDoctor Magazine, is one such remarkable figure.


OneSkin: The Most Innovative Way to Treat Your Skin

October 2023 | Issue 170

“There are so many potential applications in using stem cell biology science to help people and avoid diseases that affect the health and quality of life for individuals,” Carolina Oliveira, co-founder and CEO of OneSkin, said. 


Mastering Your Diet: The Key to Health and Performance

October 2023 | Issue 170

Good nutrition is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Your diet, combined with physical activity, can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.



Products, Services and Legacies: An Interview With Jeffrey Luckey

October 2023 | Issue 170

“We want to help doctors expand their practices, grow their businesses, make themselves known through TopDoctor Magazine, and build relationships with them,” said Jeffrey Luckey, TopDoc’s Chief Revenue Officer.


Breathwork is Medicine

November 2023 | Issue 171

Life begins and ends with an inhale and an exhale. I often begin my Activation Breathwork journeys with a verbal walk-in as I talk about the first breath starting our Earth Heart.


80-year-old Stan Cottrell’s HOME RUN FOR VETERANS!

November 2023 | Issue 171

At the age of 80, Stan Cottrell is not just running; he’s on a mission to change the world, one stride at a time. His incredible journey is a testament to the human spirit’s boundless potential for greatness.



Cultivating a Room of Excellence: Chris Himel’s IV Biz Bash Event and the Future of Medicine

October 2020 | Special Issue – IV BizBash

“Our true mission is that we want to impact 1 million alternative medicine practitioners and holistic medicine business owners so they can go out and affect a thousand people. And with that, we can impact the health and the life of a billion people,” – Chris Himel


A Lifelong Journey in Cardiology: Dr. Monzur Morshed’s Journey and the Future of Heart Care

November 2023 | Issue 171

“The best preventative care comes from our lifestyle. Focus on reevaluating stress, sleeping well, and healthy oils and fats along with proper use of BMI,” Dr. Morshed said. 

Preventative care starts now.



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