How PRP Healing Changed One Man’s Life and Now Will Change Many: William Heskett and His Non-Profit

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Meet William Heskett Throughout middle and high school, William Heskett worked hard at setting records in several sports in his surrounding districts, some of which he still holds today, 25...

Meet William Heskett

Throughout middle and high school, William Heskett worked hard at setting records in several sports in his surrounding districts, some of which he still holds today, 25 years later. Heskett fell in love with several sports but was particularly dedicated and passionate about powerlifting and track and field. 

Along his sports journey, though, he suffered injuries to his shoulders, pectoral muscle and knees, which cost him qualified opportunities such as the Junior Olympics, a scholarship, and ultimately, his powerlifting competitions. His sports dreams abruptly ended.

But young Heskett was unaware that years later, these injuries, with some hard work and dedication, would lead him to a path he never imagined. 

In late 2020, Heskett discovered a motivational speaker on the Internet. Soon, he had three motivational speakers added to his nightly routine who inspired him so much that he decided it was time to try and ignore the pain and suffering once and for all. So, he took a leap of faith and built his first pro-like gym with the goal of living a longer, healthier life as a family man. 

It became a drive like no other, like a force had his back pushing him forward and past the fears of further injury. Undenounced to him, this action, along with hard work, would ultimately lead to the creation of his future vision.

Unfortunately, those old injuries started to flare up again and he began re-injuring himself every few months, which became quite the burden to recondition over and over, trying to build around these old injuries. Heskett thought to himself that something had to be done, so he went back into researching updates on the advancements of stem cells and discovered an extraordinary option that also has been proven to work called platelet-rich plasma therapy.  

And that’s when an idea was born. 

Heskett is now the President and founder of a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit named Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation. This public charity focuses on the public citizens at large who qualify physically and financially as an option to receive PRP or any kind of regenerative medicine, including stem cells, that can be helpful to treat the musculoskeletal system, such as bone and or soft tissue injuries. It also seeks to bring public awareness and education regarding regenerative medicine treatments. Heskett has experienced firsthand the healing effects of his treatment. 

The mission of Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation is simple: to create treatment plans and solutions for those who suffer from injuries and chronic pain for a healthier quality of life.

He has recently grown new tissues and rejuvenated old injuries all at once and has testimonial pictures proving this on his website. Heskett’s chronic pain is now gone, and he is back at his gym. 



Origin in Philanthropy

“Philanthropy is in my genes,” Heskett said. 

His grandfather is just one example of philanthropy in his family tree. When he was a child, Heskett’s grandfather and dad built a dirt track on a piece of property in town for the local kids to have fun on and compete in races. An article from their hometown newspaper from December 1954 explained how his grandfather had handmade a handful of “mini racer” karts, so that groups could race together. 

One night when Heskett was 7-years-old, his grandmother told him when you see the first star come out just before dark, it is the best time to make a wish. At the time, Heskett wished for health, wealth and happiness. He admits now that he was confused because he didn’t understand the wealth part.

“I realize now, wealth to me doesn’t mean riches; it’s the doors and windows that appear and open as opportunities through determination and manifestation. It was like me calling out to my adult self for later in life as a reminder of where visions come from and how they can create new realities. Looking back, it’s like I see that 7-year-old boy not as me, but as a message from him to my present self,” Heskett said. 

These doors and windows are opening for Heskett now, enabling him to help others open doors to new opportunities through acts of philanthropy and charity.

“This can happen for anyone, and many know it; it’s good mojo. And it feels good, too, that’s why I do what I do!” Heskett stated. 



Heskett reflected on how the PRP treatments he received would have been a game changer for him in sports if they had been available earlier in his life. But life would have almost certainly taken a slightly different path if injuries never occurred. 

“This discovery of Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation may not have been if that all hadn’t happened,” he stated.

But regenerative medicine, specifically Platelet Rich Plasma, had been the chosen solution that Heskett was destined to find one day while researching. 

“I was fascinated by what I learned, and that inspired me to act. I deciphered this vision and saw an opportunity to create an action of greatness,” he said. 



PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is an element of blood containing growth factors that cleans first and helps to clots wounds and plays a crucial role in healing the body. Damage to the body from injuries as well as the natural aging process reduce functionality negatively affecting the quality of life.

As you age, it takes longer to heal. PRP also promotes healing by reducing inflammation and generating the growth of new healthy tissue. 



 A small amount of your blood is extracted from your vein. This blood is placed in a centrifuge, and it spins at thousands of r.p.m.’s separating the Plasma from your blood. The enriched layer of plasma is extracted and injected directly into the injury under the guidance of ultrasound for precise targeting. 

These growth factors/immune cells have been shown to work well for spinal injuries, nerve damage, damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage, arthritis, tendinosis, tendinosis, carpal tunnel, growth of new blood vessels, muscle tears, bone fractures, and more.

Heskett supports stem cell treatment as well as PRP, which adds to the list such as bone fractures. But what it ultimately comes down to is what the doctor recommends most for the patient.



Heskett realized that the disappointment he experienced because of his injuries was not unique to him. Others, too, had to abandon their dreams, and millions of people each year suffer from injuries and chronic pain needing relief. So, his penchant for philanthropy kicked in, and he started formulating Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation into a reality.

 “I was always taught to have boldness, courage, and to believe in myself. In order to implement anything, you must have the belief and the will. If you believe in yourself, you can circumvent anything,” he said.

This mindset gives William Heskett the courage to step out of his comfort zone and do things like talk to groups of doctors and people who are curious to know what Pivotal Reach and Paramount Foundation are all about. He is always looking to share his story to inspire others. 

He believes if someone is always in their comfort zone, they may not be taking risks towards any great ideas they may have and could miss out.

People think of great ideas all the time, but most will not capitalize on them. Heskett believes others have to take a chance, and when they take action, they will know it’s the right thing to do. If they never act on it, nothing will become of their visions, dreams or passions.

“Work on your paradigm because you become who and what you are around. If you have to be that person who is mostly alone, then that means you have more time to write down your notes and stay on track. Bring those wishes and dreams into realities, and remember to believe,” Heskett said.

The core of Heskett’s motivation is simple: “No one wants to go through life in pain.” 

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