From College Athlete to Acclaimed Strength Coach: The Inspiring Journey of Ashleigh Quint

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A Unique Path to Fitness Ashleigh Quint's transformative journey from a college athlete to a renowned strength coach has been an inspiring one in the world of sports performance and...

A Unique Path to Fitness

Ashleigh Quint’s transformative journey from a college athlete to a renowned strength coach has been an inspiring one in the world of sports performance and fitness. Overcoming setbacks and injuries, she channeled her passion into understanding the human body and optimizing performance. Her unique path started when a shoulder injury ended her pitching career but pushed her to study sports medicine and exercise science. An unexpected internship opportunity under Charles Poliquin propelled her into the fitness industry, where she worked with Olympic athletes, gaining valuable insights into injury prevention and peak performance.


Founding Uplift Fitness and Wellness 

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Ashleigh pursued a master’s degree in integrative medicine, focusing on experiential health and healing. She collaborated with esteemed physicians and coaches to bridge the gap between research and practical application, enriching her expertise further. With over two decades of experience, Ashleigh founded her gym, Uplift Fitness and Wellness, where she created a community-oriented space for individuals seeking physical transformation and healing from injuries. Her holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing mind, body, and spirit, has solidified her position as a respected pillar in the strength and fitness community.


Meeting Rob Fletcher and Embracing New Opportunities 

Ashleigh Quint’s career took a momentous turn when she met Rob Fletcher, the Business Development Director for Muscle and Fitness+. Recognizing her unique expertise, Rob invited her to collaborate with him ten years ago, which opened new doors in the fitness industry. Fast forward to January 2023, Rob reached out to Ashleigh again, offering her the opportunity to create her own channel on the new Muscle & Fitness+ platform. This innovative platform takes a holistic approach, integrating medical, health, fitness, and anti-aging expertise to educate and raise awareness among both the general population and athletes.

Drawing inspiration from her experience with Uplift Fitness and Wellness, Ashleigh launched her channel titled “Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh.” As a female professional in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she brings diversity to the fitness landscape, providing a relatable voice for individuals who may not fit the traditional mold. With Rob’s relentless focus on education and awareness in the fitness industry, Ashleigh believes their collaboration can help bridge the gap between coaches, trainers, doctors, and high-level professionals, ultimately changing healthcare for anti-aging individuals. She views Muscle & Fitness+ as the ultimate platform for this transformative merge to take place.

The platform provides an opportunity for Ashleigh to showcase her friendships and network of inspirational and highly qualified coaches and medical physicians, creating content that pushes the boundaries of the fitness industry and expands the possibilities for anti-aging health and wellness.

“To me, fitness is not merely a hobby or a job; it’s a lifelong passion. I feel grateful every day that I get to pursue what I love and make a positive impact on the lives of others surrounding me.  I was honored to work with Rob at Muscle & Fitness+ to help bridge this gap for coaches, trainers, doctors and high-level professionals who all have hands involved in making this collaboration possible. Rob’s focus on placing an emphasis on educating and building awareness in the fitness industry aligns with what I do professionally.” Ashleigh says.



Ashleigh Quint’s extraordinary journey exemplifies the transformative power of passion, dedication, and perseverance. Starting as a college athlete and now a highly respected strength coach, she has made a significant impact in health promotion and fitness. Her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and skill in translating scientific knowledge into practical application sets her apart as a trailblazer in the field of health optimization.

Watch the Muscle & Fitness+ Channels for free by downloading Muscle and Fitness+ on your phone to see the tremendous collaboration of Muscle & Fitness+ leaders, physicians, strength coaches, personal trainers, gym owners, bio-hack geniuses and much more all utilize the Muscle & Fitness+ platform, to further develop the long term vision and direction of bringing awareness to optimal health, performance, prevention and longevity.

Ashleigh Quint

Ashleigh Quint


  1. Julia Flynn

    the BEST trainer. Knows how to customize to an athletes’ individual needs. smartest person i’ve ever met in her industry!

    • Marcus Stewart Sr

      The best trainer my son has ever had.
      she have taken my son to another level. I highly recommend her

      God bless 🙏🏽

      • Ryan

        Truly one of the best in the industry, PERIOD. Ashleigh coaches with empathy, knowledge, effort, and tremendous skill. Her results are absolutely top notch!

    • John Malinky

      I’m a Psychologist, and I have known Ms Quint for over a decade! She Is a Professional in her field and her knowledge of Anatomy is vast! She cares and and excellent care of her Clients! She develops an individualized treatment plan which includes exercises and Supplements! She does empirically measure her clients progress! She is an excellent provider!

  2. Dr. Esther M. Hampton

    This young woman is a paragon of physical fitness, a role model for women of all ages.

    • Dante Fuller

      I’ve know her since I was 4 years old and has been the best trainer for me ever since I was a little. She’s the best!

  3. Ava Quint

    Best trainer and mom in one ❤️

    • Bill Shepherd

      Congratulations Ashleigh….she was a great help before my double knee replacement and now afterwards as I strethen my legs and work through a shoulder injury…

      • John Tiberi

        Congratulation Ashleigh,
        We will never forget the training, outside the normal weight lifting and expertise you showed, in teaching our young boys about eating right and getting physically fit.
        A lifestyle that has stuck with them and helped to make them the athletes that they are today!!

  4. travis hancock

    Ashleigh’s passion for fitness has propelled her to excellence in this field that has been dominated by men. She is an expert at what she does while bringing a loving and caring heart when helping others. Ashleigh personally helped me thru an injury recently. She knew exactly what it was and how to fix it and I could tell she really cared about my well-being. I am blessed just to know Ashleigh.

  5. Ava Quint

    I’m so proud I can call her Mom! I’m so lucky to have a mom who is so knowledgeable and is helping me become the best athlete I can be!!❤️

    • Tracey

      I have benefited from working with Ashleigh for over 10 years. She, and her staff, customize workouts to clients’ individual needs . I appreciate learning about the science behind the workouts and why I need to strengthen certain areas to compensate for other weaknesses. There is no question she is highly knowledgable in her field.

      • Hugo Quint

        Congratulations, Ashleigh all your hard work and dedication has paid off.💪💪

  6. Roni Quint

    Congratulations, Ashleigh, on being highlighted in the issue! I’m so proud of your dedication and lifelong learning…your desire to improve the lives of others!

  7. Boyce Safford

    Ashleigh is very unique person in the field of strength and conditioning. The combination of passion and knowledge of the body produces results. I saw first hand her techniques in improving my son’s body that improved his athleticism two fold resulting success on the basketball court. In short Ashleigh is the “truth”.

  8. Jeffrey Reynolds

    Ashleigh is one of the best coaches I have ever had. She promised me I’d dunk by my 8th grade year! She tells me what to do & I do it. I trust her with my game & Uplift is practically a second home. She has been my coach for 3 years and I’m already being looked at by D-1 Universities. i will be a freshman in high school in 2 weeks. Ash knows how to develop me as an individual player. I am forever grateful 🐐 she is the goat!

  9. Aditya Vistarakula

    Ashleigh is an awesome person and a great trainer. She knows exactly what each individual needs for their development and focuses on their body accordingly. She always demonstrates great knowledge towards sports fitness and helps the individual to achieve their goals. My 11yr old is already showing a lot of improvement and I am sure working with her, he will meet and exceed all his set goals.

    • Kristin Miller

      Ashleigh is a great trainer and an even better person. My 16 year old daughter started training with Ashleigh last school year and it’s been incredible to see her strength grow not just physically but mentally. Ashleigh always explains to my daughter why she is doing what she is doing and how it translates to her basketball and overall fitness. Ashleigh truly believes in training the entire person. So blessed we found her!

  10. Kendyl Bowens

    Ashleigh rehabbed me as an 8th grader having ACL / Meniscus surgery. I was rehabbed 3 months earlier and released by my Orthopedic due to my strength ratios being met! Ashleigh worked with me, my parents, my physical therapists and my orthopedic surgeon. I did whatever she said. I trusted the process. She inspired me to want to study sports medicine. I received an award for Sports Medicine at school because she taught me more about my knee, strength training and rehab than I could ever ask for. Im so proud of Ashleigh, happy to be working with her and knowing she is my coach. I’m locked in with her. Great article!

  11. Ashton Padgett

    Great article! I am a high school football player who works with her. Real deal. And within 2 sessions of working with her i’ve seen the most improvement that i’ve ever seen.

  12. Elly Bigalke

    I have been training under Ashleigh for over a decade; she has taught me everything I know about health and fitness. Her passion is inspiring, I always know I can count on Ashleigh!

  13. Madison Owsiany

    Ashleigh is the best! Helped me become a National champion and improve every day

  14. Kenneth J Council

    Very passionate about her craft and proud of of the growth she has had . Keep going !

    • Frank Schossler

      My functional strength and mobility has never been better. Ashleigh has helped me manage chronic gout through supplements, diet and functional strength training. No ody better in the field. I am grateful for her knowledge and dedication.

  15. Aidan King

    Great Article, I am a college basketball player and have been coming to Ashleigh all summer and have not only seen major improvements in my physique but also major improvements in my game as well. She is the best of the best!

  16. Terry

    With out a doubt the best trainer I’ve ever had. Help me overcome not only back surgery but many other obstacles both personal and physical. I’m 8 months post surgery and dead lifting over 200 pounds and going up in all my other exercises. She’s the best.

  17. Pakie McGinnis

    Ashley, was my personal trainer for 10 years. I Never felt better or looked better, LOL.

  18. Shauna Hindman

    Congratulations and well deserved Ashleigh!

  19. Cody ballard

    One of the best in the business, we call her, the magician.

  20. Leandro

    Congratulations !!!!!

    U deserve it !! you’ve been putting a lot of work into everything you do !!

    U are a very dedicated person.

  21. MaryEllen Luebbers

    Ashleigh is by far the best in the field!
    Her knowledge is unmatchable! She customizes and builds programs for athletes to strengthen, stretch and prevent injury. The confidence she
    creates in athletes to use on the court and turf is immeasurable! Thank you Ashleigh for your dedication, we are so grateful for you!!

  22. Kruz McClure

    Very well deserved!!!!

  23. Gabriella Dawson

    Ashleigh is the only person I would ever take fitness/health advice from, she the best in the business. This is well deserved!

  24. Jaidon “ Sniper”

    The Goat in Human form ! We all love Ash as a trainer but especially more as a person, she’s special to everyone she encounters

  25. Aleta Sliwa

    Ashleigh is truly a super girl! As an internationally acclaimed Energy Healer, Life Coach and Mother who gave birth to twins at 57 Ashleigh has supported me physically and nutritionally through my journey of proving that age is just a number and promoting the be ageless factor. Congratulations super girl!

  26. Darrick Klamut

    Ashleigh Quint is the REAL DEAL and has pushed me to be a stronger and healthier version of myself! As a 46 year-old, I feel as strong and youthful as I ever have. If you are ready to put the work in she will maximize your physical and mental capabilities. Congratulations on your success, this tribute is beyond deserved!! Way to go!! Love you, Ash!

  27. Autumn Selby

    Ashleigh is absolutely amazing! She truly is the real deal. Ash has so much knowledge and really has taught me so much. Congratulations Ashleigh !

  28. Jason Gusic

    💪💪💪 awesome gal great coach

  29. Emma Schossler

    Ashleigh has trained me since for several years and inspired me to take on a similar career path. Her knowledge and passion for what she does is incredible!

  30. Kari Maniaci

    One thing I love about the training I receive from Ashleigh is that she pushes me to get the best out of me, even when I don’t think I’m strong enough to do what she tells me to do, and she follows it up with positivity and builds belief in myself that I didn’t know was there. I’m stronger than I thought I was because of Ashleigh.

  31. Kathy Shiflet

    Ashleigh is not your ordinary trainer. Her knowledge and education goes way beyond. She has helped me with issues that I been fighting with for years. When I walk into the her gym I know I will walk out feeling better.

  32. Jim Flynn

    Ashleigh was recommended to me when my daughter then in high school wanted to pursue soccer at the college level. Ashleigh customized a regimen that my daughter needed to be the strongest version of herself, and as it turned out, one of if not the strongest players on her college team. She’s the real deal.

  33. Michael LaPerna

    Ashleigh was an amazing trainer. When it comes to technical exercises pertaining to your specific specific sport and position she knows it all!

  34. Brad Scott

    I came to Ashleigh as a 40 year old athlete, and have developed unseen to me issues with my mechanics and movement. She was able to find multiple issues that I have been unconsciously dealing with. She was able to diagnose and then create a corrective exercises to fix my issues. Now 4 years later I am stronger, have a greater range of motion and living pain free. She raises the bar when it comes to professional trainers. You won’t realize it until you work with her and can see the contrast in her level of knowledge and wisdom.

  35. Maliyah🤍

    Ashleigh is really invested in me, and all kids. She is a coach who loves and cares for all of us. I have never had a coach who is truly invested in all of us. She is so rare as a person, she inspires all of us girls to be healthy, in shape, and live the lifestyle. I am so proud of her! She is a second mom to me 💗

  36. Maliyah

    Ashleigh is really invested in me, and all kids. She is a coach who loves and cares for all of us. I have never had a coach who is truly invested in all of us. She is so rare as a person, she inspires all of us girls to be healthy, in shape, and live the lifestyle. I am so proud of her! She is a second mom to me

  37. Lorrie Marie

    Ashleigh has been a tremendous influence on some many children in the community! I’m honored to be part of her journey working with her at the gym. Watching kids come in and give her a goal, and watching her help them smash their goals is amazing! I can not wait to see the things we will accomplish with her on our corner.

    • LaDonna Spencer

      Ashleigh Quint is top tier! On the eve of his travel basketball season, my son Jeffrey suffered a serious ankle injury at practice. A fellow teammate landed on the inside of his right ankle as they both went for a rebound resulting in a grade2/grade 3 high-ankle sprain, tears in his ankle’s anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and calcaneofibular ligament. In panic mode, I immediately called Ashleigh thinking that his AAU season was over before it started. But she was confident that she could get him back by the second half of the season. While his teammates practiced, Jeffrey began rehab with Ashleigh in conjunction with his prescribed PT exercises. After the first week in the walking boot, Ashleigh incorporated stationary cycling exercises to help rebuild stamina. Then they began light plyometrics and jumping to make it as game-like as possible. Ashleigh was invested in ensuring that he would return to the court safe and confident. After four weeks of rehab, Jeffrey went back to practicing with his team. Within six weeks, the second half of the season, he was back on the court. None of this would’ve been possible without Ashleigh’s passion and expertise.

  38. Gordon Rhea

    Your energy is contagious. Your outlook on being the best person possible is infectious. Keep your head up and, thank you for being a part of helping me stay focused on living my best life.

  39. Emma Bigalke

    I started training with Ashleigh about 15 years ago when I was in the sixth grade. I still remember her first gym! Over the years, I have not always been able to keep up with training as my life got busier, but Ashleigh welcomes me back every time with open arms no matter how much time has passed. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. She is an awesome trainer and just over all amazing person.


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