How Chinese Medicine May Be the Solution to Your Chronic Issues: An Interview with Dr. Laura Capina

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An Unexpected Beginning  Growing up in Lavia, Dr. Laura Capina did not see the magnitude of allergies, asthma, or obesity that she saw when she came to the U.S. at...

An Unexpected Beginning 

Growing up in Lavia, Dr. Laura Capina did not see the magnitude of allergies, asthma, or obesity that she saw when she came to the U.S. at the age of 20. Instead, she had grown up in a world where natural remedies and medicinal herbs were used to treat illness. 

“I grew up with that mindset that if you don’t feel good, you don’t sleep well, or you have an upset tummy, you don’t take medication. So instead, you go to your garden for a natural remedy that works,” she said. 

So when Dr. Capina came to the U.S., she began to wonder why people were so sick. That became her first wake-up call. Then, she took a trip to India, where her eyes were really opened. She noticed how poor people were, but even under their circumstances, they were happy. When contrasted with American culture, where many were depressed, she began to wonder how people could be in such poor circumstances and still smile. This prompted her path. 

Dr. Laura Capina began studying Buddhism and Hinduism, yoga, and natural medicine, eventually leading her to Chinese medicine. She went to a Chinese Medicine school in California to earn her Master’s and then her Ph.D. in Chinese Medicine after seeing how it healed people. After graduating with her master’s, she went to China for a while to see how hospitals were run and studied under some doctors using Chinese Medicine to practice. 

Her dissertation for her Ph.D. focused on stress, where she compared Western and Eastern medicine treatments. Then she compared these things to being the best and healthiest version of oneself in optimal health. Her dissertation won the Best Dissertation Award of the year. 



What Dr. Capina Does Now

Dr. Laura Capina conducts her Chinese Medicine techniques on patients for different ailments. She focuses on acupuncture cupping and electro acupuncture stimulation to heal people in pain. 

“Acupuncture is very effective for any kind of pain like inflammation, circulation, numbness, headaches, and migraines. Acupuncture is so effective that I tell people if you suffer from migraines, you know, there is no reason to suffer because acupuncture can heal it,” she said. 

Dr. Capina also utilizes a muscle test from applied kinesiology called Quantum Reflex Analysis. This test was invented by a Japanese doctor and was tested later at UCLA and is very accurate. It essentially tests every organ and gland in the body to see what the body is missing. Quantum Reflex Analysis gives Dr. Capina a better idea of where the problem is coming from and how to fix it with either a lacking substance, a detox, or a lifestyle change. 

“Acupuncture is incredible, but it’s thousands of years old, and the world is very different now. The world is so much more toxic, and we are so nutritionally deficient that when our glands and organs cannot optimally function, we need minerals and treatments to fix the issue,” Dr. Capina said. The thing about Dr. Capina’s way of treating through Chinese Medicine is that her treatments have no side effects. Her way of treating is vastly different from the traditional Western medicine approach. 

A lady came to Dr. Capina with extreme digestive issues. She had issues with everything she ate and could not figure out what was wrong with her. She had gone to four different doctors saying she may have acid reflux or issues with her liver. Dr. Capina asked her if she had a c-section scar from giving birth. 

While this may seem odd, Dr. Capina believes that blockages can be some of the most harmful issues patients face. These blockages involve energy passing through our bodies. So when Dr. Capina asked her patient if she had a scar from her c-section, the patient recalled that her digestive issues had begun shortly after she gave birth to her son. Her patient had also done a tummy tuck after the c-section causing another scar from hip to hip. 

Dr. Capina explained to her how energy movements and blockages could occur because of the scar and suggested some mud treatments. A week after the treatments, the patient returned to Dr. Capina and said she had gained her sex drive back, which had been diminished, and her digestion began improving. In addition, she had felt things open up after her treatments. After two weeks of treatment, her digestion was 80% better. 

Another patient was a 19-year-old boy brought to Dr. Capina for extreme anxiety. The boy had been picture-perfect all his life, and one day, he woke up with extreme anxiety. He no longer wanted to leave the house or his mother’s side or be with his friends. He had also been experiencing higher body temperatures than normal, so he was taking cold showers constantly. 

“In Chinese medicine, fear and anxiety belong to the kidneys. Kidneys are foundational organs. I was like, what’s wrong with his kidneys? So, by performing the QRA test, I identified he had a kidney infection,” Dr. Capina said. 

She prescribed a natural, organic fermented garlic remedy to help the infection. One week later, his anxiety was gone. He was living a normal life again. His mother had taken him to two different medical doctors who said he had depression and wanted to put him on antidepressants. It begs the question of why people in the U.S. do not try holistic approaches more often, in Dr. Capina’s opinion. 

“The pharmaceutical industry is making a lot of money. They’re making billions and they patent these drugs, so they have to make this money back, and then they have shareholders and stockholders, and it’s all big business. So many drugs are just not necessary,” Dr. Capina said. 

Dr. Capina agrees that Western medicine has its place, as antibiotics can save lives. Without a doubt, antibiotics are an amazing discovery that cannot be discredited, according to Dr. Capina. However, she still believes that they are overprescribed, which can clear your entire intestinal tract empty with one round. This can eliminate natural immunity since antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria alike. In addition, this can take years to rebuild. Western medicine is excellent for certain illnesses, but Dr. Capina argues that natural medicine is the better treatment for chronic illness. 

“I just want to help my patients. It is my passion. It makes me so happy. When you find your passion, how can you not be happy?” she asks. 



Her Own Holistic Supplements

Dr. Capina wants to take the healthiest and safest approaches to treatment she can. However, she says the treatment can take time because no magic pill can cure ailments. This passion for helping all to heal holistically has pushed Dr. Capina into creating her own supplement line that can help achieve this. 

One of the most important nutrients for the human body to function optimally are Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s the healthiest and foundational fats that make up our brains, eyes, heart and all cell membranes. In today’s high demand environment, and because there are too many Omega 6 fats (which are pro-inflammatory), we need to drastically increase Omega 3 essential fats. 

Even though there are a lot of fish oils on the market, most of them come in soft gels, which can have undesirable ingredients added, and the fats are not absorbable in a human body. 

This is why Dr. Capina created a fully vegan (derived from algae), delicious, liquid, dessert like supplement that is liposomal micellized (which means fully capable of getting in our cells). 

In addition to amazing life supporting EPA/DHA, she added to the formula the most powerful form of Vit.E delta tocotrienols, which is the only antioxidant that can protect our sensitive phospholipid bilayer cell membranes and may be the most powerful anti-aging and longevity substance in the world.

For more information, please visit her website: www.Synerchii.com

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are or how much money you have, if you don’t have good health and life force energy or Qi, you can’t enjoy life or achieve what you are here for on this amazing planet. I mean, the most important currency  in this life is energy, don’t you agree? It is what drives you, what keeps you going. Energy plus passion. I found mine in healing humans, that is with Chinese Medicine, and Synerchii, “ Dr. Laura Capina said.

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