Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla

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Originally from Egypt, Dr. Atalla spent his early childhood growing up in Cairo, Alexandria, and London. Then, when he was older, between Cairo, Alexandria, and Los Angeles. Similar to his...

Originally from Egypt, Dr. Atalla spent his early childhood growing up in Cairo, Alexandria, and London. Then, when he was older, between Cairo, Alexandria, and Los Angeles. Similar to his childhood, Dr. Atalla pursued his education from a varied array of countries. He achieved his pre-dental IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) from Cambridge University, a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Misr University for Science and Technology in Cairo, and DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from the Universidad de la Salle in Leon, Mexico. By the age of 30, he had completed his dental education 3 times in 3 different countries. When asked about this kind of educational drive, Dr. Atalla said, “I like having different schools of thought for education to be able to see things from different angles.” 

While a general practicing dentist, Dr. Atalla focuses primarily on implant dentistry as he holds a special interest in the biomechanics, architecture, and surgery aspects of this field. 

“My passion is in art and working with my hands, yet I love physics and design, and no career blends these things better than dentistry.” 

In his personal practice, he strives to not only treat his patients like friends and family but also to be the best equipped so as to support his implantology. One of the many ways in which he works to build a better working lifestyle is to think of the surgeries he completes as art. He told Top Doctor Magazine that he likes to listen to classical French music while working. This allows him, and consequently, his staff and patients, to better enjoy what they do and the experience of it. He has been voted one of America’s best dentists on multiple occasions and led his private practice to become one of the few worldwide offices to be ranked as a World Member of leading Implant Centers. 

When asked where he sees dentistry going in the next 5 years, Dr. Atalla predicted, “I think dentistry is going to take two approaches. The first is the computer design – printing or milling implication for easier and faster treatments. And the second approach – the very expensive high-end handmade artistic dentistry that will have a bigger market in some of the richer European cities where a single crown can be as expensive as 10-20K euros and no dentist can tell it’s a crown.” 

Serving as one of the eight Regents for the Global Summits Institute, founded by Dr. Kianor Shah, Dr. Atalla told Top Doctor Magazine that the most memorable times from the Summits have been because of the genuine friendship it has brought to him and other dentists. 

“It has a very joyful, strong family feel to it. No institution could have ever achieved that much in this little time unless everyone’s heart was into it. Dr. Kianor Shah was wise enough to make the board members and team feel ownership of what we are doing.” 

As someone who enjoys teaching and learning and connecting with people, Dr. Atalla is extremely proud and grateful to Dr. Kianor Shah for making him a part of the Global Summits Institute. He remarks that it’s not part of what they do individually, but who they are now as a strong team that cares and is excited about what can be accomplished together. 

“We will invent, teach, create, and build together for the coming generation, bringing better things for our children.” 

You can learn more about Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla and his practice here

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