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Dr. Singh grew up in a collection of ancient and historically important Indians cities. Born in Prayagraj, one of the principal pilgrim cities for Hindus around the world, he spent...

Dr. Singh grew up in a collection of ancient and historically important Indians cities. Born in Prayagraj, one of the principal pilgrim cities for Hindus around the world, he spent most of his childhood in Varanasi also known as Temple City. Varanasi is one of the biggest centers for International Tourism in India and Dr. Singh describes having many great childhood memories of it as he did his basic schooling there. 

After completing his basic schooling in Varanasi, Dr. Singh received his Bachelor of Science Honors degree in geology from Banaras Hindu University before joining VYWS Dental College and Hospital Amravati in the State of Maharashtra, India in 1990. Upon finishing his Dental schooling, he worked for a year at Banaras Hindu University in 1996. From there he went on to do a residency at India’s most premier Institution, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi in 1997. He has been in private practice since 1998 at Sahaj Dental Care & Academy. 

While a general dental surgeon, Dr. Singh’s first love in Endodontics, the branch of dentistry that specializes in the pulp and tissue of the tooth and root canal procedures. He is certified in Endodontics from Mallifer Institute, Dentsply-Sirona, Switzerland. To further his ability and the level of care he can give to patients, Dr. Singh earned his Master of Science in Implant Dentistry from UCLA. Additionally, he trained in Piezoelectric Bone Surgery and Growth Factors, Perio Plastic Surgeries, and is certified to train others in Advanced Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Techniques. 

When asked where he sees the dental industry going in the next 5 years, Dr. Singh predicted a major sophistication in digital advancement. To prepare for this he advises dental surgeons to adapt to the latest technologies and advancements. 

“Keep yourselves updated, balancing growth and sustainability and remembering the COVID-19 scenario.” 

In his personal practice, Dr. Singh’s goals are to provide premier care to his patients 

and to educate the younger generation of Dental Surgeons. By offering the latest treatment modalities in Dentistry, he has been able to accomplish the first goal and is always striving to make life easier for those he cares for. To pursue his second goal, Dr. Singh created the Sahaj Dental Academy, an internationally acclaimed institution that he is in the process of creating into the most advanced academic institution in the dental industry. As educating the younger generations of Dental Surgeons is Dr. Singh’s self-proclaimed passion, it comes as no surprise that he is one of the founding Board Members of the Global Summits Institute. This Doctor-To-Doctor continuing education platform, spearheaded by Dr. Kianor Shah, has provided the perfect opportunity to instruct and guide fellow dentists to be successful in their careers. Dr. Singh told Top Doctor Magazine that his memorable moment with the Institute was getting to meet Dr. Kianor Shah along with Dr. Kayvon Javid and Dr. Arash Hakhamian in Los Angeles, California in 2018. 

Speaking directly to the Doctor-To-Doctor movement, Dr. Singh remarks that it has changed his career positively – bringing about an amazing community of millions of Dentists on one single platform. The Global Summits Institute’s motto, imparting education, is integral to Singh’s own journey. 

“I am really proud of our organization as we have created a sort of World Record in giving Free Online Education to Dental Surgeons around the world and we are moving ahead in our unique endeavor.” 

On the horizon for Dr. Singh is online virtual dental education, possible through platforms such as the Global Summits Institute. To learn more about the Institute here and Dr. Singh here

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