Dr. Kianor Shah: A Champion of Dentistry

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Dr. Kianor Shah “A dentist is a lifetime professional commitment. Part artist, part architect, part entrepreneur, part physicist, part surgeon, part businessman, part therapist, and part community friend.” Dr. Kianor...

Dr. Kianor Shah

“A dentist is a lifetime professional commitment. Part artist, part architect, part entrepreneur, part physicist, part surgeon, part businessman, part therapist, and part community friend.”

Dr. Kianor Shah is a practicing dentist, entrepreneur, and innovator behind the International Extraction Academy first established in 2013 and the founder of the Global Summits Institute. Believing that a “great smile gives confidence”, Dr. Shah has been working his entire career to helping the 1 in every 3 Americans suffering from dental hardships. He says that he loves the look on a patient’s face when he or she looks in the mirror post smile design as well as being able to witness the emergence of new-found confidence. “The value in that cannot be measured in numbers,” Shah says.  

Born in Iran in 1980, Dr. Shah migrated with his family to Germany in 1989 where he was raised and attended high school. In an interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Shah remarked on how, even from an early age, traveling had a huge impact on his life and his practice today. Having traveled to 60 countries, Shah advises fellow doctors to be cognizant of cultural differences that may positively or negatively reflect in the chair to patient relationship. While every human being often desires the same thing – to be treated with kindness and respect – if a doctor is not able to adapt to various cultural differences in their patients their practice and reviews can suffer needlessly. 

Graduating from high school as the German equivalent of a valedictorian, Dr. Shah showed remarkable drive in his educational journey. He later moved to the United States and attended Western Illinois University to pursue a Bachelor of Science. While majoring in Biology, he also minored in both Chemistry and German Literature. 

Upon completion of his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Southern Illinois University, Dr. Shah chose to further his education, and broaden his horizons, with an MBA in International Business from Brandman University. He became interested in pursuing an education in the financial sector after being intrigued as to how it could work to advantage his career. This degree ultimately led him to be able to expand his financial knowledge, giving him the tools needed to better run his own private practice. While completing his MBA, Shah worked part-time assisting general practitioners in performing more extensive oral surgeries within their practices. It was here that he first implemented his doctor-to-doctor system concept. The goal of which is to maximize collaboration between dentists. 

Within the doctor-to-doctor system, a strategy forms where doctors can learn from one another and assist each other to ensure more efficient patient care inside of their practices. He was inspired by the blockchain system which works to cut out third party influence and control. As a life-long learner and businessman, Dr. Shah understood the need to network with colleagues, creating new and exciting opportunities for both parties. “Through this it is possible”, says Shah, “to maintain autonomy and freedom over your profession.” Something that is slowly being eroded away as the competition shifts the marketplace. 

Following his trend of leveraging opportunities and offering peer-to-peer networking, Dr. Shah created the International Extraction Academy in 2013. A continuing education program, IEA trains general dental practitioners to perform office-based oral surgeries by providing them with stepping stones into implantology. Through IEA’s training, dentists are gaining the skills to provide the best possible care to their patients while also growing their practices internally. 

In 2018, Dr. Shah began the Global Implantology Summit and it took place with over 500 participants and 63 sponsors. From this Summit’s success, Dr. Shah began implementing a series of doctor-to-doctor events, a few of which were a roundtable executive summit in 2019, the World’s Top 100 Doctors early this year, and the Global Interdisciplinary Summit. 

The Global Interdisciplinary Summit, a TED Talk formatted discussion and multi-course surrounding motivation and innovation, features speakers from over 70 countries who are volunteering their expertise and knowledge. Due to the rise of COVID-19, the Summit had to be transferred to an online platform instead of in-person and was consequently switched to open source. This was received with staggering support. Over 45 consecutive days, over 2.2 million viewers tuned in. The Global Interdisciplinary Summit was so successful that since its consecutive end it has continued on weekends consistently. 

With many years and much expertise behind him, Dr. Shah says that he has observed a change in the dental industry. As the newer generations of dentists come into the market with student loans significantly higher than previous generations, his words of encouragement and guidance are worth heeding. If one is to walk away with a single piece of inspiration from Dr. Shah’s extremely successful career, let it be this: Do not become a slave for corporations. Do not be afraid of living your dreams of having a personal practice due to fears of future financial hardships. As Dr. Shah’s own experience can attest, the tools and networking capabilities are available. All one needs is to leverage the opportunities. 

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC)

Taken from https://www.extacademy.com 

Speaking as someone who was running six offices at one time, Dr. Shah commented that after dropping that number down to one he is able to do more and give better care to his patients in that one office than in six because of personalized attention. The trend today for private practice dentistry is to keep multiplying and building in order to make more and do more. This is simply not how it works. Dr. Shah says that what you can do in one office is significant and oftentimes more than enough. It is this type of capitalization and attentive focus that will propel a dentist into a champion of dentistry. 

It is because of his tireless effort and contributions for the dental industry and community that Top Doctor Magazine is honored to elect Dr. Kianor Shah as Dentist of the year. His experiences and goals should inspire the next generations of dentists for years to come, ever urging them forward to autonomy and freedom as they provide the best care to their patients. 

Dr. Shah will be interviewing Top Doctor Magazine on October 4th for the Global Summits

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