Visiting the doctor’s office can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. Older people especially find themselves hospitalized as they undergo follow-up treatment, and their end-of-life care often comes from a sterilized hospital room.

Landmark Health is founded on the principle of receiving the highest quality care from the comfort of your home. Landmark CEO Nick Loporcaro and co-founder/CMO Dr. Michael Le are out to change the experience not only for the elderly but also for people with multiple chronic health conditions.

CEO Nick Loporcaro and Dr. Michael Le: Your Neighborhood Doctors

A Viable Business Model

A current hospital’s business model has a doctor visiting an average of 30 patients a day, keeping them on a constant rush from patient to patient. This cycle struck Landmark’s founders as problematic. They wanted to innovate a new structure that allowed doctors more control while treating frail patients in place, thus creating real change and impact for patients.

Enter Landmark Health, the company that allows doctors to visit patients as long as they need and in the locations that benefit them.

“Wrapping 24/7 medical professional service around patients increases their quality of life,” Le said. “We made it 24/7 to get in front of that 911 call. I’ve seen it many times where these vulnerable patients, who come in with relatively minor things, can catch infections from the hospital.”

With the spread of COVID-19, Landmark’s services have only become more relevant and have begun to appeal to more patients seeking services that go above routine hospital care.

High-Quality Concierge Services

“We analyzed patients receiving Landmark care versus those who were similarly matched elsewhere. We found a 26% reduction in the mortality rate for patients using Landmark services,” Dr. Michael Le said.

Landmark Health has found a niche in which doctors visit six to eight patients a day in their homes. This model minimizes the patient’s contact with potentially harmful germs, increases their personal care, and gives them a higher quality of life with more time with their families at home.

“From a patient’s satisfaction standpoint, you can imagine this is that free concierge-level of care for those who would never be able to afford it, so just tremendous patient status satisfaction,” Le continued.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

“I aspire to see the day where we have so much density in a market that our providers can walk out of their homes and walk to their patients’ homes,” Loporcaro said. “We want to build up that density to increase the quality of care for our patients and the quality of life for our doctors as well.”

Loporcaro also noted that Landmark provides a viable option for doctors who want to practice their passion and treat patients the way they want while earning a very competitive salary. Landmark has a robust shared services and IT infrastructure to support their local interdisciplinary teams, allowing doctors and advanced practice providers to focus on their passion – taking care of patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Landmark Health,you can visit here. Landmark is also actively growing! Visit the following page if you would like to apply!

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