Restoring the Art of the Human Body: An Interview with Dr. David Hartman

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To paraphrase a well-known Greek myth, finding one’s calling is akin to finding one’s way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Some use Daedalus’ ingenuity to spread their wings and reach...

Restoring the Art of the Human Body: An Interview with Dr. David Hartman
To paraphrase a well-known Greek myth, finding one’s calling is akin to finding one’s way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Some use Daedalus’ ingenuity to spread their wings and reach for the skies. Others are blessed with Ariadne’s thread and find their way out in a heartbeat.

But few of us, such as Dr. David Hartman, from the Fine Arts Skin and Laser practice in Dover, Ohio, traveled through every corner of the labyrinth to understand life in all its shapes and sizes and to study the one constant that never left Dr. Hartman’s side: his love and appreciation for art.

This hero traveled far and wide, across seas and continents, through scorching heat and dismal cold, to learn what type of art Apollo had destined him to cultivate.

Dr. Hartman has practiced numerous types of art, oil painting in college to a professional TV actor in New York City and Los Angeles, designing and building faux antique furniture collections for elite actors and producers in the Hollywood Hills to restoring antique oil paintings.

However, after all his journeys, Dr. Hartman realized that his talents encompassed art in its purest form, without discrimination, and that his calling in life could help thousands of people self-actualize themselves and regain their self-confidence. Now, he has the privilege of using his artistic mastery to bring the best aesthetic version of his patients to life in the form of natural-looking facelifts and beautiful mommy make-overs with living fat transfers for natural breast augmentations and revolumization of aging faces.

For Dr. Hartman, each patient is a “canvas” that, with the right restoration techniques can regain the splendor and beauty of more youthful years.


From Woodworking to Art Restoration

Dr. Hartman’s journey began at a young age, when his life was already gravitating toward the arts, primarily painting and woodworking. Seeing the potential to nurture his artistic propensity in medicine, he set the course for med school. However, life had plotted a long, twisted detour for Dr. Hartman, which began with year-long trip through South America at the age of 22.

After a year of immersing himself in the South American cultures, young Dr. Hartman was struck by serendipity and landed a series of TV commercials in Mexico City. This auspicious event reconnected Dr. Hartman with his artistic ego and, akin to Hermes’ command to Odysseus to return to Ithaca, convinced him to follow in his artistic calling for the next 13 years.

From then on, Dr. Hartman pursued art in every shape and form, from finish carpentry and condo renovations to moderately significant acting roles. But the most propitious type of art for his future career in plastic surgery had an alternative expression in fine art restoration.

Dr. Hartman finds such pleasure in rekindling life into old paintings that he restored numerous pieces of art, which every patient can admire in his office. Needless to say, that’s where the “Fine Arts Skin and Laser” name comes from.

“When I was in residency, I started restoring paintings, and I’ve been doing that ever since. I have restored 100 of the paintings here at the office. I look for art that is distressed, either a canvas that’s torn or the frame is broken, etc. But underneath, the damaged painting is an awesome piece of art, created by someone who was a talented painter who made something great,” Dr. Hartman said.

Becoming a Restorer of Human Beauty

Dr. Hartman’s desire to bring beauty back to life transcended the shapes and colors of his paintings. At Fine Arts Skin and Laser, Dr. Hartman counts on liposculpting and living fat transfer, his most trusted beauty restoration tools, to address aesthetic issues and help patients achieve masterpiece looks.

“Liposculpting and living fat transfer are some of our most cherished procedures here at Fine Arts Skin and Laser. Probably two-thirds of our cases have something to do with it. We think it’s a fantastic procedure in that it accomplishes two distinct goals: one is sculpting unwanted fullness or fat from problematic areas, and then putting living fat back in places where our clients desire youthful volume,” Dr. Hartman explained.

Every single detail of Dr. Hartman’s practice and work ethic promotes solid results. At Fine Arts Skin and Laser, patients are treated with natural-looking cosmetic surgical results. Dr. Hartman uses versatility and his comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy to leave as few signs of restoration work as possible on his patients’ bodies, by performing tiny incisions in areas covered in natural skin creases and hairlines for facelifts or by swimwear for body and ultimately helping incision scars vanish through laser treatments.

This minimally invasive approach also presents the benefit of minimal downtime. The recovery process is swifter and more thorough so that patients can resume their everyday lives sooner and notice Dr. Hartman’s artistic prowess in the mirror within a couple of days!

“This procedure removes the speed bump that prevents them from self-actualizing so fully that they always want to protect their investment by eating better and working out more to enhance what they have,” Dr. Hartman said.


“Everybody Can Benefit from More Self-Confidence”

Handling life’s vicissitudes is a never-ending work in progress, for which we require all the self-confidence we can muster. For some, a good ol’ pep talk or a motivational speech are enough to help them fight another day, but others need more than a kind word to rediscover their inner strength and overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges presented by life.

Patients who visit Dr. Hartman for a cosmetic procedure expect to see only aesthetic benefits when they leave his office. However, patients don’t realize that the moment they leave Dr. Hartman’s clinic, they leave with better looks, better health and, most importantly, renewed

self-confidence. These three gifts will not only encourage patients to cherish their newfound beauty but also step into the world, standing up straight with their shoulders high.

“People are going to see improvement in their quality of life, in their relationships and their self-confidence, and possibly even in life expectancy. These procedures are emotionally rewarding for our team and the client because everybody can benefit from more self-confidence. More self-confidence helps us self-actualize ourselves to be more effective in the world, to be better partners and better parents and better friends, and go out into the world more confidently,” Dr. Hartman explained.

After dedicating decades towards cultivating his true passion, Dr. Hartman can testify that a life in the service of art is a life worth living. Even now, as a successful plastic surgeon, Dr. Hartman exercises the many trades he’s had in the past to keep in touch with his artistic self on all fronts.

“It feeds the soul; it’s a great way to relax and be in your zone and have some quiet time with myself, to reflect on what’s happening in my life and my relationships and my career in a peaceful way,” Dr. Hartman concluded.

Dr. David Hartman didn’t look for the closest way out of the labyrinth. He traveled it from one corner to another and emerged a better plastic surgeon, a better artist and a better person.

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