A Lifelong Journey in Cardiology: Dr. Monzur Morshed’s Journey and the Future of Heart Care

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The Inspirational Journey and Outstanding Achievements of Dr. Monzur Morshed   Dr. Monzur Morshed, a distinguished cardiologist, commenced his medical career within the challenging realm of a combined emergency and...

The Inspirational Journey and Outstanding Achievements of Dr. Monzur Morshed


Dr. Monzur Morshed, a distinguished cardiologist, commenced his medical career within the challenging realm of a combined emergency and internal medicine residency at Albert Einstein Affiliated Hospital in New York. During this pivotal period, he encountered a mentor cardiologist who ignited his enduring passion for cardiology. In this demanding field, where matters of life and death are a constant presence, Dr. Morshed and his dedicated team consistently act with urgency to ensure the well-being of their patients. Dr. Morshed had the opportunity to choose neurosurgery at tertiary care hospitals in USA  but his passion was leaning stronger towards cardiology, in which he specializes in being an invasive cardiologist in addition to Nuclear Cardiology, Echocardiography, Cardiac CTA,  peripheral Vascular imaging and different branches of clinical cardiology.   He had his training at Various prestigious hospitals in New York, Long Island, NY in addition to some hospitals in London, UK.  As a chief cardiology fellow, he was accountable for supervising numerous doctors in training, interviewing cardiology candidates, and taking part in numerous cardiology research initiatives.


Dr. Morshed attended university in New York City, where he graduated with Summa Cum Laude, honors and many Dean’s List titles along with numerous scholarships and awards that ultimately ended his college career with an almost 4.0 GPA. Once Dr. Morshed completed his residency, he also concluded a cardiology fellowship with a hospital associated with Columbia University Hospital and later the University of Rochester in New York. His research has continued as he has given many lectures and completed training. He has received many awards for his practice in cardiology, including awards such as the Who’s Who Honors, the NJ Top Docs award, America’s Best Physicians Award, the New York State Trooper Surgeon Honorary Award, the New York State Senator Award, and the New York Top Doc Award. In December 2022, he received the President’s Award from President Joe Biden and his White House staff. He was also awarded the Doctors’ Choice Award this year in addition to the  Best Cardiologist Award nationwide,  the New York Magazine’s Top Cardiologist Award and received an award from the American Medical Association in the past. Dr. Morshed has had terrific grants to practice medicine in New York for the past several years from the United States Health Department.



He has also written a book about breast cancer with his son titled The Road to Love and Redemption. Currently, Dr. Morshed has television programs with Time Television, USA and TBN 24 New York, IBTV New York, ABC Bangla TV channel, Channel 24 TV, and Channel I Television, where he focuses on discussing medical topics and issues that patients are facing. 


Cardiology’s Vital Role in Emergency Medicine and Medical Advancements


His long medical journey has only continued to improve over the past years of practice, and his love for cardiology has only increased. 


“We have a limited time to do all the interventions, and we see how the patient becomes family. Doctors are what can make a difference between life and death situations. I think cardiology is just one of those fields,” he said.


Cardiology is a field that plays a significant role in emergency medicine. In many trauma-related cases, the heart is involved. In sports, injuries often impact the heart, and many other situations can call for treatments on the heart. Advancements in technology for the medical field are always happening, and cardiology is no different. The newest advancements are always available in Dr. Morshed’s office to allow for more accurate findings for each patient. 


“We have a lot of new technology and new medicine to improve the health of patients and cardiac care so that people do great,” he said. 


Tips on How to Keep Your Heart Healthy  


Blood pressure and diabetes are all influenced by cardiology and the heart. Prevention is key. Dr. Morshed emphasizes that a proper preventive care regimen for your heart relies on diet, exercise and stress management. Your lifestyle impacts your heart the most. 



“The best preventative care comes from our lifestyle. Focus on reevaluating stress, sleeping well, and healthy oils and fats along with proper use of BMI,” Dr. Morshed said. 

Preventative care starts now. Caring for your heart is vital in the long run of life and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and blood-pressure-related issues, among many other diseases. 


The Future of Cardiology 


Constant advancements in the medical field play a vital role in where the healthcare industry and cardiology will head in the future. Dr. Morshed said that injectable medicine and new technology will continue to improve the cardiology field and create a world where patients can access important information about their hearts and general cardiovascular health. 


“The cardiology field is advancing more than any other medical field,” he said. 


There are devices now that can monitor for many days at different paces, and the devices keep getting smaller and higher tech. They continue to improve cardiology’s near future and can best communicate what the patient is experiencing internally.


“The appreciation of patients after we care for them in life or death situations is the most rewarding part of what I do every day. Those stories keep me motivated,” Dr. Morshed concluded. 



To find out more about Dr. Morshed and his practice in cardiology, call his office at:

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Dr. Monzur NEW YORK Cardiologist 

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