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Life begins and ends with an inhale and an exhale. I often begin my Activation Breathwork journeys with a verbal walk-in as I talk about the first breath starting our...

Life begins and ends with an inhale and an exhale. I often begin my Activation Breathwork journeys with a verbal walk-in as I talk about the first breath starting our Earth Heart. Surrendering your attachment to your mother’s heartbeat and trusting you are strong enough to breathe on your own might possibly be the most courageous thing we will ever do. As the umbilical cord is cut, we must Surrender, Accept, Let Go and Trust the call within to live on our own.


As I watched my dad exhale his final breath, I could feel his spirit leave this existence. It was bittersweet as one part of me was saddened we never had the “Leave It to Beaver” father and son relationship and yet peaceful knowing his suffering on Earth was over. Nothing is guaranteed during our lifetime, and nothing will last. A breath in and an exhale out is the simplest form of living and dying, and we practice this thousands of times a day. When one learns to still oneself and be grateful for every single breath the Creator gives us, we can begin to live with a pure attitude of gratitude, and there is no way to be hateful when we live grateful!



In order to access the physical healing properties of our own breath, we must breathe properly. I guide people in a circular breath drawn in through the nose and exhaled through the mouth. There is no stop at the top and no stop at the bottom as you completely fill and extend your lungs and belly. Too many miss the correct way to fill the belly fully and expel the belly and lungs fully without stopping in between. It is vital that one master this form to be able to generate the chemicals the body needs to heal. I witness many who short breathe, fire breathe, do breath locks, etc. The ego wants to bring forth what we ‘think’ we already know. This process is about leaving the mind at the door when you enter the space. I witnessed them not doing it correctly and offered loving guidance throughout the session to get them activated and back on proper breathwork technique.


One health benefit of nose and mouth breathing is that it regulates our body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. We maintain a balance of O2 and CO2 by inhaling oxygen, absorbing the oxygen through the lungs, and then exhaling CO2. When we mouth breathe, we are actually expelling too much CO2. The lungs do not have time to absorb as much oxygen, so the breathing rate needs to increase further. Over-breathing throws off our O2-CO2 balance, leading to many adverse effects, including hyperventilation, lightheadedness and less efficient body function. However, by nose breathing, we maintain homeostasis in our O2-CO2 exchange by breathing at a more relaxed rate. In sports, we are taught to breathe in through the nose. When we get over-exerted, or a boxer gets hit in the ribs, they begin grasping for air through their mouth, which is harmful to our system.



Secondly, nose breathing uniquely creates nitric oxide, which is highly beneficial as Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator. This means that it helps expand blood vessels to improve blood circulation. Among other things, this lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, improves exercise performance, increases brain function, fights erectile dysfunction and many other health-related issues associated with blood flow. During my sessions and 3-5 day breathwork retreats, I’ve witnessed and tracked people throwing away their high blood pressure medications, having 25 years of chronic foot pain healed, 40 years of chronic body pain removed, sudden loss of weight upon returning home and recently had a woman with a collapsed lung and pulmonary aneurism have the pulmonary aneurism disappear after a five-day retreat. Her doctors at the Mayo Clinic were dumbfounded as they had never seen a pulmonary aneurism just disappear. They will not have to remove her collapsed right lung now.


Thirdly, this type of breathing is highly beneficial and complementary to the lymphatic system, a network of organs, vessels and tissues whose job is to move lymph fluid (colorless, watery fluid) back into the circulatory system (the bloodstream). The lymphatic system is a vital part of the immune system, protecting from infections while destroying old and abnormal cells the body does not need. It’s much like the condor or vulture that clean off the dead from Earth. This system also assists in maintaining normal fluid levels and absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins to help them enter the bloodstream. 

Fourthly, when we breathe properly and long enough, we boost our serotonin and dopamine levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that assists in the communication between the brain and nervous system cells. So, it is no wonder when breathwork is performed properly, it aligns our body’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. Balanced levels of serotonin help one access a sense of happiness and well-being and can also help the gut and improve sleep cycles. Many report to me how well they have been sleeping after sessions. Dopamine is also a neurotransmitter created during breathwork and plays a similar role while also acting as a hormone. Known as the “feel good” or “pleasure” chemical, it heightens our states of euphoria. By connecting and reinforcing pleasure to certain behaviors it can expand our feelings and emotions.   


Fifthly, the human body has the biosynthetic enzymes necessary to create DMT. The starting molecule in the biosynthetic pathway is Tryptophan, a dietary amino acid (protein). Tryptophan is processed by the enzyme Aromatic Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) into Tryptamine. Then, the enzyme Indole-N-Methyltransferase (INMT) adds two methyl groups onto Tryptamine in a stepwise pattern, which results in N-methyltryptamine (NMT) and then N-Dimethyltryptamine, DMT.


DMT can produce a change in perception, causing a person’s visual experiences to be more robust. It can also alter the mind state of a person, leading to increased creativity or a dream-like state. DMT was chemically extracted from a plant in 1956 by a scientist as a naturally occurring chemical. DMT is the major ingredient of ayahuasca, a tea that is brewed for spiritual and religious applications, and some believe it is the cause of schizophrenia and psychosis within the indigenous tribes. The stories of shamans using ayahuasca (DMT from the plant and a root mixed and cooked for 25 hrs) have been told and manipulated in my perception. The shaman was the only one who took the ayahuasca in order to gain wisdom from the spirit world and their guides regarding how to heal their people.



One common issue that happens during Activation Breathwork journeys is tetany in the body, hands and feet. My perception of tetany is that it is stuck, stored and trapped energy the body does not want to let go of yet. Unhealed and unreleased trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment get locked up in our energetic (inner-genetic) body on a cellular level, and people have an attachment to them they are unaware. Subconsciously, the body does not want to let them go as they are the familiar that has kept them safe. I’ve witnessed many release this response throughout five-day retreats. The trauma in the body begins to lessen as they continue to surrender and let go. I’ve witnessed people with deep trauma as well as veterans with PTSD, release the demons within that have ruthlessly attacked them over and over.


Sound activates and vibrates your cells. It realigns them so the Inner-Chi can move freely. The yelling, screaming, singing and sobbing that can occur is your heart calling in your guides to heal you. It is the Eagle’s Cry to Surrender! Coupled with the music playlist I create that is channeled to activate the Chakra System and the physical energy movement performed, people can release the conglomerate cellular masses trapped within the body’s energetic system. On a cellular, physiological, DNA level, we know who we are. When we begin to strip away the pain, shame and fear created by trauma, we can begin to open the pathway from above that whispers our truth to us and gain the courage to walk the healing path. This reveals who we were truly born to be and what gift we were given to serve humanity.  


I believe we were all born self-healers, and once we learn how to balance our 4D (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) bodies, we can regulate our own system in stillness. We are so busy that we do not realize we are not really breathing throughout our days. In the middle of the day, people often have a knee-jerk reaction to draw in a deep breath through the nose and hold it to calm down. This is the body’s natural way of showing you what it needs…more air and blood flow!


Constriction Becomes an Addiction!


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