Products, Services and Legacies: An Interview With Jeffrey Luckey

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"We want to help doctors expand their practices, grow their businesses, make themselves known through TopDoctor Magazine, and build relationships with them," said Jeffrey Luckey, TopDoc's Chief Revenue Officer. A...

“We want to help doctors expand their practices, grow their businesses, make themselves known through TopDoctor Magazine, and build relationships with them,” said Jeffrey Luckey, TopDoc’s Chief Revenue Officer.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Luckey began his post-military career developing and marketing medical products, using the latest technology to improve how physicians deliver healthcare services and help physicians improve their financial health and build their legacies.

His involvement in several healthcare businesses has made him a valuable resource to medical professionals. He is a provider of products and services that benefit his clients both personally and professionally. 

Products for Health and Hygiene

Luckey’s first company developed and marketed portable urinals, the Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal, which he successfully sold globally. They were popular enough to be featured on The Late Show and The Big Bang Theory.

“I’ve had an e-commerce business for 25 years, and it’s morphed into different things and services,” he shared.

Luckey has expanded his business to include products to help make the lives of older adults and people with disabilities easier. He founded BioRelief, Inc., which offers various personal hygiene products.


Starting With Top Doctor: The DX Machine

Luckey kept his eyes open for additional services he could offer, and he soon connected with TopDoctor. He began his TopDoctor experience by promoting the DX Machine, a diagnostic device that screens for diseases and conditions the patient may not have noticed yet. It quickly processes large volumes of data to accelerate diagnoses, improve decision-making and reduce costs and risks. 

“We had leads from shows TopDoc participated in. And then there were the other products that started coming along, like UltraMist, a non-invasive device to treat diabetic foot wounds and can be used to help accelerate healing for aesthetics. I worked on them continuously, getting some headway and forming relationships with doctors.” he shared. 


Helping Doctors Build Their Legacies

Early in 2022, TopDoctor created TopDoc Financial Strategies, a financial service for physicians that offers the financial growth strategies and asset protection used by the top 1%. Built on a foundation of tax law and federal statutory codes, TopDoc Financial Strategies elevates the client’s financial health. It operates with the philosophy: We protect doctors so doctors can protect us.

Luckey connected with financial expert Christopher Gandy. Top DocFinancial Strategies aims to build clients’ wealth and cultivate their legacies through tax strategies and estate planning. This service’s advantage is offering trust to doctors and a way to mitigate taxes. 

Professionally Persistent

“The doctors that take advantage of the tax savings program are ones that we have a good relationship with through the magazine or referrals from other doctors. Many we meet at events we sponsor where Chris Gandy speaks on the subject,” he explained. It is then Luckey’s job to reach out to the doctors. 

“I do my best to introduce myself and let them know that I will reach out to them to set up a one-on-one with Chris to see how we can help them,” he shared. Doctors have busy schedules, so it can take 30 or 40 attempts to reach them. 

“I use text messages because they are extremely busy, and it’s difficult for them to answer their cells. Because of this, Chris says that I am ‘professionally persistent,'” he said.

Much of Luckey’s success is that the people signing on are people he had connected with long ago when he approached them about the DX Machine or UltraMist. 

“I tell them they already talked to me once before. ‘You want to hear about this conversation. You need to hear about this.’ And I’m always persistent. As long as I have a cell phone, I text them and text them until they finally say, ‘Okay, you’re not going away. What do you have to show me,” he explained.


Doctors See the Light

Luckey observes that once doctors respond, they are grateful for his persistence.

“Everyone who replies and listens so far says they’re glad they finally responded. They wonder why they have never heard of this before. They like everything they hear. Once they have their one-on-one with Chris, we usually hear one of three things from them, or sometimes all three,” he shared:

  • This is the greatest tax strategy I have ever heard of!
  • Where were you ten years ago?
  • What do we need to do to get started?

“Now, with a few doctors, every time I call them, they pick up the phone because I’ve already helped them,” Luckey said. “Instead of trying to sell them something, we’re saving them money. Some doctors save $70,000 yearly in taxes that they would’ve paid the IRS. Once you can help a doctor with that, you’ve earned their respect and ear.”

He can start discussing other products and services with them, such as the DX Machine and UltraMist, or help them improve their celebrity status by assisting them in getting into TopDoctor Magazine. “It’s all about helping them get better patient outcomes, earn more money, build a legacy and protect their assets. That’s what motivates me,” he added. Luckey is confident that offering these innovative products will grow TopDoctor.

“It all comes back to the doctor. The first way to help a doctor is to earn their trust,” he concluded. 

Jeffrey Luckey knows that saving them a significant amount of money is an ideal way to get doctors’ attention. He can then introduce other products and services that will significantly benefit their practices and patients.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton