A Businessman’s Passion for Healthcare: An Interview with Mr. Restee Collins

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Restee Collins is an experienced businessman with a passion for healthcare. By collaborating with key people within the medical industry, he applies his sales savvy to enable preventative diagnostics and...

Restee Collins is an experienced businessman with a passion for healthcare. By collaborating with key people within the medical industry, he applies his sales savvy to enable preventative diagnostics and medical services for people across the country. 

“I’m pretty eclectic,” he said. “I’m pretty much a serial entrepreneur with different products.”

A highlight in his career is introducing to practitioners a diagnostic device that quickly scans patients and detects illnesses and other medical conditions. He recently collaborated with Dr. Beau Daniels to bring the life-saving early detection device to his practice and sports facility. 

Collins is a businessman with a valuable device and a positive, uplifting message.


Mr. Restee Collins


Many Irons in the Fire

Collins spent about 20 years in sales, investing and foreclosure remediation in the real estate world. For several years, he was a national sales representative for Xerox. He is also on boards involved in international trade, including the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce. 

When an opportunity with Top Doctor presented itself, Collins became Vice President of Business Development. With his sales and business background, he was a perfect fit. 

Collins also lends his talents to the creative world. 

“I’m a musician; I sing. I want to record a single this summer. I am also writing a book,” he shared.


Spreading a Positive Message

In addition to all of his enterprises, Restee Collins runs a nonprofit organization—the Blueprint Project. This organization focuses on faith, family, finances and fitness. It’s an opportunity for men to get strengthened in those areas.

“Everything that I strive to do is about bringing awareness and trying to help people live at their best level and meet their best self. My style is definitely solution-based. It’s being able to see the good in bad situations,” he shared.

Collins preaches the message that all can turn out well.

“You may have had some losses. A lot of people over the past couple of years have lost people, businesses, drive and impetus. But if you don’t lose hope, there’s always an opportunity. I teach my children to own their good and own their bad. As an owner, you will have a better chance of correcting some of those things that went wrong in your life. So often we act as an employee with our own emotions and actions when we should become CEOs of everything—good and bad,” Collins explained.


Venturing into the Healthcare Industry

Collins’ interest in healthcare and his Top Doctor role as the Vice President of Business Development was inspired by personal experiences. His mother had diabetes and passed away from renal failure when he was 23. His father also passed away from a long illness. 

“My mother didn’t get a chance to see her grandkids or to see me become the man I am. My dad progressively continued to get too sick himself, and he passed away two years ago,” he shared.

Healthcare became a mission for Collins, a passion that kept knocking on his door. 

“I don’t want to see anybody else die without having the proper tools and information they need to stay alive. I want to be involved in the whole process of healthcare. I want to help people and the community,” he explained. 

Top Doctor provided that opportunity, and he took on a DX machine as his product.

“This work gives me the ability to use my business mind and work on my passion for healthcare,” Collins explained.

The DX Machine

A DX machine is a medical diagnostic device that rapidly screens for diseases and other conditions. The large volume of data it processes accelerates diagnoses, helps the provider’s decision-making, reduces costs and risks and saves time. It can detect problems the patient hasn’t yet noticed.

“It gives a level of predictive health. It’s that ounce of prevention. That’s what intrigued me about it. Usually, people get tests because they’re having a problem. But with this, even if there is no apparent issue, the patient can walk away with a two-page report and find out what’s happening in their body,” Collins explained.

With just a 15 to 20-minute test from a non-invasive device, people can get an early start on a plan to get their symptoms in check and restore their health. For doctors, using the machine can help promote other services they offer. And it is covered by insurance.

“It should be part of the protocol because you’re able to dive deeper into the patient’s health and offer other services they need. This is great preventative medicine,” Collins said.


The Sports Academy Collaboration

Recently, Collins took his daughter to the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California, for a sports-related injury. She was treated by chiropractor Dr. Beau Daniels, whose practice resides within the larger sports facility. The visit resulted in Collins introducing Dr. Daniels to the DX machine and its many benefits.

Dr. Daniels found a valuable use for the machine, as it could benefit his regular patients, but he recognized that it could also open up new opportunities. 

For example, thousands of people visit the Sports Academy on weekends while in town for a few days. Since his services were primarily repetitive care, he had nothing to offer the Academy’s transient visitors. But with the DX machine, Dr. Daniels can offer a quick health screening, then follow up and give results via phone. He can offer early detection of potential health risks and help patients on their way to getting the treatments they need.

“I saw the opportunity to help Dr. Daniels scale his practice. The DX machine could also help his work with the Rams. A predictive health device can help the athletes and the Rams organization,” Collins said.


A Bright Future Ahead

Restee Collins plans to increase the doctors’ awareness of the DX machine and its value to their patients and practices. He is also working on expanding Top Doctor Clinics across the country. 

“We might purchase failing clinics or open up new clinics with multiple services. It’s partnering with Top Doctor to set up wellness clinics around the country. We can also create events and opportunities to educate doctors and expand to mobile clinics and centers,” he shared.

 Undoubtedly, Collins’ hard work will continue to help grow the much-needed availability of preventative healthcare and quality medical services for everyone.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton