Filling Multiple Roles for One Goal: An Interview with Dr. Beau Daniels, DC

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We often admire actors who can play a litany of roles, each with distinct stories and characteristics. People in the real world can do this, too, and they are worthy...

We often admire actors who can play a litany of roles, each with distinct stories and characteristics. People in the real world can do this, too, and they are worthy of our deepest admiration because they are not playing a temporary role. This is their life. 

Dr. Beau Daniels, DC, is one of those people. He wears multiple hats in the medical and sports arenas, integrating them all in a way that fills the holes he sees in the healthcare system for athletes. His tireless efforts are spearheading the way to a complete health system for both athletes and weekend warriors. 

Dr. Beau Daniels, DC

Extreme Multitasking in Action

Chiropractor Dr. Beau Daniels is a co-founder of Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine, a multidisciplinary medical practice in Thousand Oaks, California. Body Dynamix is partnered with Sports Academy, where he is Director of Integrated Sports Medicine and Human Performance and Director of Volleyball. In addition, Dr. Daniels provides chiropractic services to the Los Angeles Rams football team. 

Finally, he has begun collaborating with Restee Collins to bring a new DX machine to Sports Academy. 

But how does he do it all?

“I have a very definitive work ethic. I am the hardest working person. It’s great to have all these different things to sink my teeth into. I love coaching and shaping the next generation. I enjoy my patients and traveling with the Rams. They all stimulate me,” he explained.

Career Path: From Athletics to Chiropractic

Dr. Daniels’ 15 years of experience in sports medicine did not begin with a childhood desire to be a doctor. Instead, he was an athlete interested in engineering.

“In school, I was very involved in athletics and was doing math, computer programming and engineering. That’s how I saw myself progressing in the professional world. Anatomy, physiology and science resonated with me,” he shared.

Biomechanics, in particular, resonated most.

“This is the engineering of the body, and its changes over time make it more challenging. So, I switched my major to sports medicine. It was about understanding what happens in athletes, why it happens and how we train and understand the body during these processes that we put the body through,” he explained.

Dr. Daniels discovered holes in the healthcare system when it came to treating athletes. 

“I felt there was this hole where nobody was considering the big picture. No one was developing relationships between orthos, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists,” he remarked.

Therefore, he chose chiropractic as the best way to play his part in filling those gaps. 

“I chose chiropractic because it has some unique tools, and it gives me the versatility to be a primary care provider in my clinic. I can employ a multidisciplinary environment,” he said.

Sports Academy

Dr. Daniels’ chiropractic practice, Body Dynamix, is located on the campus of Sports Academy in a 100,000-square-foot facility. The academy also includes multiple sports venues, a yoga and cycling studio, biomechanics and cognitive labs and an academic center. 

“We do performance training and treatment for athletes—chiropractic treatment, rehabilitation from repetitive injury trauma or sprained ankles and strains. We also coach. We always wanted a facility where we could have volleyball in the facility and then have the medical practice and the performance training. It just made sense to merge all my worlds into one place,” he shared.

Dr. Daniels points out the benefits of the Sports Academy concept. He describes a friendly environment where you can have your physical therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor, performance trainer and coach within a few feet of each other. The service providers can easily collaborate and work out what patients truly need.

“I’m constantly walking back and forth and talking to coaches or trainers and saying, ‘You have to back off of this or try these things.’ It’s that easy. We’re bridging the gaps from one provider to the next quickly and safely,” he explained.

DX Machine: A Means for Service Expansion

When Restee Collins brought his daughter to Dr. Daniels for treatment, a business opportunity presented itself for both men—a DX machine, which Collins sells. The DX machine is a medical diagnosis machine that quickly detects diseases and conditions that alerts practitioners about the need for medical attention. It can process substantial amounts of data to help accelerate the diagnosis process. As a result, it enhances the provider’s decision-making, reduces costs and risks and saves time. 

Dr. Daniels realized an important use for such a machine in his practice and Sports Academy. 

“We have thousands of people here on weekends,” he explained. “And I can’t offer them anything from the medical side. We’re a repetitive care and orthopedic-based clinic, but the weekend visitors are transient. We’ve had people from San Diego, Sacramento and even British Columbia. They’re here once and then gone.”

After reviewing the available research, Dr. Daniels saw the advantages and decided that the DX machine was worth pursuing. 

“This points out the underlying disease that people don’t know about until it affects their quality of life. It produces a detailed report with a ton of information about what’s going on in your body. These things can be addressed much earlier. Plus, it’s noninvasive and is covered by insurance,” he added.

Dr. Daniels and Restee Collins established a trusting relationship and determined the benefits to Sports Academy’s patient population. 

“It finally gave me something to offer the transient weekend population. They can have this quick screening, and then we follow up with a phone call explaining the findings,” he shared.

This device promotes preventative care and helps fill the hole Dr. Daniels sees in the healthcare system. The medical field recognizes more and more that numerous diseases, morbidity and death can be avoided by early identification. 

“That is huge. I come from a background of preventative care. That’s what chiropractic mostly is,” Dr. Daniels explained.

A Parting Reminder

Dr. Daniels is working toward a more comprehensive, preventative approach to healthcare for athletes and others. With his practice integrated with the Sports Academy, his patients will benefit from his ability to collaborate with coaches and other providers. And with the addition of the DX machine, through his collaboration with Collins, he can reach more people.

“There’s a lot of opportunities to help a lot of people,” he concluded.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Daniels will remain at the forefront of innovation, wearing his many hats.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton