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Eat This To Maximize Your Workouts!

An overall healthy lifestyle begins when you put 80% of the effort into diet and 20% into exercise. Many experts (medical and fitness alike) have...

Getting Ahead of Flu Season

Getting Ahead of Flu Season

The flu season is almost among us, and now is the right time to get ahead of it. Seasonal flu is a pathogenic viral infection that occurs annually...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 2)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 2)

Got excuses? I've learned that excuses are layered on top of emotions, usually doubt, fear, anger, shame, blame, or resentment, and I've found that...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 1)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 1)

What would life look like ifyou were to dive in, be all in to make healthy choices a way of life? And not just with a stick-your-toe-in-the-water...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 3)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 3)

Here are six ways to ensure you make healthy choices every time:1. Eat foods that love you back. A whole-food, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle can...

Recent Articles

Is The Mediterranean Diet for You?

All the health-conscious people have surely heard of the Mediterranean diet by now. Most doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians have been actively recommending this diet for optimal health for a long time.

TopDocDX: Diagnosing Chronic Disease in Asymptomatic Patients

The fear of carrying a virus without any notice was both overwhelming and scary for many of us. “What if I have the virus?” “What if I unwillingly infect someone else?” Such questions definitely are not any novelty. However, what if we take the word asymptomatic and apply it to our overall health? Could there be any latent diseases ready to strike us without notice?

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

The refusal to go to bed when you should is a psychological phenomenon known as “revenge bedtime procrastination,” which describes the decision to sacrifice sleep for more pleasurable activities such as bingeing and scrolling through social media.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms

‘Her death was a wake-up call for me. I began studying nutrition and the benefits of eating right.’ From personal experiences, expert opinion, and years of research, Hanna concluded that, amongst other lifestyle choices, healthy food choices played an important role in people’s health.

8 Healthy Eating Habits to Start Today

It takes a certain degree of dedication and commitment to introduce new habits into your daily routine. In time, you will be surprised how it can help your body become stronger and healthier.

Leading with Excellent Service: An Interview with Dr. Harry Pan

With some schedule reworking, Dr. Pan could retain all of his staff on reduced hours, which have begun to increase back to normal hours as more patients have gotten vaccinated.

Pain Management – A Comprehensive Care Guide with James Boesiger DMSc,PA-C

James Boesiger, DMSc, PA-C, has been at the forefront of pain medicine's evolution for over three decades. However, he still can't forget the profound effect of his childhood experience when he came home to his mother wearing sunglasses in bed and vomiting from...

How Lifestyle Medicine Effects Modern Healthcare

Lifestyle medicine is an evolving healthcare approach using evidence-based therapeutic intervention and natural treatment for holistic care.

How To Begin Exercising According to Health Professionals

Medical doctors highlight the benefits of adopting a gym-patterned lifestyle—and it’s undoubtedly for your good. Doctors see the worst, health-wise, every day; so, when they say, ‘take some time to take care of your body,’ their advice is well-founded.

Cancer: The “Equal Opportunity” Destroyer with Dr. Julien Fahed

Dr. Julien Fahed's decision to help people through medicine seems to have been a family trait, as all four of his siblings also went to medical school. He attended medical school at the St. Joseph University in Lebanon, then completed his residency in Internal...
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