Leading with Excellent Service: An Interview with Dr. Harry Pan
Harry Pan is the lead primary care doctor at his practice, Sagebrush Medical Center in Henderson, NV. He balances the work of a businessman, a doctor, a husband, and a father of two. 


As for many physicians, COVID-19 was a determinant of their business survival under intense pressure. Dr. Pan and his team were no different as they faced difficulties within their community as a fairly young practice.


Managing the COVID-19 Crisis



As the pandemic’s spread and seriousness increased, Dr. Pan and his team had to determine how to treat their patients. Consequently, adapting telemedicine was a must. With some schedule reworking, Dr. Pan could retain all of his staff on reduced hours, which have begun to increase back to normal hours as more patients have gotten vaccinated. 


“We can never really predict what the future brings. Our core mission is to be there for our patients, to be the primary care clinic that adapts to their needs,” Dr. Pan said. 


He explained that the crucial aspect of primary care was an intentional relationship between patient and doctor. Those honest relations led to Dr. Pan and his team improving the quality of care their patients receive. 


Intentional Care


A direct and involved relationship with the patients drew Dr. Pan to opening his private practice in 2017. In addition, his work at hospitals made him realize how transactional visits were and how important having a detailed understanding of the patients’ prior medical history could benefit their overall care and future diagnosis. 


“Over the last four years, I’ve had patients from the day our clinic opened. Being able to serve them and see them grow with me is, I think, the most fascinating and fulfilling part of the job,” Dr. Pan said. 


Part of Dr. Pan’s intentional care involves screening for mental health issues. He cannot stress enough the value of making sure the whole of the patient is healthy.


“I think if we take an extra five minutes to just sit down with them and address these [mental health] issues, we can actually help our patients better. Sometimes I just pause in addressing their external issues and ask, ‘Hey, how are you really doing?’, and I occasionally get people who just cry.”


Caring and addressing the internal state of his patients in hand with solving the external physical problems has led Dr. Pan to be a highly recommended doctor in his region. Patients have consistently written how much they appreciate his service. 


In the future, Dr. Pan hopes to increase the quality of care he offers and expand his practice. If you would like to learn more about him and his team, you can visit them here.


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