Achieving Ultimate Wellness: An Interview with Dr. Scott Williams

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About Dr. Scott Williams Dr. Scott Williams specializes in primary and urgent care, working over the years to improve patient care. Dr. Williams offers a wide range of medical solutions...

About Dr. Scott Williams

Dr. Scott Williams specializes in primary and urgent care, working over the years to improve patient care. Dr. Williams offers a wide range of medical solutions to diverse patients. He continues to champion quality and non-bureaucratic healthcare processes. As of now, the primary clinical interest of Dr. Williams lies in adult care.

Modern Healthcare Facilities

Dr. Williams fervently believes in the wonder of modern healthcare facilities. “We had to roll out several in-house initiatives to help patients be part of the community,” he shares with Top Doctor Magazine. “The first element of quality is perception.” He notes that they had to build a caring culture to empathize with the people in care.

Achieving Ultimate Wellness and Patient Outcomes in Urgent Care with Dr. Scott Williams

Importance of Healthcare Culture

At an early stage of his career, Dr. Williams realized that patient care had less to do with medicine than expected. Over the years, he has interviewed several healthcare providers, and has talked about the relevance of healthcare culture. He also points out that patients come to get the best treatment and don’t think about the superior training of their provider. “Since the start of the healthcare operations, our priority has been to help people get instant results,” Dr. Williams notes.

More Healthcare Opportunities

“We know you can’t make everybody happy, but there is a high degree of performance and growth in the work,” says Dr. Williams. He also highlights that the majority of the patients are eventually going to get well. He points out that there are multiple opportunities each day to make a difference in a patient’s day. When it comes to treating people, building positive relationships with people is crucial.

“Touch one life, and it could make a difference.” Essentially, Dr. Williams affirms that it is about being available to touch patients’ lives rather than focus on technical parameters. In rural settings, he notes that when you form relationships with people in care, they start opening up to you. “Of course, you have to follow social determinants of health and then figure out how you would forge a long-term relationship with people in your care.” 

Creative Urgent Healthcare Strategies Can Save Lives

Dr. Williams remembers using TV commercials for young female teenagers in urgent care. The idea was to thwart the skepticism and reluctance of the people to get the treatment. In one case, he recalls that a teenager was diagnosed with Pancreatitis because of the insistence to get the complete body examination.

Dr. Williams continues to encourage healthcare providers to conduct full body-exams. It is an effective way to rule out several health-related issues. “The patient deserves a full-body exam no matter what healthcare providers see,” he shares with Top Doctor Magazine. In the early days of the COVID-19, the doctor recalls they went from high volume clinics to non-operational clinics that led to several furloughs. Thanks to telemedicine and virtual care, people continued to seek primary and urgent care services.

COVID-19 and the Role of Telemedicine

Dr. Williams also notes that telemedicine will continue to grow for years. “People have started to understand the benefits of telemedicine and how it can cater to their specific needs without physical contact.” He also points out that many people have had their appointment with cardiologists virtually. And why wouldn’t they? It is more convenient, more accessible, and, most importantly, much safer.

“Telemedicine is an instant and productive healthcare technology that continues to create unique opportunities.” He also believes that telemedicine can reinforce and revitalize brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities. Besides, telemedicine saves you from the stress of waiting for hours and the risk of contracting the virus. “Telemedicine can be a lucrative addition to the existing healthcare system, and it would help people to get the healthcare service they need right at the comfort of home,” he adds.

Combination of Primary and Urgent Care

Dr. Williams also highlights the urgent need for continuity of care and how it can evolve in the coming years. It’s a quantitative technology paired with AI algorithms to help you find information and make predictive analyses. “Although we offer urgent care, you can adopt a hybrid approach and combine affordable primary care to render the best service possible.”

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