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Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 3)

Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 3)

IN A WORLD OF UNCERTAINTY, BALANCE IS ESSENTIALA few months ago, my calendar was full ofevents, meetings, seminars, and many other activities. In a...

Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 2)

Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 2)

Where to GoClifton Heritage Park – Youcan snorkel at this beach park, which features giant underwater sculptures. Bring an underwater camera!Montagu...

Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 1)

Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 1)

There’s nothing like the feelingof flying into a destination with clear blue water on all sides. This trip was our dream honey-moon— Michelle & I...

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CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the numerous and most prevalent ingredients found in cannabis (together with THC) and the hemp plant. By itself, contrary to speculations, CBD does not cause the much-feared intoxication or “high,” nor does it show any dependence potential.

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