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Telehealth in Medicare & Medicaid:

Telehealth in Medicare & Medicaid:

The Hidden Hero Keeping Us Connected to Our Doctors even in a Pandemic “The genie is not going back in the bottle!” In recent months, the Centers...

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Numerous controversial issues are likely to fall to the Supreme Court over the coming months and years: from those that cross between vaccines and...

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Judge Amy Coney Barrett signed a public statement of protest in 2012 against the birth control requirement of the ACA, citing its “assault on...

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 2)

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 2)

I recently watched an episode of Doctor Who, the British sci-fi TV show. In that episode, they used miraculous microscopic tiny robots to repair and...

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 1)

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 1)

That comes with getting old”is what society and the medical communities are telling us. Sit-ting in a prominent orthopedic surgeon’s office in 2012,...

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TopDocDX: Diagnosing Chronic Disease in Asymptomatic Patients

The fear of carrying a virus without any notice was both overwhelming and scary for many of us. “What if I have the virus?” “What if I unwillingly infect someone else?” Such questions definitely are not any novelty. However, what if we take the word asymptomatic and apply it to our overall health? Could there be any latent diseases ready to strike us without notice?

Leading with Excellent Service: An Interview with Dr. Harry Pan

With some schedule reworking, Dr. Pan could retain all of his staff on reduced hours, which have begun to increase back to normal hours as more patients have gotten vaccinated.

Pain Management – A Comprehensive Care Guide with James Boesiger DMSc,PA-C

James Boesiger, DMSc, PA-C, has been at the forefront of pain medicine's evolution for over three decades. However, he still can't forget the profound effect of his childhood experience when he came home to his mother wearing sunglasses in bed and vomiting from...

Could a Once-a-week Insulin Injection Alter the Treatment of Diabetes?

In a new turn of events, research trials showed that weekly insulin can work as a treatment to treat and manage diabetes. Some medical professionals concur that it is the right move in the right direction. The research involved hundreds of patients with type 2...

Bringing Hope for a Brighter COVID-19-Free World – An Interview with Dr. David Ramin

The COVID-19 virus shows encouraging signs of falling behind in the U.S. With the advent of the first FDA-approved vaccines at the end of last year and an efficiently coordinated vaccination campaign, the U.S. has experienced a steep drop in new daily COVID-19 cases...

Being a Boss in the Medical Industry

In the ever-challenging field of medicine, the image of physicians putting their knowledge and resources to the patient’s use often summarizes the way we understand the medical industry mechanics. Under this picturesque description lay thousands of ever-turning wheels...

Cancer: The “Equal Opportunity” Destroyer with Dr. Julien Fahed

Dr. Julien Fahed's decision to help people through medicine seems to have been a family trait, as all four of his siblings also went to medical school. He attended medical school at the St. Joseph University in Lebanon, then completed his residency in Internal...

IVX Health: Your Private Suite for Infusion Therapies Awaits

Over the years, IVX Health has grown tremendously in the medical sector. IVX Health is a nationwide supplier of infusion and injection treatment for people with rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other serious illnesses. It plays a unique...

Researchers Discover Protein May Block Nauseating Bacteria

After seven years of research, a team of scientists led by Nicholas Nigretti published ground-breaking findings on the inner workings of the notorious bacterial strain known as Campylobacter jejuni. Its name may not be as well-known as Salmonella or E. coli, but its...

Dr. Mukesh Kumar – IgG Intolerance Test

“To eat or not to eat?” – The question that, for more or less legitimate reasons, recurs in our minds whenever we opt for an extra course at a restaurant or indulge in culinary guilty pleasures. While some people have aesthetic grounds for saying “no” to specific...
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Eyelids and Fingernails: How Smartphone Cameras May Help Diagnose Anemia

Now your smartphone has a new function—a diagnostic tool for anemia. Recent studies have shown that pictures of the inside of your lower eyelid or your fingernail’s nail bed can detect signs of anemia. Given that almost everyone from the young to the old has a smartphone, this new technology expands access to medical care and early detection of disease.