IVX Health: Your Private Suite for Infusion Therapies Awaits

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Over the years, IVX Health has grown tremendously in the medical sector. IVX Health is a nationwide supplier of infusion and injection treatment for people with rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple...

Over the years, IVX Health has grown tremendously in the medical sector. IVX Health is a nationwide supplier of infusion and injection treatment for people with rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other serious illnesses. It plays a unique role in the medical line by reimagining the treatment experience for these patients. Tate McDaniel is one of the leading executives at IVX Health, and he was gracious enough to grant Top Doctor Magazine an interview.

IVX Health: Your Private Suite for Infusion Therapies Awaits

Tate McDaniel is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He earned an MBA in finance from Vanderbilt University and worked with various organizations before becoming a senior vice president at IVX Health. Before joining IVX, Tate worked with a consumer healthcare technology company, Change Healthcare, from 2010-2018. “It was what drew me to IVX Health, having worked in consumer healthcare already. I had the experience.” Change Healthcare was a startup that he joined, and the team at Change played a pivotal role in molding his views on improving the patient experience. “I was very passionate about driving a better experience in healthcare,” said Tate. “One of the things that attracted me to IVX was moving from being a vendor of consumer-facing software to being with an organization as an actual provider and providing care for patients.” Our solution leads to lower costs and a dramatically improved patient experience.

IVX Health’s 46 centers are strategically located in patients’ communities and provide various scheduling options, especially on evenings and weekends. Patients can always unwind in their private suites. The centers are fully staffed with clinical professionals led by a nurse practitioner. Patients tend to develop close relationships with their nurses since most of their diseases are long-term, which helps with the recovery process.

How COVID-19 has impacted IVX Health

COVID-19 has raised patient’s concerns about the quality and safety of treatment, particularly among patients with autoimmune disorders, who are on the rise. New infusion and injection therapy provider options are changing how and where advanced treatment is given. As the country grappled with COVID-19, both in terms of its imminent effect on public safety and planning for potential national health emergencies, a rare opportunity presented itself. Many patients visit and wait within a shared hospital center for, sometimes, hours-long infusion treatments, depending on the seriousness of their illness and recommended medication schedule. Any hospital experience puts patients at risk for a host of illnesses associated with healthcare. “We recognized COVID-19 as an important opportunity. Because our patients are at serious high risk if they contract the virus, early measures were taken to protect both our workforce and our patients.” Strict procedures were put in place and followed to help curtail the risk to our patients. The pandemic caused an increase in patients wanting to come to IVX who didn’t want to be anywhere close to a hospital. “Our centers are equipped with private rooms for each patient that provides social distancing. Our model had social distancing built into it, so at a time when many in healthcare had to close their practices and move to telehealth visits only, we were able to remain open, making sure our chronically ill patients stayed current on therapy and healthy,” Tate told Top Doctor Magazine.

Telemedicine Boosting IVX Health

Telemedicine is the practice of connecting a physician and the patient electronically. Doctors can consult with patients or other doctors using HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing software, thanks to modern technologies. Physicians and patients can transfer information from one computer screen to another in real-time. They can also view and record data from medical devices in different locations. With telemedicine apps, patients will visit a doctor for care and recovery without waiting for an appointment. Patients may visit a doctor from the convenience of their own homes. “Telemedicine helped us at the right time when we needed it. With new virtual supervision requirements and virtual visits between patients and their specialists – whether from home or utilizing our HIPAA compliant private suites – we were able to continue providing care throughout the pandemic,” says Tate, emphasizing the vital role telemedicine played—and still plays today.

Tate’s parting thoughts with the magazine were linked with continuing to expand IVX’s footprint of infusion centers. “I see a continuation of what we are doing,” he said. “We have the intention of growing faster and expanding our footprint across the country.” And with IVX Health’s recent growth, including the improved demand for the services they—and similar specialist centers, offer, immense expansion of the company and the industry feels entirely possible and imminent.

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