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Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Vadovic

Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Vadovic

About Dr. Robert “Bob” Vadovic Dr. Robert "Bob" Vadovic is a Nurse Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Nursing Practice. He started as an Office Provider...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Issue 112

Davis Advanced Health System 2.0

Davis Advanced Health System 2.0

The Triuvne: mind + body + spirit + hardcore bodybuilding = a skilled blending of science, sweat, and empiricism In 2024, Davis Advanced Health...

Issue 113

Issue 114

Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla

Dr. Joseph Mina Atalla

Originally from Egypt, Dr. Atalla spent his early childhood growing up in Cairo, Alexandria, and London. Then, when he was older, between Cairo,...

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The Telehealth Medical Cart That is Revitalizing the Dental Industry

Dental care includes regular visits to the dentist. However, this is a challenge for many people. The COVID-19 pandemic makes matters worse, not just for the patients, though. Even the dental industry struggles as well. The good...


BIOHACKING HEALTH.MIND.SPIRIT Quantum Energy into health and wellness  Until now, no devices have been advanced enough to harness an unlimited source of natural living energy from the quantum energy field to restore all aspects of our health. Most devices require an...

Davis Advanced Health System 2.0

The Triuvne: mind + body + spirit + hardcore bodybuilding = a skilled blending of science, sweat, and empiricism In 2024, Davis Advanced Health System (DAHS) celebrated its 47th year of continual operation. DAHS is, and always has been, an eclectic blending of...

The Top 5 Fermented Foods to Heal Your Gut

So, you want to focus on gut health. Or, if you’re new to this, I’m here to tell you that you should! Poor gut health has been linked to several serious health issues, like thyroid problems, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, cancer, and many others.1 Suffice it to say gut...

Could Amazon or Google hold the key to the future of public health diagnostics?

Anyone who works in medical technology knows that the industry is currently focused obsessively on two prime targets: maximizing the availability of self-testing and contributing to the common goal of achieving net zero. A third priority can now be added to...

Dominika Laureto and the Founding of Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics

Dominika Laureto (maiden name Liwinska) was born in Poland and grew up in a communist country. Her family was poor, along with plenty of other families who were also struggling. She said that her family had become conditioned to be strong-minded because they did not...

A Legacy of World-Class Dentistry and Emerging Technology: An Interview with Dr. Paul Ouellette

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Paul Ouellette, DDS, MS, AFAAID, ABO, an Orthodontist and dental implant specialist who is leading the way in high-tech dentistry.   “I stumbled into the world of dentistry by a happy accident,” Dr. Paul Ouellette...

Elevating Off-Season Performance: A Summer of Growth

As the final buzzer sounds and the cheers of the crowd fade away, athletes enter the off-season—a period often marked by a unique set of challenges that extend beyond physical training. From navigating mental wellness to maintaining peak physical condition, the...

Mental Health Does Not Discriminate: An Interview with Dr. Shariq Refai

When Shariq Refai, MD, MBA, was a young college student at the University of North Florida, a friend told him about a job opening for a technician at a psychiatric hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Refai, who was looking for a way to earn some extra money, took...

The Possible Health Hazards of EMF Exposure

In today's technologically driven world, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are omnipresent. From Wi-Fi signals to cell phone towers, we are surrounded by various sources of EMFs. While these invisible forces power our modern conveniences, concerns about their potential...

Don’t Miss a Beat: How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Regimen When Away From Home!

If you are a true fitness enthusiast, I know you work very hard daily to build more muscle, burn off excess body fat, and stay as healthy as possible. You more than likely pre-prep all of your meals, carefully strategize your supplement regimen and make sure to hit...
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