From Tradition to Empowerment: One Woman’s Journey with Ancient Natural Remedies from Morocco

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"We believe in nourishing our skin, not harming it, through ancient traditions and treatments from Moroccan women like my grandmother," shared Amina Johnson, the owner of Minarra, as she began...

“We believe in nourishing our skin, not harming it, through ancient traditions and treatments from Moroccan women like my grandmother,” shared Amina Johnson, the owner of Minarra, as she began recounting her remarkable journey from a scientist to the founder of an empowering skincare brand.



Skincare Rooted in Tradition

Amina grew up surrounded by the enchanting beauty rituals that define Moroccan culture. Born and raised in Morocco, she was immersed in a world where natural remedies were integral to daily life. 

“From a very young age, I watched my grandmother create products like argan oil and black soap from scratch,” Amina reminisced. “This was not just skincare; it was a loving ritual that women in my family and community participated in at the hammam, treating their skin with care and respect.” Back then, these women understood the importance of nourishing their skin and souls, which we fondly now call “me time.”

Her grandmother, known as a “medicine woman,” passed on her extensive knowledge and skills to Amina and her siblings, ensuring their heritage endured. “We learned to utilize everything Mother Earth gives us,” Amina said. “In Morocco, we had a variety of herbs and flowers that don’t grow in the United States. Women don’t spend hundreds of dollars on skincare like in America; they make their home remedies. Watching my grandma make argan oil and black soap from scratch taught me the true essence of beauty stems not only from what we apply on our skin but from the wisdom passed down through generations.”



The resourcefulness and intuition of Moroccan women have played a crucial role in discovering argan oil’s skincare benefits. My grandmother shared with me how these women discovered the antiaging of argan oil: Traditionally, the women extracted argan oil by hand, primarily for cooking. Over time, they noticed that their hands, deeply hydrated from the oil, looked younger than their faces. This observation led to recognizing argan oil’s potent anti-aging properties and broader application in skin care. 

“This is a testament to Moroccan women’s cleverness and intuitive nature,” Amina said. “They discovered the secret of argan oil through their daily lives and passed this invaluable knowledge down through generations.”

Combined with her deep love for these traditional practices, Amina pursued academic excellence, earning degrees in biology and mathematics. Her career as a scientist was driven by precision and analytical rigor, yet she always maintained a deep connection to her Moroccan roots.



The Birth of Minarra

Years ago, as a struggling single mother, Amina faced numerous challenges. With no support system, she navigated through hardships that many women encounter. Despite these challenges, Amina was determined to make a difference. Over the past few years, Amina consistently found herself crossing paths with women in desperate need. Each encounter felt like a divine assignment, pushing her to fulfill her promise of helping others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amina had a moment of introspection as the world stood still. She reflected on her life’s purpose and decided to start a blog called The Woven Basket, where she shared her experiences and wisdom. In the tranquility of those moments before dawn, she realized that her childhood passion for traditional Moroccan skincare could become a powerful tool for change. 




“I found myself simply taking care of my skin and doing all these random things because you couldn’t go anywhere,” Amina explained. “I thought, what if I share these secret remedies and these time-honored beauty secrets passed down through generations with other women?”

However, Amina struggled to find a name for her business. One morning, during a moment of prayer on her balcony, that quickly changed. 

“In the tranquility of those moments before dawn, I gazed out at the world, a quietude that whispered secrets of the universe,” she described. “A faint glimmer of light slowly emerged, gently illuminating the sky. In that instant, I understood the profound impact a mere spark of light could have amidst the darkness. This inspired me to name my business Minarra.”

The word “Minarra” holds significant meaning in Arabic, representing a lighthouse—a beacon of hope. This name resonated deeply with Amina, as her father affectionately referred to her as Mina. “Minarra is more than just a business; it represents hope and demonstrates the inherent strength within us.”

Empowering Communities

Amina’s ultimate goal was to build a nonprofit organization that supports women in need, particularly those facing hardships similar to what she had experienced as a single mother. 

“My journey as a single mom has led me to want to help empower other women so they can easily find employment when needed,” she shared. “When we eventually have our nonprofit organization in America, I want to contribute to single women’s education because I believe education is power.”

Minarra’s impact extends beyond skin care. Amina involves her family in production and ethical usage, ensuring that the business also positively impacts the local Moroccan community. 

“Minarra is deeply committed to empowering local Moroccan women,” she emphasized. “It provides them with jobs and opportunities they might not otherwise have. Most villagers who harvest the nuts have never been to school. By giving them this job, we help them become independent and support their children’s education.” Minarra employs women to help enhance literacy and technical skills throughout Morocco.



Vision for the Future

“We want to expand and reach internationally one day. Eventually, we want Minarra to be the leader in natural cosmetics and introduce other products, such as new haircare lines, makeup, and face creams,” Amina revealed. Expanding into new markets produces challenges and requires flexibility and a deep understanding of customers’ needs. “Customer feedback can help make adjustments to current products and gain information for new product ideas,” she added.

“Our values will guide us through these challenges, ensuring not only growth but also continuance to empower and inspire our customers wherever they are,” Amina said. Minarra seeks to provide things beyond skincare and makeup products. “Maybe a women’s retreat to Morocco. I want everyone to experience what I have experienced.”

“Our goal is not just to sell skincare. It’s a journey with our customers. We send handwritten cards and let them know how beautiful and powerful they are. We take time to celebrate with them, and I leave my number for them if they have any questions,” Amina shared.





Empowering Through Tradition

“Our core values of integrity, authenticity, sustainability, and heritage are woven into our products,” Amina said. “We are committed to using only the best natural ingredients that are very effective. And you can see the results when you use them as we continue to truly honor our traditions.”

Minarra’s commitment is evident not only in their products but also in their practices. Most of Minarra’s suppliers are native Moroccans, including Amina’s own family. They assist in production and ensure only the best ingredients are used, reflecting the same care in their everyday skincare routines. “If it’s not good enough for me, I’m not going to share it with the world!” Amina asserted.

The process of gathering materials for Minarra’s products follows ancient, traditional methods. No machines touch her argan trees; instead, the nuts are naturally gathered once they fall. After the nuts are collected, they are cracked open by hand, a meticulous process that ensures only the best kernels are selected. Each kernel is then carefully sorted by hand to ensure no shells are left behind, preserving the oil’s purity.

When the argan seeds are pressed, no machines or solvents are used. The secret formulas passed down for generations in Amina’s family produce unique products that care for the plants, the people who harvest them, and the customers’ skin.





Closing Thoughts

Amina Johnson’s journey from Moroccan traditions to founding Minarra is a testament to the power of heritage and resilience. Through her brand, she empowers women to find their inner star, showing that true beauty and strength lie in our traditions and within ourselves. Amina’s story inspires us to pursue our dreams unwaveringly, no matter our age or stage in life. Minarra is more than skincare; it’s a beacon of hope, reminding us that with dedication and compassion, we can transform our lives and uplift others.


You can find more information on Minarra products through their website https://minarra.com/


Be sure to follow along with Amina’s blog to glean more insight on wellness and healthy living https://www.thewovenbasket.com/


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