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Oz Sultan Spotlight

Oz Sultan Spotlight

A New HOPE For Underserved Urban Communities For 21st Century Healthcare With 21 years of experience working in technology and a decade of...

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Numerous controversial issues are likely to fall to the Supreme Court over the coming months and years: from those that cross between vaccines and...

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Judge Amy Coney Barrett signed a public statement of protest in 2012 against the birth control requirement of the ACA, citing its “assault on...

Introduction to the Regents

Introduction to the Regents

The Global Summits Institute, beginning in 2018 with the Global Implantology Summit and continuing to the most recent Global Interdisciplinary...

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Giving the Power to the Patients: An Interview with Dr. Gregg DeNicola from Caduceus Medical Group

Coming from a proud, hardworking, blue-collar family with a small liquor store business, Dr. DeNicola was determined (and pushed by his parents) to become professional by trade and used his volunteering experience as a sign that he belonged in medicine. In his interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Dr. DeNicola describes his experience of practicing Family Medicine for over thirty-five years and co-founding Caduceus Medical Group (CMG), an innovative physician-owned multi-specialty group in Orange County.

Fighting the Stigmas within the Opiod Crisis: An Interview with Dr. Kenji Oyasu

"Don't worry. He won't die; he'll just wish he was dead." Dr. Kenji Oyasu stood shocked at the words coming from his senior medical resident when he was an intern in Chicago. Oyasu just had his first encounter with a person in heroin withdrawal in the ER, and his...

Profile Spotlight: Dr. Javaid Khan

About Dr. Javaid Khan Dr. Javaid Khan, DO, is board-certified in two different specialties: Internal Medicine and Allergy and Clinical Immunology. He went on to medical school at Touro University in Henderson, Nevada, and then completed his 4-year residency at the...

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Giving Birth: An Interview with Nicole McDonagh

Relax, put your mind at ease, and visualize yourself achieving the imaginable. You can also concentrate on the mundane—like flannel or the clouds, while you dull every other sound around you. Sometimes, it numbs the pain and anxiety; other times, it makes you feel...

Vaccines, the Future of Medical Education, and the Reality of Reimbursements: An Interview with Dr. Thomas d’Amato

Armed with an impressive scientific education, cardiovascular & thoracic specialty, and experience as Ship's Surgeon on the USS Enterprise, Dr. Thomas d'Amato of Las Vegas has seen plenty of ups and downs in the medical community. However, no amount of training,...

Pediatricians Are Concerned about More Serious Child Abuse Cases As Pandemic Continues

As predicted by sources in the spring, child abuse rates during coronavirus lock-down are reaching disturbing highs.  Hospitals are seeing more serious injuries in smaller and smaller victims.  The virus has not given up and as a result, the child abuse...

Sandra Holtmeyer, The Journey from Dietitian to Real Estate Pro

From getting her Bachelor and Master’s in science, to serving 25 years as a Registered, Licensed Dietitian in the Healthcare Food Service Management industry, to appearing on radio and news stations to discuss nutrition, to…real estate pro? Sandra Holtmeyer’s journey...

How Personalized Medicine Will Revolutionize Future Health Care Markets

Technology has been rapidly reshaping the healthcare market for decades, but lately it’s become clear that the era of one-size-fits-all medicine is increasingly irrelevant in today’s customized culture.   One of the fastest-growing markets in healthcare is...

Edna Hudson: A Frontline Hero

Edna Hudson grew up in the small town of Orange Bend near Leesburg, Florida, where she now lives and works. Graduating in 1982 from nursing school, Edna has thirty-eight years of experience and is currently a charge nurse at the Ambulatory Surgery Unit of Leesburg...

To Mask or Not To Mask

Introduction Could the use of masks jeopardize your health and put you at further risk of contracting COVID-19? What does the data show regarding mask effectiveness? The answer boils down to whether face masks really work, and if not, then why mandate it?  The...
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Let's Talk About Vaping

Let’s Talk About Vaping

All of us are familiar with the teenager’s drive towards rebellion. Whether through music, fashion styles, or behavior, those at a crossroads between childhood and adulthood are relentlessly searching for ways to prove themselves different, unique, and, therefore, worthy of belonging to a social group.

Smog Armor

Smog Armor

We know that with the continuous growth of urbanization, air pollution continues to rise with it. But is there a way for us to counter the effect? Many of you may say that it’s impossible, that it’s out of our hands, but we at Top Doctor Magazine beg to differ – because we have found the answer.