About Dr. Javaid Khan Dr. Javaid Khan, DO, is board-certified in two different specialties: Internal Medicine and Allergy and Clinical Immunology. He went on to medical school at Touro University...

About Dr. Javaid Khan

Dr. Javaid Khan, DO, is board-certified in two different specialties: Internal Medicine and Allergy and Clinical Immunology. He went on to medical school at Touro University in Henderson, Nevada, and then completed his 4-year residency at the Johns Hopkins University-Sinai Hospital Program in Baltimore, Maryland. He then completed his fellowship at Nova Southeastern University, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Profile Spotlight: Dr. Javaid Khan

Currently, Dr. Khan is working with the Kaiser Permanente Group, specifically the Permanente Medical Group (TPMG), covering California’s Northern Bay area, particularly Marin and Sonoma County. He has been heading the office for the Allergy Department for five years now.

The Health Effects of California Wildfires

With Dr. Javaid Khan growing up in Claremont, California, he is not a stranger to the area’s notorious wildfires. Dr. Khan shares that his childhood home almost got burned down due to a wildfire that got a little too close.

When asked about the effects of the recent forest fires on people’s health, Dr. Khan reports that there has been a notable increase in patients with sinus problems and respiratory conditions related to low air quality.

Immune Targeted Treatments

Dr. Khan boasts that most medical advancements are coming from the field of Allergy and Immunology. “A lot of Ph.D. lab researchers are developing novel cancer treatments that use different immune responses to treat different types of cancers in a very targeted way,” he tells Top Doctor Magazine.

In his field, Dr. Khan and his colleagues use a similar immune-targeted therapy to treat patients with chronic hives (which people didn’t have treatments for in the past) and develop new medications to treat severe sinus disease, severe eczema, and severe asthma.

Kaiser’s Response to Covid-19 and Thinking Forward

Kaiser Permanente shows commendable action not only with the crazy wildfires but also with the onset of COVID-19. Dr. Khan happily shares that Kaiser has been very proactive during the whole COVID crisis. He mentions that they were one of the first to provide drive-thru COVID testing, as well as participate in the clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine. And, aside from rigorously practicing all the safety and health protocols, Kaiser also quadrupled their bed capacity in their hospitals.

Furthermore, Dr. Khan mentions that Kaiser has already been doing telemedicine for a fairly long time and is quite familiar with the whole process of telephone and video appointments – so much so that they developed their unique platform for these appointments. They also created an app called ‘My Doctor Online’ where people can access all their medical history, tests, notes, etc., and order prescriptions and have them delivered right to their doorstep. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Kaiser also developed an app called ‘Cortext’ wherein people can text doctors for any medical-related questions. The future is digital, and so Dr. Khan believes all of these are here to stay.

The Financial Effects of Covid-19 to Kaiser

Because of Kaiser Permanente’s well-thought-of implementation of their membership and health plan, it comes as no surprise that they are doing well financially compared to other hospitals that might have suffered some financial losses. Another bonus is that Medicare and other medical insurance companies are willing to reimburse for video appointments, Dr. Khan states.

Get the Correct Information

With the vaccine coming out, tons of misinformation is being circled online. “I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the COVID vaccine: Is there a microchip in it? Or is it going to alter my DNA and become a permanent part of my DNA?” shares Dr. Khan. These are all false, and a lot of them stem from conspiracy theories. That is why Dr. Khan says, “With regards to vaccines and health care, one of the things that I think needs to be emphasized is communicating directly with your doctor and looking at validated sources.” Some examples of where to find credible sources are articles published by the New England Journal of Medicine, CBC, and FDA, as suggested by Dr. Khan.

Getting the correct information and looking up at proper vaccination guidelines could also stop people from being afraid of the vaccine. Dr. Khan explains that people are scared of the mRNA vaccine because it’s relatively new. However, mRNA technology has already been used before. To explain, this type of vaccine uses our cellular machinery to produce a protein to which our immune system can then form antibodies. With the 94% effectiveness shown in data, he believes that there is no contraindication for people to receive the vaccine unless stated otherwise by their physician.

Don’t Forget Your Yearly Check-ups

A parting reminder from Dr. Javaid Khan is to seek medical and preventive care when appropriate. “We are seeing a decrease in hospital admissions for heart attacks and strokes because people are scared to go to the hospital because of the pandemic. That can result in permanent heart and neurological damage,” he says. He adds that they have also been seeing a dip in colonoscopies, mammograms, and other routine cancer screenings. That is concerning for Dr. Khan, and he worries that there may be a considerable rise in metastatic cancer and late-stage cancer in the near future. That is why he encourages everyone not to be afraid to go to medical centers and get their check-ups as the centers have a reliable system in place to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

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