Is a Recently Discovered Oil-Free CBD Technology the New Fountain of Wellness?

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Introducing Slade Smiley You may recognize Slade Smiley from his features on The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Doctors TV, along with his wife, Gretchen Christine Rossi. Their...

Introducing Slade Smiley

You may recognize Slade Smiley from his features on The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Doctors TV, along with his wife, Gretchen Christine Rossi. Their story has warmed the hearts of many across the nation, but Slade’s journey into finding solutions for his son, who was facing some health challenges, began even earlier in his life.

Slade is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. He was a professional cyclist and competed for almost ten years, racing throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Through this experience, Slade gained a lot of working knowledge about the human body and sports medicine. This fascination is something he’d always had, but it grew in regards to physiology and the human body. From professional cycling, Slade then transitioned into real estate. “My focus in school was on international business clients; the skills in international business got me into real estate,” he explained. For 11 years, Slade worked as a principal partner with a large title insurance company before selling the company in 2007 and transitioning into the consulting realm.

“I’ve been able to consult in a capacity at a bunch of different levels, from those working in Government positions within the intelligence community to doing brand integrations into film and television. There’s a wide array of experiences,” said Slade. “In the course of my consulting, and sadly this started back in 2005, my son was diagnosed with a severe illness. It is a very challenging and difficult thing that he has been through, and obviously, it is very hard on the entire family.

“There are a lot of science-based articles out there on the possible health benefits and healing properties of CBD. The question is, how do you get it into the human body? Research scientists are now reporting on low absorption rates with CBD Oils since the body is composed mostly of water and everyone knows water and oil simply do not mix. In our quest, we discovered an amazing individual Mike Panian, who is now the Chief Science Officer of BioReigns. His previous experience in working for the City of Hope creating intravenous medications is what led him to develop Rapid Cell Technology (RCT) for BioReigns. Since then, RCT has begun to revolutionize the CBD world.”

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural supplement found in both the human body and the hemp plant. It is an essential element in breast milk and is responsible for calming a baby while he or she is feeding. It is also the primary ingredient for many hemp-based products such as CBD oil or CBD water.

Predicted by Forbes to be an industry just under $30 billion by 2025, The Green Rush into CBD shows no signs of slowing. And for good reasons.

There are 120 different cannabinoids within the hemp plant – including CB1 and CB2, which are utilized more frequently because the human body possesses the most receptors for these particular cannabinoids. Since CBD is a natural compound already found within the human body, it does not carry the same side effects or risks as an external drug.

A common misconception of CBD (hemp) is that it is marijuana. That is inaccurate – hemp is very different from marijuana despite being in a similar plant family. “The way I like to describe it is iceberg lettuce is different from butter lettuce even though they are both types of lettuce,” Slade Smiley, who worked with BioReigns founders to help launch the company, explained in his interview with Top Doctor Magazine. The misconception developed during the war on drugs was when hemp was rolled into the same category as marijuana. “This is unfortunate because, before that legislation, CBD and the hemp plant were widely used as a natural medication. For more than 3,000 years, they’ve traced hemp back as a natural supplement used for a variety of conditions,” said Slade. However, with the rise of CBD products and recent research into the hemp plant as an entity outside of marijuana, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system.

Is CBD Water the New Fountain of Healing?

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is a series of sensors from the tip of your toes to the top of your hairline. Included in this system are the human body’s immune system and the inner and outer nervous systems. “If you have ever wondered why your body can sense and detect whenever someone touches you or when you have inflammation and soreness, and you’re not feeling well, that’s the sensors of the endocannabinoid system,” said Slade. “The endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining the human body’s homeostasis. This is what keeps you in balance.”

For example, when the body’s homeostasis is out of balance due to stress or anxiety, it automatically spikes the cortisol hormone. If the endocannabinoid system works the way it’s supposed to, it recognizes the raised cortisone levels and instructs the body to produce a polar compound to dilute the cortisone. As a result, your body calms down and is brought back in balance (this is homeostasis). “If you think about it, we are always waiting for the body to heal,” Slade explained, “If you break your arm, I might put you in a cast, but what happens? I’m waiting for your body to heal. If you sprain your ankle, I’m waiting for the body to heal. If you get a cut on your knee, we wait for the body to heal. Western medications cover up the symptoms while waiting for the body to heal. If the human body is working the way it is supposed to, it will heal itself.” But what happens when the body is not working correctly?

Think about what we call chronic conditions. In a condition such as diabetes, the body does not recognize excess sugar in the system. Insulin, a naturally occurring hormone, is what dilutes sugar and brings the body back into balance.

However, those who have diabetes do not have the insulin needed to dilute the excess sugar levels and realign the body’s systems. Consequently, they take regular insulin shots in-vitro, providing their bodies with the necessary tools. With chronic arthritis, an individual is missing the necessary lubricant required for a joint. When functioning correctly, in-vivo, the body instinctively communicates to the brain that a particular area is deficient, triggering the request for a specific chemical compound that the brain then produces and delivers to the deficient area. “It’s like baking a cake,” says Slade, “and when one ingredient is missing, the whole compound falls apart. This is why it becomes imperative that we consume the

right type of fuel our bodies need. Micro and Macronutrients from our food are what becomes the ingredients the body needs to produce all the necessary chemical compounds and hormones our bodies require.”

If you exclude an ingredient when baking that cake, what happens? The cake doesn’t rise, and things fall apart. It’s like a missing cog in the wheel; without everything working together in harmony, there will be complications, and eventually, things cease to function correctly. Our brain is a pharmacy of ingredients it uses to formulate very complex compounds; when the pharmacy is missing a key ingredient, it will eventually cause things in the human body to not function properly. Almost everything about us is chemical. We need the proper ingredients to stay in balance. The endocannabinoid system, when properly working, is always looking and detecting imbalances in the body. “But like every other system, this system begins to degrade with age, and it doesn’t necessarily work as well as it could,” Slade reminds us. Thus enters CBD.

CBD in itself fixes nothing. What it does, however, is give the endocannabinoid systems sensors (called CBD Receptors) the fuel they need to work correctly. As a result, people who use CBD can experience reduced stress, anxiety, and inflammation. In addition, they can gain improved sleep and lessened pain.

“Now, we can start to understand why the discovery of the endocannabinoid system was such an incredible discovery. We now understand why it is such an incredible opportunity to help people with a natural way to supplement their body to start healing,” said Slade.

The Challenges of CBD

One of the challenges presented with making hemp more accessible is an influx of products to the market. With more and more people rushing to grow hemp, a discrepancy of quality has occurred. Many crops are contaminated by pesticides or by run-off. As a result, more regulations are being proposed to ensure hemp can be harvested in its purest and cleanest form possible. In California, to provide the cleanest form of CBD possible, crops are put through tests to identify whether or not it contains any pesticides on a list of 60+ banned substances.

If found, there is a very narrow window of time to remediate the pesticide, or the farmer has to destroy the entire crop.

Another more significant problem within the CBD world is preservation. Being a plant, as soon as it is pulled from the ground, it begins to degrade. To keep the CBD from spoiling completely, manufacturers package the CBD in oil.

“Here’s the problem with oil… you are 65% water, your heart and lungs are up to 75-80% water. What happens when you mix oil and water?” asked Slade, “In answer, they don’t mix.”

Scientists have discovered that less than 6% of what is consumed is actually absorbed when you ingest CBD oil. What happens to the other 94% of the CBD oil? It is delivered straight to the liver, where the enzymes necessary to break it down are produced, ultimately eliminating the oil and also eliminating the CBD. This essentially negates taking CBD oil, but it has also proven to overwork and strain the liver. With this in mind, CBD oil becomes a very inaccessible supplement, not to mention an impossibility for people with digestive issues, heart health issues, or allergies to the type of oil used like MCT oil, a derivative of coconut oil. However, there are other difficulties with CBD oil.

Additionally to the low absorption rates, there is the inconsistency of dose due to the CBD isolate not mixing entirely with the oil. So, even if you do get enough CBD into your system without your liver flushing it out with the oil compound, there is no guarantee that you can maintain that exact dosage every time for any specific period of time. This dilemma is where BioReigns stepped in and why Slade is a part of their mission to find a solution in what they call RCT (Rapid Cell Technology), essentially binding the CBD and other nutrients to a water molecule.

Components of certain micronutrients, like CBD, are hydrophobic, meaning that they push water away. To be absorbed into the body, it has to be converted to become hydrophilic. “What our scientists were able to do, and this is the science behind BioReigns, is that we have figured out a way to attach the CBD and curcumin (another natural supplement which is found in Turmeric) to a water molecule,” Slade said. The preservative for the CBD is then water instead of oil, eliminating the downsides listed above. “The water molecule is the host to the CBD or the other micronutrients we add. Think about two drops of water coming together; they make a bigger drop of water. We have attached the CBD inside

the water drop, like a trojan horse; the water then protects the CBD from degradation, it’s protected from being exposed to air and light, and it allows for 100% absorption into the human body, making these key nutrients 100% bioavailable.”

The Difference Bioreigns RCT CBD Can Make

BioReigns is the only company to date that has succeeded in creating a fantastic water-dissolvable delivery system that increases the absorption of low bioavailability molecules. In anecdotal trials, BioReigns has proven a 100% absorption rate over the last two years. Not only is the absorption rate higher, but when CBD is connected to water, it helps turn on your body’s receptors quicker compared to CBD oil.

“CBD can now be this product that takes effect almost instantly, causing a noticeable difference within the body in a concise amount of time,” said Slade. This has resulted in numerous patients being treated naturally and efficiently without external chemicals ushering in the question: could CBD attached to water be the new standard of care? A fountain of wellness, if you will.

BioReigns offers three products featuring their RCT technology and CBD. In the Full Spectrum daily, the hemp plant in its entirety is used. The Broad Spectrum daily contains all 120 cannabinoids except THC, even though only 0.02% of THC can be

found within the plant, making it difficult for someone to get high from taking hemp. And in the Pure CBD daily, only CB1 and CB2 are integrated. Unlike other CBD products, which are generally packaged within a deviant of coconut oil called MCT, BioReign products lack the terrible taste of swallowing oil.

Because it is attached to water, you can even add the CBD daily to a glass of water or cup of tea, making for an easy and enjoyable experience.

“We’ve become a natural solution for so many people, and that’s why we’re so excited to bring this technology forward and help people,” says Slade. “So as long as you are eating properly and taking in all those nutrients, the brain’s pharmacy will go to work reproducing the compounds, healing the skin, healing the body, reducing inflammation, and bringing you back into balance. Because at the end of the day, the body always heals itself.”

But BioReigns is so much more than a CBD company. With its water-dissolvable delivery system RCT, they have cracked the code on absorption. In addition to CBD, they have various protein powders, lotions, Keto, and collagen products. “It started with CBD, but BioReigns isn’t just a CBD company. We offer lots of products that don’t contain CBD at all. We’re becoming known more as the absorption company vs. a CBD company” Slade Smiley told Top Doctor Magazine.

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