"When I first saw my first rhinoplasty procedure, I was so intrigued by the complexity… all of the emotional and psychological things that went along with it. And I, at...

“When I first saw my first rhinoplasty procedure, I was so intrigued by the complexity… all of the emotional and psychological things that went along with it. And I, at that point, realized that facial plastic surgery is the perfect harmony of science and art, and I was captivated right away,” Dr. Kian Karimi said regarding the moment that sealed his future as a cosmetic surgeon. 

As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Karimi is renowned for his innovative contributions to facial surgery and has a flourishing practice, Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Karimi is the United States leading expert on PDO Thread – which he introduced and popularized as a non-surgical treatment for rejuvenation – and microcannulas and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). 

In Development

“At the time, it was a bit of a risk,” Karimi said regarding bringing PDO threads into popularity.

After facing concerns about the non-surgical procedures and meeting with international doctors to study their techniques, Karimi became excited about the PDO thread’s potential. “Once the PDO thread gets metabolized by the skin, it undergoes an amazing callogenesis response, increasing up to 20 times the concentration of type 1 collagen… weeks and months after the thread lift is performed,” Karimi said. “It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.”

Karimi and his team continue to search for ways to innovate in the aesthetic space of cosmetic surgery. He is currently looking at PRFs, which inject one’s red blood cells to heal wounds and create aesthetic enhancements. This autologous therapy and others strike Karimi as promising for effective natural ways to help people achieve their desired aesthetic.

Kian Karimi Spotlight

Putting Your Best Face Forward

The pandemic created a sudden, increased demand for cosmetic surgery. Karimi describes this occurrence as people being forced to look into the digital mirror, with increased Zoom and FaceTime usage. 

“I think people are really realizing the impact that our expressions have, our words have, and our appearance has on others both personally and professionally,” Karimi said. 

“If you put your best forward,” he continued, “then it can really positively impact those around you in all aspects of your life.” 

With his work gaining momentum in the aesthetic space, Dr. Kian Karimi shows the beauty of helping people recover from past surgeries or regain their confidence. His growing clientele and visibility indicate that he has found something that resonates with people: personal fulfillment through aesthetic expressions.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Kian Karimi, you can visit his website here. You can also read more about the boom in the cosmetic surgery industry here.

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