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Is it Safe to Reopen the Schools?

As society moves toward the reopening of schools and businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent government shut down, many...

Edna Hudson: A Frontline Hero

Edna Hudson grew up in the small town of Orange Bend near Leesburg, Florida, where she now lives and works. Graduating in 1982 from nursing school,...

What’s Your Fever Number?

What’s Your Fever Number?

by Justin Miller  Coughing, sneezing, chills, something is wrong. You are feeling miserable and reach for the thermometer. Upon taking your...

Dr. Louis Pierucci Spotlight

Dr. Louis Pierucci Spotlight

Born in 1928, Louis Pierucci was raised and spent most of his life in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. His father, Dr. Pierucci, describes a...

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Judge Amy Coney Barrett signed a public statement of protest in 2012 against the birth control requirement of the ACA, citing its “assault on...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 2)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 2)

Got excuses? I've learned that excuses are layered on top of emotions, usually doubt, fear, anger, shame, blame, or resentment, and I've found that...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 1)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 1)

What would life look like ifyou were to dive in, be all in to make healthy choices a way of life? And not just with a stick-your-toe-in-the-water...

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Foods to Eat to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holidays are filled with family, friends, cheer, and good food. It is a time to gather with loved ones and enjoy fun and fellowship. However, holidays can also be stressful.

Stressed about the Holidays? Try These Anti-Stress Techniques This Holiday Season

The beginning of the holiday season delights the senses and reminds us that many weeks of cooking, hosting, and shopping are just around the corner. Self-care should not be neglected while you prepare for this wonderful time of celebration and friends.

“Choose to Age Looking Great and Feeling Great” – The Advances in Cosmetic Dermatology with Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr.

it’s an exciting story that Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., a Stanford University School of Medicine alumnus and CEO at Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology, happily shared with Top Doctor Magazine. “Ponce de León didn’t find the Fountain of Youth, but I did!

How Does Eating Blueberries Help Your Skin?

Have you ever peered into your fridge at night, wishing your tastiest snacks were healthy for you? Believe it or not, supporting your skin through a healthy diet can be a delicious endeavor.

What Is One Of The Most Important Self-Care Acts You Can Offer Yourself? Visit The Dermatologist

Many times your skin is completely ignored as you step outside into the elements. Regardless if it is sunny or cloudy, gone are the days when you should grab the Coppertone with the cute little girl and her dog on the bottle and spend hours soaking up the sun

How Does Cold Water Affect Your Health?

When you think of a relaxing shower, you probably think of water hot enough to cover everything in steam. This kind of shower is relaxing, sure, but how does water temperature impact your health? If you found out that cold showers might have benefits, would you consider changing your routine?

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

We all know that biting our fingernails is a bad habit, but did you realize that the condition of your nails can tell you a lot about your physical health? There are a surprising number of disorders indicated in your nails’ color, shape, and texture. Being aware of these conditions is necessary for us to take care of ourselves properly.

Do I Still Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

Sunscreen in the winter? – a question better suited for those who think about the warm, sunny days of summer with nostalgia. For the rest of us, it’s quite the oxymoron. After all, what does sunscreen have to do with the chilly days of winter, when the sun’s rays are devoid of their summery heat?

More Than Skin Deep: How Diet Affects Your Skin Health

Among the first things that people notice about your outward appearance is your skin. It hints at your age, the kind of life you’ve led, and your overall health.

What You Should Do to Prevent Dry Skin

You might be worried that treating your dry skin will be complicated or that it will empty your wallet. Fortunately, taking care of your skin in winter doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing.

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Eyelids and Fingernails: How Smartphone Cameras May Help Diagnose Anemia

Now your smartphone has a new function—a diagnostic tool for anemia. Recent studies have shown that pictures of the inside of your lower eyelid or your fingernail’s nail bed can detect signs of anemia. Given that almost everyone from the young to the old has a smartphone, this new technology expands access to medical care and early detection of disease.