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IDefine with Dr. Mason Harrell

IDefine with Dr. Mason Harrell

About Dr. Mason Harrell Amiable, accomplished, and passionate are just a few words to describe Dr. Mason Harrell, a Harvard-trained physician triple...

Dr. Antonio Gamboa: Bridging the Gap

Dr. Antonio Gamboa: Bridging the Gap

Dr. Antonio Gamboa was born into an underserved world. Now, he is a founder and the CEO of a growing company, Elite Patient Care. As the first son...

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Quarterbacking Your Best Chronic Pain Treatment: An Interview with Dr. Praveen Mambalam

Battling chronic and sometimes inexplicable pain is something we all want to avoid. In the event of dealing with this challenge, however, we would all prefer to be in the care of a doctor passionate about helping patients navigate and heal from chronic pain.

There is a Treatment for the #1 Reason People Go Blind in the United States: An Interview with Dr. Randal Pham

Dr. Pham shared the number one cause of blindness in the United States: macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is when your fovea, located in the center of your retina, no longer functions properly.

Personalized Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Judi Goldstone

Dr. Judi Goldstone, a hormone replacement therapy doctor, weight loss specialist and alternative medicine physician at the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging, uses her expertise to aid patients through this method.

Women’s Health in Humanitarian Aid: An Interview with Dr. Ty Erickson

Dr. Ty Erickson is an OB/GYN at Rosemark Women Care Specialists in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Specifically, he is a urogynecologist specializing in treating women’s pelvic disorders and surgical pelvic reconstruction. While he maintains a thriving practice, his true passion is traveling the world providing medical care for women with little or no access to regular healthcare.

Dentistry and Beyond: A Multidisciplinary Approach with Dr. David A. Woodruff, DDS

When your dedication to your patients drives you to grow your capabilities and evolve your practice continuously, your patients benefit tremendously. Such is the case of Dr. David A. Woodruff, DDS, who practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Modesto, California.

Solving the Puzzle, Pieces of Life and Health – An Interview with Dennis Harper

Dr. Harper had always gone above and beyond to give his patients the care they needed, more so than what you might call an “average doctor.” Prompted by his wife, Dr. Harper decided to look inwards and ask himself about the origin of this altruistic passion.

Running the Marathon: A Conversation with Pediatric Psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Goetz

Running a marathon is often used as a metaphor for endurance. This analogy might be familiar for some, yet it is ubiquitous for a reason.

Looking Beyond the Science: Caring for Underserved Communities with Dr. Imani McElroy

People’s health and well-being are heavily influenced by the communities in which they live. Ideally, people have ample access to medical services and the resources to pay for them.

A New Hope for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: An Interview with Dr. Richard P. Winne

If you are struggling with nerve pain, you may feel like someone is following you around, randomly jabbing you with a needle. Maybe you ache all day or don’t sleep well. It’s difficult to lead an everyday life when your daily flow is constantly brought to a screeching halt by a jolt of sharp pain.

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Let's Talk About Vaping

Let’s Talk About Vaping

All of us are familiar with the teenager’s drive towards rebellion. Whether through music, fashion styles, or behavior, those at a crossroads between childhood and adulthood are relentlessly searching for ways to prove themselves different, unique, and, therefore, worthy of belonging to a social group.

Smog Armor

Smog Armor

We know that with the continuous growth of urbanization, air pollution continues to rise with it. But is there a way for us to counter the effect? Many of you may say that it’s impossible, that it’s out of our hands, but we at Top Doctor Magazine beg to differ – because we have found the answer.