Solving the Puzzle, Pieces of Life and Health – An Interview with Dennis Harper

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Dr. Dennis Harper graduated from the College of Redwoods at Eureka, California. He began his chiropractic career in the 1980s and served 12 years on the Idaho State Chiropractic board....

Dr. Dennis Harper graduated from the College of Redwoods at Eureka, California. He began his chiropractic career in the 1980s and served 12 years on the Idaho State Chiropractic board. In 2009, after taking a course on Ozone Injections from Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Harper started teaching differential diagnosis and hands-on medicine for Dr. V Shallenberger. That led to developing his own training, widely known as Harper Restoration Systems. Since then, he has traveled to different countries across the globe to share his knowledge and insights as a medical practitioner. When he’s not educating the world on healthier habits, Dr. Harper can be found spending his downtime with his wife on their boat.

Being a Bestselling Author

Dr. Harper had always gone above and beyond to give his patients the care they needed, more so than what you might call an “average doctor.” Prompted by his wife, Dr. Harper decided to look inwards and ask himself about the origin of this altruistic passion. While doing some energy work with his wife, trying to transmit a happy emotion, his wife laid her hand on his chest and said, “sad.” Dr. Harper had an epiphany and discovered the driving force behind his actions.

 He remembers being just a little first grader in 1962 when a dear classmate died from leukemia. This event impacted him so intensely that it led him to draw “pictures of healing” and figure out different ways to heal people. At this pivotal moment, Dr. Harper’s life trajectory was set at a very young age, despite being hidden in his memory those many years.

 Solving Life is Dr. Harper’s best-selling book, where he talks more about his incredible and inspiring journey to become the doctor he is today. The book ranked no. 2 on Amazon from May to June 2021 and currently enjoys an overall rating of 4.5 stars on the Amazon website.

A Passionate Teacher

Dr. Harper has been a teacher for a little more than a decade, and he’s not showing signs of slowing down. He is currently organizing a training program debuting in Atlanta called The Pain Elimination Paradigm, It’s a Paradigm Not a Pill, along with Dr. Brenda Cochran and Dr. Josh Morris, their backstage team. The program takes a direct shot at traditional pain management mentality. Highlighting that many failed systems allow our bodies to break down, teaching doctors to recognize and address pain from the whole mind/ body perspective, training them to apply these techniques in actual clinical setups.

In addition to their upcoming program, Dr. Harper just finished a workshop at the 5th Annual Frontiers in Ozone Conference in Miami. He joined many of the Icons of Ozone that presented this year. Before travel restrictions became a thing, Dr. Harper would jet-set around the world to teach doctors unique and effective techniques to help treat their patients.

Thoughts on Alternative Medicine for COVID-19

Dr. Harper’s clinic offers alternative medicine for COVID-19 patients to serve the community as much as he can. These alternative treatments include administering high doses of Vitamin C and the controversial drug ivermectin and advocating a healthy diet and essential vitamin supplementation as a preventative.

Dr. Harper has also been utilizing a unique treatment for COVID-19, wherein he draws out 10 CCs of blood from a patient’s arm, ozonates it, and injects it into their opposite hip. This is an old homeopathic remedy to stimulate a natural immune response. Thus, allowing the body to recognize it as a foreign invader and to respond appropriately.

Dr. Harper admits that few clinical studies support the efficacy of these alternative medicines, and much of the knowledge that birthed these treatments has been lost over time. However, a compelling argument for using treatments of this nature is that while there may be a lack of “scientific data” on efficacy, there are no harmful side effects resulting from these treatments. Furthermore, his clinic has seen promising results in administering these treatments.

“We don’t have money to do studies on these treatments because all studies are paid for by drug companies who have no interest in treatments that don’t promote drugs. They don’t fund care for alternative methods because there’s no money in it,” Dr. Harper explains.

Solving the Puzzle, Pieces of Life and Health – An Interview with Dennis Harper

Ozone Injections

Aside from being a chiropractor, Dr. Harper is a huge advocate for using ozone injections to help manage pain or eliminate it entirely and routinely teaches other medical practitioners how to use this treatment effectively.

Ozone is injected into a joint or area of injury that causes an inflammatory response in the body which acts as a catalyst that begins a cascade effect of healing. Causing the transmigration of your stem cells and other cells to the area where they will dedifferentiate into whatever type of tissue is needed to regenerate healthy tissue. It starts a migration of the stem cells across the tissues to then differentiate those changes into blood vessels, muscle tissue, skin tissue, nervous tissue, hair tissue, and regenerates that system.”

Dr. Harper explains that ozonating the blood also stimulates a cascade effect in the blood, oxygenating red blood cells, creating a peroxide effect, and allowing the ozone to be taken up by the lipids in the blood. In simpler terms, ozone helps by oxygenating our system, which stimulates our immune system to respond better.

Dr. Harper observed that ozone injection treatments have effectively kept most of his patients from neck and back surgeries and eliminated pain for patients with arthritic conditions. In addition, he has observed that this therapy has helped relieve back and neck pain in at least 70 to 80% of patients.


Taking Control of Your Health

People often believe that going to the doctor will automatically fix all their ailments when they feel sick. “It’s the farthest thing from the truth,” Dr. Harper confides to Top Doctor Magazine. “It leads to unhappy results, frustrated patients, and frustrated doctors.” And to add more fuel to the fire, Dr. Harper believes that the current healthcare system is only motivated by politics and profit, which has hampered the quality of healthcare and service patients receive.

Therefore Dr. Harper teaches patients in his clinic how to be in control of their health. “I don’t think anybody can fix you. I can’t fix you unless you decide to take control of your health,” he explains.

Here are a few tips Dr. Harper shares with Top Doctor Magazine on how we can live our best healthy life:

1. Avoid the barcode. Dr. Harper swears on eating natural food. “If it has a barcode, get rid of it.”

2. Walk 15 minutes a day.

3. Meditate. Find a place wherein you can feel your balance and be comfortable with yourself.

4. Mind the spine. Take care of your spine and bodily functions. If it’s hard, find a good doctor who can help you and teach you how.

5. Read “Solving Life.”  Written by Dr. Harper on Amazon. May offer some solutions for you.


How Dr. Harper Solves Life

While these tips may work for Dr. Harper and others out there, that may not be the case for everyone. So we recommend adding your own health hack into the mix, one that works best for you (and backed by science, of course). “Health is a learning curve,” Dr. Harper says. “And you have the choice whether you want to go left or right with life.”

Top Doctor Magazine is privileged to have an accomplished and dedicated service-oriented doctor who exemplifies going the extra mile in providing care for their patient. However, looking back at his decorated life, Dr. Harper shares that life is, ultimately, up to the things we choose to prioritize.

“All the things in life just happen,” he concludes. “They’re not good or bad. It’s how you choose to weigh them in your life.” And that, our dear readers, is how Dr. Harper solves life.

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Yuko Tabasa