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Oz Sultan Spotlight

Oz Sultan Spotlight

A New HOPE For Underserved Urban Communities For 21st Century Healthcare With 21 years of experience working in technology and a decade of...

Telehealth in Medicare & Medicaid:

Telehealth in Medicare & Medicaid:

The Hidden Hero Keeping Us Connected to Our Doctors even in a Pandemic “The genie is not going back in the bottle!” In recent months, the Centers...

Halloween Fiction Special

Halloween Fiction Special

“On Tuesday, October 26th, Mary Ann Summers went in as a test-trial patient for a coronavirus vaccine produced by an unnamed pharmaceutical company....

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Medicaid, Immigration and the DHS

Numerous controversial issues are likely to fall to the Supreme Court over the coming months and years: from those that cross between vaccines and...

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Obamacare: The ACA and Birth control

Judge Amy Coney Barrett signed a public statement of protest in 2012 against the birth control requirement of the ACA, citing its “assault on...

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What’s Your Fever Number?

What’s Your Fever Number?

by Justin Miller  Coughing, sneezing, chills, something is wrong. You are feeling miserable and reach for the thermometer. Upon taking your...

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A New Hope for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: An Interview with Dr. Richard P. Winne

If you are struggling with nerve pain, you may feel like someone is following you around, randomly jabbing you with a needle. Maybe you ache all day or don’t sleep well. It’s difficult to lead an everyday life when your daily flow is constantly brought to a screeching halt by a jolt of sharp pain.

How Telemedicine is Shaping The Future

With everyone being too terrified to enter a hospital in fear of catching the virus, people turned to online consultations. The convenience of receiving healthcare online has made thousands of people vouch for the new service.

Eyelids and Fingernails: How Smartphone Cameras May Help Diagnose Anemia

Now your smartphone has a new function—a diagnostic tool for anemia. Recent studies have shown that pictures of the inside of your lower eyelid or your fingernail’s nail bed can detect signs of anemia. Given that almost everyone from the young to the old has a smartphone, this new technology expands access to medical care and early detection of disease.

What Does AI Look Like in the Medical Field

The dream of AI paving the way for an effortless revolutionary world is not so far away as incredible advances in medicine are being made.

Could This Popular Treatment Eliminate Your Chronic Pain?

Over the past few years, neuromodulation has experienced a steady rise in popularity. The growing number of distributors and the patients’ willingness to avoid invasive treatments and narcotics brought traction to peripheral nerve stimulation devices. Dr. Kumar kindly agreed to share his wealth of knowledge with the Top Doctor Magazine team on neuromodulation and the benefits stemming from this narcotic-free approach!

Leading with Excellent Service: An Interview with Dr. Harry Pan

With some schedule reworking, Dr. Pan could retain all of his staff on reduced hours, which have begun to increase back to normal hours as more patients have gotten vaccinated.

Bringing Hope for a Brighter COVID-19-Free World – An Interview with Dr. David Ramin

The COVID-19 virus shows encouraging signs of falling behind in the U.S. With the advent of the first FDA-approved vaccines at the end of last year and an efficiently coordinated vaccination campaign, the U.S. has experienced a steep drop in new daily COVID-19 cases...

Dr. Zac Maass: What Happened To Sport Physicians When There Were No More Sports

Dr. Zac Maass, a sports medicine specialist at UConn Health and head team physician for Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, CT, shares his story of how his practice was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, his views on the ever-evolving topic COVID-19 and its effect on...

Schizophrenia Study May Lead to New Innovative Solutions

Schizophrenia is a neuropsychiatric disorder that affects the brain's interpretation of reality. Thus far, a cure to schizophrenia has proven elusive. Still, a study by the University of Philadelphia has begun to change how we perceive schizophrenia, and further...

Advanced Pain Care: An Interview with Dr. Mark Malone

About Dr. Mark Malone Dr. Mark T. Malone is a Board-Certified pain specialist currently residing in Austin, TX. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, he attended the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Dr. Malone...
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