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In the words of the great Thomas Edison, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” We believe that his vision came true, but with a simple annotation. Instead of “no medicine,” we can provide futuristic, homeopathic, scientific medicine to all in need, young or old, strong or frail, without discrimination. Indeed a promise of resonance for numerous physicians around the U.S., who constantly find it harder and harder to save lives and improve patient care in these highly volatile times.

Technological advancements, patients, insurance, management, etc. – it is hard for physicians to manage their businesses and careers independently. However, what if we told you that you, the physician, could improve patient care, save lives, and increase profitability while regaining your peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your life?

Here at Top Doctor Magazine, we are delighted to welcome you to the future by discovering our newest technology and service company, ready to assist physicians in helping millions of patients better take care of their health – TopDocRX! Join us today and learn how TopDocRX helps physicians on every layer of their practices, from audits to marketing and malpractice protection. Furthermore, we will show you how to attract more patients and expand your practice through this efficient and straightforward approach to patient care – Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)!

All about Protecting You and Your Practice

It is easy to forget, but the physician’s activity does not merely revolve around patient care. Business management, marketing, collections, etc. – your knowledge in these fields must be rock-solid before you even fathom the thought of starting your practice. However, even as you step on this path, hurdles will be thrown in your way. Insurance companies refusing to reimburse and competition from other physicians are merely starters, not to mention malpractice lawsuit threats looming over one out of every two physicians in their lifetime.

The prospects for private practice physicians are grim. That is why TopDocRX is here to help physicians partially lose their everyday burdens and focus on saving lives by offering the following services:

  • Protection against malpractice: such accusations alone are enough to tarnish your reputation and follow you forever. For that reason, our company is ready to help you against malpractice accusations on a proactive basis.
  • Effective Social Media Marketing: once we receive your word of confidence, our company will work with you until you double the investment (100% guaranteed minimum return on ROI!).
  • Collections: physicians find it difficult to collect fees from insurance companies or Medicare. What TopDocRX does is collect these fees for you!
  • Testing: our current COVID-19 testing facilities span over several states and international airports. Furthermore, we have become an essential player in PGx (Pharmacogenetic) testing, a genetic method of ascertaining the correct dosing for opioids and other medications.
  • The $100,000 Revenue Audit: our company can help you save vast sums of money on revenue audits.

By using these services, you will be free to enjoy your practice and continue to save lives while improving your peace of mind!

TopDocRX, the Ultimate Remote Patient Care Monitoring System

In such uncertain times, where tomorrow is nothing but unpredictable, more and more physicians understand the accelerated need for high-quality RPM services. Caring remotely for patients is now an everyday reality, and the waiting rooms are nearly empty. With RPM, you can easily keep an eye on your patients more safely than in-person visits!

However, the following reasons deter physicians from choosing RPM:

  • Legal compliance
  • Lack of a proper billing system
  • Lack of FDA-approved electronic equipment
  • Low patient retention, and
  • Patient-unfriendly platforms

As if these reasons were not enough, these actual costs (staff training, RPM kit, initial office setup, software costs, etc.) for a 300-patient range anywhere between $143,500.00 and $260,000.00! With such skyrocketing costs and no clear return on investment in sight, who would take such a gamble?

Considering how primary care practices were expected to lose up to $15 billion in 2020, additional costs must be the last thing you want to hear. That is why the TopDocRX RPM system is here to assist your patient care efforts, that’s right, free of charge! Once you outsource to TopDocRX, you can have highly effective and qualitative care direct to medical practices and patients using specialized monitoring equipment and personnel. Furthermore, using our VAC (Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic) method of communication, our staff constantly receives training on how to see, hear, feel, and solve any patient issue simply and professionally.

Why Should I Outsource to TopDocRX RPM?

The answer is multiple, yet simple – first off, outsourcing to TopDocRX will allow you access to the TopDocRX Connect, the first true comprehensive virtual care platform meeting the patient at the point of care. We provide preventative, 24/7 healthcare to high-need patients in detail and collect enough data for you to draw faster, more effective, and cost-efficient conclusions to support patient care. While following, of course, all HIPAA and FDA regulations, we provide all the medical devices and wearables necessary for data collection, as well as the patient health kits, to the patient!

Second, the platform allows you and your personnel to immediately respond to any drastic changes in your patients’ health, track their medicine intake, and send push notifications when needed. You will be able to track your patients’ heart rate, glucose, step count, and any other essential variables to their health on a straightforward interface, friendly to young and old users alike!

Last but not least, marketing – aside from a personal two-page article on you and your practice and a specially-designed email campaign to attract more RPM patients, our company will help you rank better against your local competition by running a full initial website audit, an online reputation audit, and propose a customized conversion script for your employees on how to spread the word about RPM faster!

However, all these benefits and advantages pale compared to the Top Doctor Magazine Award Nominations. This yearly event acknowledges and gratifies physicians’ activity and contributions in different categories (Technology, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, etc.). A simple nomination to our awards will undoubtedly boost your presence and make you a more competitive player on the local market, bringing your image and brand to the next level!

Have we convinced you of how beneficial TopDocRX can be to your practice? That is fantastic! It is time for you to take the next step towards improving your patient care and contact TopDocRX here.

Brianna Connors
Brianna Connors

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Brianna now hangs her hat in the mountains of the East Coast. She is an Alumna of Liberty University with a degree in Criminal Justice and is a multiple time recipient of the Dean’s list award. As one of the senior journalists of Top Doctor Magazine, she has had the pleasure of interviewing many doctors and professionals about their fields of expertise.

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