Discovering the Benefits of CytoSyde and How it Boosts Your Immunity

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Fast approaching the one-year anniversary of the United States’ first COVID-19 related lockdown, we see a nation still struggling to control case numbers and outbreaks. Confusion and fear still abound,...

Fast approaching the one-year anniversary of the United States’ first COVID-19 related lockdown, we see a nation still struggling to control case numbers and outbreaks. Confusion and fear still abound, creating the overarching issue of misinformation. Experts across the country harbor varying opinions, offering advice that aligns most of the time, some of the time, or not at all. For Dr. Hassan Bennani, CEO of KellBenx, Inc, acknowledging the issue at hand led him on a personal journey to discover the best research and results-backed solution.

The solution he discovered and presented is a product composed of eight natural ingredients that have been used successfully in China for hundreds of years. Sitting down with him in an interview, Top Doctor Magazine learned that Dr. Bennani’s philosophy to overcome the public health crisis that is the COVID-19 Pandemic has to be thinking for oneself and choosing a product based on the research that convinces you.

“Ever since I was a kid, I never imagined myself doing something else [than being a doctor],” said Dr. Bennani. “My background is that I am an MD by training, but for the last 25 years, one of my best passions is to research. And when it comes to research, it opens up a lot of opportunities to explore, to find something that is new that can have an impact and make a difference.” With extensive experience working alongside numerous companies to bring their products to market, educate clinicians about them, and position the products for people to use correctly, Dr. Bennani opened his lab in Long Island, New York, in 2010. At KellBenx, Inc., the focus is on developing new diagnostic tests such as prenatal testing. But when the pandemic hit, Dr. Bennani’s focus shifted to finding a true solution to help as many people as possible.

“The key here is that everyone is going to get [COVID-19] one day; even if you get the vaccine, you’re still going to get it. It is just a matter of time,” explained Dr. Bennani. “I think it was the CDC that said it’s going to take about five years for everyone worldwide to come into contact with this virus. And even after that, it’s going to be here like the flu virus. We have to get used to it, live with it, and carry on with our lives. This is why we want to talk today about how we are going to change the long-term side effects and make it as simple as the flu virus.”

Breaking Down COVID-19

To begin the process of overcoming COVID-19, we must first understand how it affects us. The coronavirus is a family of nine viruses, of which seven affect humans. We have experienced previous coronaviruses (like SARS and MERS), but we contained them. The coronaviruses that have come before made those who became infected symptomatic, so they were quickly identified and isolated. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19 is different because it features an incubation period of 5 days during which an infected person is asymptomatic and yet still contagious. “The transmission was so quick and so difficult to contain because of the incubation period,” said Dr. Bennani, “And that’s why people were able to travel from China to other countries without knowing they had the virus. Now it is too late. We cannot contain it; it has to go through everybody.”

This coronavirus is one of the cold viruses and exhibits two distinct phases. Phase one sees the virus entering the body and targeting the ACE receptors in the lungs. It moves inside the cells, hijacks the mechanism of replication, and starts duplicating. And by doing this, the virus uses the cell to print itself and increase, all while inside the cell and protected from the antibodies that the body is producing.

Phase two is when the virus promotes the ACE receptor cells in other organs to colonize them. As a result, Dr. Bennani and many others in the medical field have discovered that COVID-19 was only located in the lungs for some people, but now it is going into the heart, kidneys, and other body systems. Through all of this, we see the most prominent effect COVID-19 has on those it infects. “The third part of what it does is lower your immunity so other pathogens can also harm the patient,” explained Dr. Bennani. “Once it is inside the cells, we cannot do much.” To stop the COVID-19 virus from getting into the cells – and ultimately stop a person from becoming ill – we must combat it from the three ways it attacks.

Discovering the Benefits of CytoSyde and How it Boosts Your Immunity

Step 1: Virus Load

First, the essential step to combating COVID-19 is to lower the virus load. “Proven by all the studies today, what’s going to dictate the severity of symptoms and the complications is the virus load in the lungs,” says Dr. Bennani. “If you get exposed to high loads of the virus, the disease will be severe, and you might have severe complications, so we need to lower the virus load. This step is crucial so we can shorten symptoms and save lives.”

The virus load is essentially a way to quantify the number of viruses to which you have been exposed. With any virus, you can be exposed to a small amount or a large amount. For COVID-19, in particular, it is critical that the amount of viruses you are exposed to is small. If you are exposed to a small virus load, you will likely experience light symptoms; if you are exposed to a high virus load, you are more likely to experience severe symptoms. “That’s why wearing a mask is very important. The mask protects, and it is vital to emphasize that,” explained Dr. Bennani.

Step 2: Cytokine Storm

The second way the coronavirus attacks the body and proves deadly is its ability to trigger what is known as a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm is a condition in which an infection triggers the immune system to flood the bloodstream with inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These cytokines can damage and even kill tissue and organs. “Your reaction to the virus can work against you,” says Dr. Bennani, “[You] go into a stage where inflammation is out of control and releasing too many cytokines, which can start a cytokine storm in which the organs start to shut down. And that can kill the patient.”

Step 3: Immunity

Finally, the third step we must be aware of in combating COVID-19 is promoting immunity. Because the virus lowers the immune response while attacking the cells, it puts the body in a dire situation of susceptibility to other pathogens. For example, many of the people who end up in the ICU with COVID-19 also have pneumonia. As a result, it is imperative to boost the body’s immune response- this will help lower COVID-19’s severe symptoms and protect the infected person from contracting other illnesses or complications.

Introducing CytoSyde

For Dr. Bennani, the answer to COVID-19 is in answering the three ways it attacks and compromises the body. In his search to understand the virus and find a way to treat it, he discovered a product initially from and patented in China called Shufeng Jiedu – a compound made up of 8 natural ingredients. Scientists from Germany investigating the influenza virus looked to China to understand why the number of flu virus-related deaths was so low in the country. Since 2016, the scientists were able to bring to light that the Chinese were taking Shufeng Jiedu and that it considerably lowered the chance of dying or having complications. After further study, Shufeng Jiedu has more than 90 published publications, and it’s been proven that more than 100 million people in China have used the remedy. From the success rate they found, the German scientists were able to bring Shufeng Jiedu back to their country, compound the product, and now have more than 30 thousand people who have taken it to excellent outcome. With its marked track record, Dr. Bennani has worked to bring Shufeng Jiedu to the United States for its abilities to combat the COVID-19 virus, rebranding it to the name CytoSyde. The product comes in a box of thirty-six capsules. As a three-day treatment, a person would take four capsules three times a day.

Dr. Bennani’s company has taken worldwide exclusivity on CytoSyde and registered it with the FDA as a supplement. Currently, he is working on establishing various distribution channels to allow for ready access to CytoSyde as Dr. Bennani believes it is a remedy every household in America should have.

“How we counter the [COVID-19] virus is this product,” says Dr. Bennani. “The mode of action for this product lowers the virus load, regulates and modulates the inflammation, therefore, preventing a cytokine storm, and finally, it promotes your immunity.”

Why CytoSyde Works

CytoSyde meets the COVID-19 virus at all three points in which it attacks the body. First, it lowers the virus load count by binding directly to the main proteins of the virus, preventing it from entering the cells. “With this understanding, we know that the earlier we take this product, the later outcome of the virus will be dictated because it is going to shorten symptoms and stop complications,” says Dr. Bennani.

The second mode of action of CytoSyde is found in how it regulates and modulates inflammation. Through such regulation, it is possible to ward off the cytokine storm. As a result, having organ failure or difficulties in the organs is much lower if not eliminated. “All doctors fear the cytokine storm,” said Dr. Bennani, “Once it settles, there is nothing you can do.” And finally, the third mode of action is that CytoSyde promotes the body’s immunity. “[The product] promotes the body to secrete more antibodies and more T cells, enabling you to fight the virus that has invaded,” Dr. Bennani explained. “But it also protects against other pathogens that can take advantage of the body’s weakness and cause more damage.”

Dr. Bennani told Top Doctor Magazine of a personal story from one of his close friends who experienced firsthand the remarkable capabilities of CytoSyde in combating COVID-19. “I have a friend, and I was talking to him on the phone two weeks ago. He sounded like he was having difficulty breathing, and I know he has asthma, so I asked him why he was breathing like that.

He responded that he had worked late and felt tired. I insisted he tell me everything, to which he replied that his body ached and he felt hot. Immediately, I told him he had to go get tested even though it was late on Friday,” he said.

When the test came back positive, the doctor was able to take Bennani’s friend, put him on an IV, and give him vitamin C. In addition, Dr. Bennani sent a box of CytoSyde, which arrived the same day. “The next day, my friend called me,” said Dr. Bennani, “and he explained how much better he was breathing. Three days later, upon completing the CytoSyde treatment, he had absolutely no symptoms, no complications, no coughs. Nothing. It even helped his asthma.” Cases like these motivate Dr. Bennani to continue his work in bringing awareness to CytoSyde to help more and more people. As he put it, he is doing this for the joy of saving lives.

CytoSyde and the Future

“The vaccine is here, and it is a good thing,” said Dr. Bennani when asked if CytoSyde is a replacement for getting a COVID-19 vaccine. “I’m not against the vaccine; in fact, I promote it. The only risk about the vaccine is not knowing exactly how it will react with the body long term. However, just because we don’t know doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad.”

The vaccine gives a person a certain amount of immunity against the virus. However, it does not guarantee 100% against future infection. As Dr. Bennani explained, it is similar to the flu virus, which comes every year. Despite getting the flu vaccine, people still get infected, fall ill, and sometimes even die from complications. “That’s what people need to understand; even with the vaccine, you are still going to get the coronavirus. You might have mild symptoms or severe, but not as severe as without the vaccine. The product is going to shorten the symptoms and prevent complications. There is no harm if you take it; it’s a safety net.”

Shufeng Jiedu means to detoxify and expel, precisely what it does to the coronavirus in the body. Used for centuries in China, it is not a new treatment or even a new discovery. What is new about it is the understanding of how it works to cancel the COVID-19 virus. For Dr. Bennani, this understanding brings light to not just the COVID-19 virus but to all other viruses as well.

“It works for influenza; it works for all the viruses in the coronavirus family, and it might work for any virus in the future because it cancels the mechanism,” he explained. “This is what we want; we want to give reassurance to people. Yes, the virus is serious, but if we do the right thing, we can prevent people from dying, from ending up in the ICU.”

If you would like to know more about CytoSyde or are interested in purchasing it, click here to place an inquiry.


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