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Mental Health

Building Strong Families! (Part 1)

Building Strong Families! (Part 1)

In my experience as a father,public school principal, and leader of a global youth char-acter education organization, I've found that the two most...

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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

The refusal to go to bed when you should is a psychological phenomenon known as “revenge bedtime procrastination,” which describes the decision to sacrifice sleep for more pleasurable activities such as bingeing and scrolling through social media.

Pain Management – A Comprehensive Care Guide with James Boesiger DMSc,PA-C

James Boesiger, DMSc, PA-C, has been at the forefront of pain medicine's evolution for over three decades. However, he still can't forget the profound effect of his childhood experience when he came home to his mother wearing sunglasses in bed and vomiting from...

How To Begin Exercising According to Health Professionals

Medical doctors highlight the benefits of adopting a gym-patterned lifestyle—and it’s undoubtedly for your good. Doctors see the worst, health-wise, every day; so, when they say, ‘take some time to take care of your body,’ their advice is well-founded.

How to Survive Nursing Burnout

Introduction Like most burnouts, nursing burnout also boils down to demographic traits and work conditions. According to NAM (National Academy of Medicine), around 50% of professional caretakers in different medical fields experience severe burnout symptoms. The most...

Military Medicine: An In-depth Analysis With Dr. Chris Weisgarber

It isn't every day that we get to have a sit-and-talk with incredible servicemen and women who are also medical professionals. Dr. Chris Weisgarber had many stories, and as I interviewed him, there was this surreal feeling of, "Yes, I get to talk to one of the 4,400...

True Health Begins With The Mind

We can measure health and wellness in multiple ways. They are usually broken down into various diagnoses that often fail to provide a picture of a healthy body and mind. While there is incredible life-saving progress in modern-day western medicine, a less...

Mental Fitness is Just as Important as Physical Fitness

Going to the gym, home workouts, and doing yoga often come up, among others, when talking about health. After all, physical fitness helps reduce the risk of various ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease while also helping manage one’s weight. Treating...

Mental and Psychological Well-Being of Medical Professionals: An Interview with Dr. Kellie Stecher

The physical and psychological well-being of employees says quite a lot about a workplace. A workplace should promote their employees' general well-being by treating its mental and psychological aspects similar to the physical environment. Poor mental health not only...

Pediatricians Are Concerned about More Serious Child Abuse Cases As Pandemic Continues

As predicted by sources in the spring, child abuse rates during coronavirus lock-down are reaching disturbing highs.  Hospitals are seeing more serious injuries in smaller and smaller victims.  The virus has not given up and as a result, the child abuse...

6 Disease Trends You Should Be Aware Of During The Pandemic

How is COVID-19 affecting our health? The good, the bad, and the ugly We can all agree that the coronavirus has had a sweeping impact on our lives. Everyone has learned to adjust their jobs, social activities, shopping and more. That doesn’t even factor in the looming...
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