Why Taking a Mental Health Day Is so Important

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Our lives can get quite stressful from time to time, which is why it is essential to remind ourselves to take a break. Our work lives can drain our entire...

Why Taking a Mental Health Day Is so Important

Our lives can get quite stressful from time to time, which is why it is essential to remind ourselves to take a break. Our work lives can drain our entire energy and lead to serious mental health problems like burnouts and anxiety issues. When you are starting to feel the stress taking its toll on your mind, it’s time for a break.


Signs You May Need a Mental Health Day

If you are working yourself too much, it can be hard to notice the signs you need a mental health day. Symptoms such as excessive stress, insomnia, mood swings, high blood pressure, pessimistic outlook on most matters and fatigue are the most common signs of impending burnout. It’s time to take that well-deserved mental health day.


Taking a Mental Health Day

Scheduling the day off ahead of time can give you enough time to plan your absence from work or cancel some plans you made with your close ones. It is common to plan your mental health day on the weekend, but don’t hesitate to take a day off from work. 

Although you are prepared in advance, it is quite possible to wake up in the morning and feel stressed or anxious. Don’t be afraid to take your mental health day spontaneously. Always listen to your body and give it everything it needs.


Spending Your Day Off

If you decide to take a spontaneous or planned mental health day, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to relax. Every factor that can even spark a stressful feeling in your mind has to be avoided at any cost. You could spend your day alone, reading a good book, or go on a shopping spree with some of your friends. 

When it comes to spending your mental health day, the nature of the activities you plan on carrying out doesn’t matter. What matters is to relax your mind and feel good while doing it.


Keeping Your Mind Healthy 

If you plan your mental health day, try to stay away from things such as alcohol, tobacco, harmful substances, unhealthy foods, overthinking and on social media. Keep in mind that this day is about your mental health, so stay away from anything that can harm it. 


Some Activity Ideas 

Depending if you want to stay indoors or go out and have some fun, maybe some of these activities will come in handy: 

  • Going on a hike; 
  • Getting a massage; 
  • Going on a shopping spree; 
  • Catching up on some much-needed sleep; 
  • Watching a movie or a show; 
  • Trying a new recipe; 
  • Listening to a podcast; 
  • Taking a long bath; 
  • Engaging in your favorite hobby. 

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it makes you happy and relaxes your mind. 


Make Some Changes 

You can find yourself surrounded by stressors even after a mental health day. For your mental health to improve, you have to get rid of house stressors. By making these changes, you will find yourself in a much better environment for your mental health. By not bringing your work problems into your home, cutting ties with negative people and looking at your priorities, you can already see the environment around you cleansing. 


A Parting Reminder

Never forget to take care of yourself, especially your mental health. Everybody needs a break from time to time, and it’s not a shame to ask for it. Although it may seem like a day in the short term, it still can help you in so many ways. Nothing is as important as your health.

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.