The Art of Medicine: A Look into Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Ripu Arora

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Dr. Ripu Arora is a board-certified pain management anesthesiologist who has provided exceptional care to his patients for the last 30 years. He focuses in his practice, the Arora Pain...

Dr. Ripu Arora is a board-certified pain management anesthesiologist who has provided exceptional care to his patients for the last 30 years. He focuses in his practice, the Arora Pain Clinic, on Interventional Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. Through these specialties, he can identify pain triggering mechanisms and target the best treatments for the best patient outcomes.

“Our goal is to help the patient as a whole, to improve the quality of life and improve their functionality in life. Sometimes you cannot heal the patient 100%, but at least you can get the functionality back to normal or close to normal,” shared Dr. Arora.

Training to Serve

Dr. Arora studied for his medical degree in India before traveling to England to undergo Orthopedic and Surgical training at hospitals in London and Manchester. He then moved to America to further his training in surgery at Baltimore, MD.

Following this, Dr. Arora attended a residency in Anesthesiology through Case Western University and, in 2009, graduated with honors from the University of Irvine, California, with a master of business administration in health care.

He is an active life member of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). He serves on the board of directors as the president of the California Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (CalSIPP).

Expansion of Regenerative Medicine

Arora shared that last year CalSIPP surveyed its members, asking what the physicians wanted to learn the most. The number one answer was regenerative medicine. In answer to this desire, the organization put together honest educational resources to help physicians increase their understanding.

“The most important thing is to educate the community and additionally the physicians and the different providers on what is available,” Arora said. “The right type of education is vital, especially without doing any sales pitches or false advertisements. There is also the importance of changing the mindset.”

As more patients seek more natural healing methods, physicians need to be educated on how they can include regenerative medicine into their practice.

“We want to stay true to the ethics behind regulations. We want to make sure that those practicing regenerative medicines understand its limitations and that we must follow FDA regulations,” Arora said.

Regenerative Medicine as the Art of Medicine

After experiencing firsthand the capabilities of regenerative medicine, Arora has delved into its study and is currently offering it with great success to his patients.

“I had my own experience with it, so that’s helped me a lot to believe in it. And if you believe in something and you have a personal experience, then it’s easier to offer it to somebody with confidence,” he said.

Arora’s genuine passion for his patients and their success is evident. One of his favorite patient stories is of an engineer with a crushed hand who managed to make a recovery and remove his pain altogether.

He was able to hold his child for the first time and went on to get a job as an electrical engineer.

Arora described the outcome from regenerative therapy as very rewarding. He sees regenerative medicine as a non-invasive way to help people heal and manage their pain.

“My feeling is that regenerative medicine is going to be the art of medicine, which everybody will be utilizing in the years to come,” Arora said.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Ripu Arora, you can visit him at his website. He has various resources on Regenerative Medicine available for members.

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