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Telehealth: The Next Revolution

Telehealth: The Next Revolution

Medical technology takes a leap during the pandemic… and shows no signs of stopping! In the blink of an eye, everything stopped. Life as we knew it...

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 2)

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 2)

I recently watched an episode of Doctor Who, the British sci-fi TV show. In that episode, they used miraculous microscopic tiny robots to repair and...

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 1)

The Rich Have Stopped Aging (Part 1)

That comes with getting old”is what society and the medical communities are telling us. Sit-ting in a prominent orthopedic surgeon’s office in 2012,...

The New Face Of Medicine

The New Face Of Medicine

Dr. C.L. Gray Interview We are on the threshold to a New Face of Medi-cine on the threshold with a giant question mark across the silhouette. The...

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 3)

Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 3)

Here are six ways to ensure you make healthy choices every time:1. Eat foods that love you back. A whole-food, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle can...

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Bet On Yourself: When To Turn Your Passion Project Into Your Full-Time Job

How many times have you met people ready to embrace change in a heartbeat without second-guessing their decision? Not too often, for sure. As a species, we are hardwired to interpret change as a threat and, therefore, question it; we often either resist change or avoid it altogether.

Taking the Proactive Approach to Healthcare with Tim Spooner

In his interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Tim Spooner discusses his solutions to this problem and how he is disrupting the current healthcare model with his company, Proactive MSD.

Embracing Telemedicine: How COVID-19 Is Forcefully Transforming An Industry Resistant To Change

Technology has brought incredible developments in every sector of the economy to facilitate improvements in all aspects of human lifestyle and business. Technological innovation influenced overall performance, job efficiency, effectiveness, and improvement in the...

Leading with Excellent Service: An Interview with Dr. Harry Pan

With some schedule reworking, Dr. Pan could retain all of his staff on reduced hours, which have begun to increase back to normal hours as more patients have gotten vaccinated.

Pain Management – A Comprehensive Care Guide with James Boesiger DMSc,PA-C

James Boesiger, DMSc, PA-C, has been at the forefront of pain medicine's evolution for over three decades. However, he still can't forget the profound effect of his childhood experience when he came home to his mother wearing sunglasses in bed and vomiting from...

Could a Once-a-week Insulin Injection Alter the Treatment of Diabetes?

In a new turn of events, research trials showed that weekly insulin can work as a treatment to treat and manage diabetes. Some medical professionals concur that it is the right move in the right direction. The research involved hundreds of patients with type 2...

Bringing Hope for a Brighter COVID-19-Free World – An Interview with Dr. David Ramin

The COVID-19 virus shows encouraging signs of falling behind in the U.S. With the advent of the first FDA-approved vaccines at the end of last year and an efficiently coordinated vaccination campaign, the U.S. has experienced a steep drop in new daily COVID-19 cases...

Tara Rajendran: Could An Ancient Instrument in Combination with Modern Medicine Hold the Secrets to Healing?

Tara could see and empathically feel that her beloved maternal grandmother’s body was ravaged with anxiety and pain from cancer. At this time, the only comfort to her grandmother was the beautiful, soothing Indian classical music compositions that played bedside through a simple red tape recorder.

“The Best Time to Start a Practice is Yesterday!” – Bridging the Gap between Medicine and Business for Better Patient Outcomes

In these hectic days, where predicting the unpredictable is our utmost preoccupation, starting a new business venture with no drop of security for the future might sound unsafe, if not wholly deplorable. However, for some physicians, the COVID-19 pandemic represented...

Being a Boss in the Medical Industry

In the ever-challenging field of medicine, the image of physicians putting their knowledge and resources to the patient’s use often summarizes the way we understand the medical industry mechanics. Under this picturesque description lay thousands of ever-turning wheels...
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