Dr. Behnam Shakibaie

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Dr. Shakibaie was born in Ahwaz in the south of Iran in 1972. Moving to Germany in 1986, he continued his education - completing high school in Berlin in 1991...

Dr. Shakibaie was born in Ahwaz in the south of Iran in 1972. Moving to Germany in 1986, he continued his education – completing high school in Berlin in 1991 and the study of dentistry at Berlin Charite University in 1998. 

Gaining a passion for Oral Surgery from his doctorate thesis on Guided Bone Regeneration, Dr. Shakibaie continued his professional education with a specialization in Oral Surgery from 1999-2003. He then completed a postgraduate Mastership in Implantology at DGI, a postgraduate Mastership in Periodontology from DGP, and a specialization in Oral Microsurgery and Microdentistry from Zeiss Dental Academy. 

Deeply interested in reducing surgical trauma and increasing treatment safety for patients, Dr. Shakibaie has been involved in the development and publishing of new microsurgical techniques and instruments for Oral Implantology and jaw bone reconstructions since 2005. He is considered one of the main pioneers of the new discipline of “Microscopic Implant and Jaw Bone Reconstructive Surgeries”. Currently, the head of “Implant Division”, the world’s greatest Microdentistry Community with almost 30,000 dentists as members from 135 countries, as well as Head of the “Implant Department” of Carl Zeiss International Academy of Microdentistry, Dr. Shakibaie continues to conduct his research and teaching activities internationally. 

When asked where he sees the dental industry going in the next 5 years, Dr. Shakibaie shared, “I can best predict the dental industry development from the viewpoint of my specialty, which is minimally invasive and microscopic implantology and dentistry. As medicine is very rapidly moving into minimally traumatic procedures in almost all specializations, dentistry has been following this trend for more than a decade. Nowadays patients are more aware in which way and how much dentists are going to harm natural structures of their mouth while providing a particular treatment procedure. Well-paying patients will not be looking for highly esthetic solutions only, rather more for a combination of excellent esthetic and minimally invasive treatments, that last for life and are repeatedly extendable while having less pain, bleeding, swelling etc. Intelligently planning dental schools like the University of Pennsylvania and others have already started educating students in lower years with optical magnification using microscopes and loupes. I think dentists worldwide should prepare and educate themselves and their teams for minimally invasive treatment concepts step by step and in all fields of dentistry. That means investing time in training, equipment, and rethinking ongoing workflows in clinics, taking more time for “Slow Dentistry.” 

Speaking to Top Doctor Magazine, Dr. Shakibaie explained that while he has already achieved more than he ever imagined possible in his 15 years of dentistry, he wants to continue integrating the most advanced technologies into his daily work. 

“A few years ago, I recognized that I could not move on as just a specialist practice, even though it is world unique and known, to provide my high-demanding patients with excellent multidisciplinary care. So, we will continue integrating other disciplines of microscopic dentistry into our implant-perio loaded concept, like microscopic restorative dentistry, prosthetics, and smile designs.” 

As a result of this realization, Dr. Shakibaie’s new specialized clinic in Tehran, Iran, is considered to be one of the world’s leading centers in the field of “implant microsurgery and minimally invasive implant prosthetic oral reconstructions.” He is planning his own international academy to concentrate his educational activities in one place. 

Working in the trend of educating other Dentists, Dr. Shakibaie is a Regent for the Global Summits Institute. He believes that this movement will help the dental world grow and improve authentically as dentists involve dentists in education or cooperation by exchanging scientifically and clinically based achievements and contents. In addition to the Institute, Dr. Shakibaie is one of the “World’s Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry” having been presented the award in early 2020. He recalls that this has been his favorite part of being involved with the Institute. He commented that “the idea [for Top 100 Doctors] is great, and I will never forget the countless hours of work and efforts that Dr. Shah and his team put into it for preparations to make it true.” 

You can find out more about Dr. Behnam Shakibaie on his official website or his Instagram account

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