6 Ways to Make Working a Desk Job Healthier

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Too much sitting at your desk can have adverse effects on your health. There are a lot of health issues about sitting for a long time as it will affect...

Too much sitting at your desk can have adverse effects on your health. There are a lot of health issues about sitting for a long time as it will affect your body posture, mental health and stress levels. In a Center for Disease Control and Prevention report, one in four American adults sits for longer than eight hours every day. On average, Americans sit for about 11 hours each day

So how can you make your desk job healthier by eliminating the health issues such as the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health issues caused by sitting for long hours in the office? 



Take a Break, Walk and Stretch

Make it a point to get up and stretch every hour. Our bodies are dynamic systems that require movement. Sitting at your computer for too long can cause musculoskeletal abnormalities as well as other health problems, including heart disease, obesity and diabetes. On the other hand, studies have proven the benefits of regularly getting up from your desk to stretch and walk. So grab a cup of coffee, go to the restroom, check in with your supervisor, or simply go for a five-minute stroll!

Every hour or two, a five-minute stretch and walk will do wonders for your body. Stretching your muscles and reorienting your skeletal system takes only a few minutes. The time away from work will also revitalize you and allow you to refocus on your tasks.

Take the chance to walk when you answer your cell phone or talk with your co-worker. Through this, you can curb physical inactivity in the workplace. In addition, this is a great way to mobilize your body, burn excess calories and get a chance to boost your mental clarity and energy level.

On your next working hours at the desk, make sure to get up, take a break every hour to do some stretches and try not to sit still for longer than one hour or longer!



Stand Up while Working

While working, get out of your chair and stand up. Your office should be a place where you can work while standing up for at least some time of the day. Many office workers now have cell phones and laptops, so why not make a few calls while standing up or write out a report while standing at the top of a filing cabinet?



Take the Stairs

Stair climbing can be your best friend if you have a desk job and spend long hours. You may find it challenging at first, especially if you work on the tenth floor of the building. Take the first two floors and ride the elevator up to your floor if you’re a first-timer in stair climbing.

Aim for 10,000 steps every day and avoid using elevators. Using a tracker, keep track of your daily steps. To get more steps per day, take the stairs. Parking in a location away from your business and climbing up the stairs is a smart option. Make it a daily habit before and after going to work.



Exercise Regularly

With adequate diet, sleep and regular exercise, everyone can attain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is always an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you work at a desk job, exercise at least three to four times per week for just 30 minutes to keep your energy up at work and to be able to last the entire day.



Look Away from Time to Time

To help your eyesight, take a break from your computer screen now and then. Your eyes deserve a break, too. Take roughly 15 to 30 seconds every 10 minutes to glance out the window. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally notice the splendid view just outside your window!



Don’t Forget Your Posture!

Maintaining a proper posture is essential to achieve excellent overall health. While staying at the desk, you should always keep your back straight and your feet on the ground. Make sure your chair supports your back and posture while not putting unnecessary strain on your back muscles and discs.



A Parting Reminder

Working at a desk for eight hours a day doesn’t mean you have to go home and watch television for another eight hours. Figure out how to get active time into your schedule outside of work as well. For example, take a group exercise class, go to the gym early in the morning, or go on a family walk in the evening with your family.


Even if you’re in good health, sitting all day isn’t beneficial for you. However, with a bit of planning, you too can add extra exercise to your daily life!

Ann Y

Ann Y