Dominika Laureto and the Founding of Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics

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Dominika Laureto (maiden name Liwinska) was born in Poland and grew up in a communist country. Her family was poor, along with plenty of other families who were also struggling....

Dominika Laureto (maiden name Liwinska) was born in Poland and grew up in a communist country. Her family was poor, along with plenty of other families who were also struggling. She said that her family had become conditioned to be strong-minded because they did not know there was a better way to exist. 


“As children, we had to be very creative just to survive, and we found ways to find happiness. We were melting sugar in a pan to make candy and other treats that we didn’t have access to,” Dominika shared. 


After Poland became a democratic country, her family was introduced to quality products and services that Europeans and Americans took for granted. Still, they remained in a low-income bracket and couldn’t afford to splurge on this new way of life. When Liwinska went to college in the United States, she only had $500 in her pocket. Her story is remarkable. In Poland, she graduated number one academically in high school. She received a college scholarship and decided halfway through to finish her studies in the United States.

“I came here for my American dream with nothing but five hundred dollars and a winning attitude. I learned to survive no matter what and never gave up,” Dominika reflected. 



At first, Dominika cleaned houses and lived in the basement of another Polish family. She was attending college to study English as a Second Language (ESL). Her professors and mentors suggested that she enroll in regular courses as she worked and went to school. She eventually enrolled in nursing school and worked through college with no loans. After Dominika became a nurse, she worked in a hospital in the busy Emergency Department for eight years and realized that Western medicine was difficult for her. 


“It just made me realize this is not how I wanted to practice medicine. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand because I know most doctors in the United States are great. However, there’s a pervasive idea that the healthcare system is broken, which I tend to agree with. Working in the emergency department was an eye-opener because there are so many people who come through the door who are chronically sick on fifty different medications, and we wonder how they got there. Where were they ten years ago? What was happening to their health, and why weren’t the underlying symptoms being addressed?” she explained. 


Working in emergency medicine opened Dominika’s eyes to the fact that she wanted to focus on prevention for her own patients. 


“Most doctors using modern and westernized medicine aren’t truly looking into what’s going on with their patient’s health. Very few practitioners look at the patient holistically or take the time to explore the root cause of the patient’s problem. I knew I could be part of something special that educates clients with a primary focus on prevention,” Dominika emphasized. 



The Birth of Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics 

Dominika Laureto opened a business that provides aesthetics and wellness. She created a wellness clinic that helps chronic patients treat a variety of long-term health issues. 


Dominika states her overall health and wellness philosophy: “There are some basic keys to being healthy. Taking care of your diet is important, engaging in physical activity because movement is vital, prioritizing sleep, and focusing on your mental health to avoid getting sick later in life.” 


Dominika’s clinic, Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics, has assisted many patients, including stroke victims, cancer patients, and paralysis patients. 


“I initially founded the aesthetic clinic because I was extremely burned out from working as an ER nurse. I was someone who dedicated myself one hundred percent, working twelve-hour shifts six days a week. I had no days off and was fully committed to the ER department. After eight years there, I realized there was nothing I could change in that reactive environment regarding preventative health.” she explained. 


She turned to one of her coworkers, who had become an aesthetics nurse, for advice. After her talk, the spark was lit for Dominika to make an impact on others and influence them in a way that can prolong their health. She became addicted to increasing patients’ longevity and combined aesthetics and wellness into one practice through a holistic approach. 





Why Holistic Approaches Stand Out Amongst the Medical Community 

“We are looking at the person as a whole, so we’re taking into consideration that there’s virtual health, mental health, emotional, physical, social, or even a family aspect of health. Considering all those factors, your treatment plan is much different than just the standard template.” Dominika said. 


Dominika has learned that if a patient is not doing well emotionally or mentally, steps must be taken before doing anything aesthetically to get the patient’s desired results. Often, patients think that utilizing Dominika’s clinic’s aesthetic services will improve their mental well-being, but she does not practice this way. She encourages her patients to find the root of the problem and not just focus on the aesthetic results.  


Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics focuses on many other wellness factors when a patient enters care. For example, the immune system has many benefits to a person’s overall well-being. By improving the immune system through treatments at Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics, you will feel optimal, which in turn makes you look better. 


“For instance, if we treat the underlying problems of chronic inflammation, your skin will look better. Removing an intake of excessive alcohol from your diet can make huge improvements in your physical appearance as well. There’s the aesthetic benefit of incorporating a healthy lifestyle and preventative care.” Dominika emphasized.


“Diet and exercise have a huge impact on us, whether we have underlying health conditions or not. Almost everything we are eating and drinking now is polluted with chemicals that are harmful to our health, so it’s important to eat nourishing whole foods and drink water high in minerals,” she said. 


Mental well-being is a vital aspect of Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics’ practice. 



“If you feel well mentally, you carry yourself differently. The day is easier. You can be challenged with many more tasks and excel at completing them. That’s because your mindset is optimal. That’s why we focus on mental well-being just as much as physical health,” Dominika shared. 


According to Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics, wellness treatments should have a foundation in mental well-being. Other practices have seen the impact of well-being incorporated into aesthetics and are following suit. 


“They realize that longevity and these aging treatments are the foundation for aesthetics. Fillers and Botox should be icing on the cake after starting to fix or heal your body and mind,” she said. 


There are wellness techniques that can address healing before ever entering Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics. For instance, getting seven to nine hours of sleep and remaining physically active can influence your well-being far more than patients realize. 


“That’s how we aim to educate our patients. Half of our patient’s success is found in simple things, such as walking, a good diet, no processed food, no alcohol, no smoking, and good sleep,” Dominika told us. 





Advancements at Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics

The Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics team consists of one medical doctor with over 40 years of experience in regenerative medicine,  a chiropractic doctor practicing functional medicine, registered nurses, aestheticians, and a wellness coach. The team attends training conferences around the United States and Europe to ensure they are using the newest and most advanced techniques and treatment protocols on patients. They utilize social media platforms and biohacker’s input to look for new ways to innovate wellness. 


“I believe that a medical spa or any aesthetic business should consider the patient’s needs. We find that our business has become very successful because we have this primary focus. It’s summed up in one sentence: take care of the patient’s needs first, and massive success follows. That’s why we continue to grow,” Dominika said. 


Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics also focuses on integrity within its business. We believe that we should not administer fillers and other already overdone products to the patient just for more money. 


“We are trying to be very authentic, and integrity is my number one priority. We will evaluate patients and give recommendations that are best for them. We will give them the best results and won’t recommend unnecessary treatments to anyone,” she said. 


Dominika Laureto practices what she teaches. Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics came from her incredible mind and time commitment. Her humble beginnings fostered the idea that a wellness spa for patients to receive the treatment they deserve and need for holistic health and overall better well-being was possible. 


To learn more about Supreme Wellness & Aesthetics, visit the website at https://supremewellness.co/ or social media platforms on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/supreme_wellness_aesthetics/ and https://www.instagram.com/dominika_supremeaesthetics/

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