About Dr. Robert “Bob” Vadovic

Dr. Robert “Bob” Vadovic is a Nurse Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Nursing Practice. He started as an Office Provider at Intermountain Healthcare and is currently the Medical Director for High Risk and APPs and Program Director for the APP Fellowship Program for about a year and a half.

Teamwork and Telehealth

When COVID-19 took over, and everyone was scared to leave their houses, health care providers had to get creative and think of other ways to assist their patients. That’s what gave rise to telehealth.

Dr. Vadovic mentions that what they once took for granted became the linchpin to providing proper care for their patients – and that is teamwork. “We are now more reliant on each other to get moving and help everybody,” he says. Dr. Vadovic, who oversees all the APPs in Las Vegas, understood the importance of increasing touchpoints from people. From the medical assistants to the case managers, everyone in the team had the initiative to reach out to their patients to make sure they have what they need.

Social Determinants of Health

Despite the convenience that telehealth has given many people, unfortunately, some individuals don’t have access to it. Dr. Vadovic admits that they still struggle with reaching some of their patients because they don’t have a smartphone or computer or don’t know how to use it.

“I think the biggest issue that I have seen is that this has brought out the social determinants of health to the forefront. It really separates people that have the ability to meet their needs versus those that don’t,” Dr. Vadovic shares with Top Doctor Magazine. It can be frustrating for Dr. Vadovic and the rest of his likes to be unable to provide the care that their patients deserve.

Rationality and Continuous Education

It has now come to a point where many people, especially the younger generation, have grown tired of staying indoors. Many of them resumed their pre-pandemic lifestyle because they see themselves healthy even after catching the virus. However, most of these young folks go home to see their parents and grandparents – who, unfortunately, will not be as healthy if the virus hits them. Dr. Vadovic even mentions that the ICUs of their partner hospitals in Utah have become occupied by mostly parents or grandparents affected by the virus that their children brought home.

To manage or prevent this occurrence, Dr. Vadovic believes that more awareness on this issue is vital, without, however, insisting on these points due to both sides’ heavy biases. Instead, we should lead the conversation with rationality. “It has to be a rational two-way conversation where each side is allowed to give their thoughts and feelings and come to a common solution,” he emphasizes.

Health Care For The Masses

“I really do believe and see that population health – that encompassing a holistic approach to health care, where we take care of the masses and provide the care that they need to do well broadly rather than on just specific issues, is how patients are gonna do well,” stresses Dr. Bob Vadovic. He would love to see more support going to social determinants to make a more significant impact on patients who need help the most. Luckily, Las Vegas has many non-profit organizations that are willing to help out.

Telehealth Is Here To Stay

Telehealth has made medical care so much more accessible to thousands of people – especially those who get into a hassle because of transportation and work shifts. Now, people can access care at odd hours because telehealth is available 24/7. Although it still does not replace face-to-face check-ups and examinations, still, it’s an excellent substitute for when you need to see your doctor for consultations. “I see telehealth staying. It was forced upon us due to necessity, and I don’t see it going away. I think it’s the way of the future,” Dr. Vadovic expresses.

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