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Pioneering the Future of Health: Carolina Oliveira's Journey in Stem Cell Biology and Anti-Aging   "There are so many potential applications in using stem cell biology science to help people...

Pioneering the Future of Health: Carolina Oliveira’s Journey in Stem Cell Biology and Anti-Aging


There are so many potential applications in using stem cell biology science to help people and avoid diseases that affect the health and quality of life for individuals,” Carolina Oliveira, co-founder and CEO of OneSkin, said. 

Oliveira has held a passion for human health and an interest in the sciences since the young age of 15. After obtaining her degree in biochemistry, she went on to get her Ph.D. in stem cell biology and tissue engineering, where she became even more passionate about using her knowledge to help others live a better life and aid in the pursuit of healthy aging. 



As a scientist, you always dream of finding a cure for a specific disease. Eventually, I learned that what underlies most of the diseases we research is aging or the accumulation of damage in our cells and tissues over time. So, if we can actually treat aging in the first place, we can help humans in a different way. By slowing down or reversing aging, we help them to live healthier for longer and avoid developing those diseases we are trying to cure,” Oliveira said. 


OneSkin’s Holistic Approach to Longevity

It’s common to notice the physical signs of skin aging at some point in life, but with such a societal focus on skin aesthetics, most people fail to dig deeper into what skin aging means for their overall health. OneSkin created a new approach to address the aging of the skin – the body’s largest organ – first, with the goal of expanding to other tissues later down the line. OneSkin started with skin because skin is an often overlooked but very vital organ with huge impacts on health and the development of age-related diseases. While maintaining skin health with age will likely have a larger impact than we may think on the way we age, OneSkin doesn’t plan to limit its product development to a topical treatment. OneSkin’s ultimate goal is to go beyond the skin and treat the whole body to help humans live healthier, better lives and avoid age-related diseases altogether. 

“Instead of treating diseases, we should treat what’s actually causing all of those diseases, and it’s aging. The science of the biology of aging and longevity has evolved so much, and scientists have started to find out what drives aging at the cellular level and how this is associated with many diseases,” she said. 


Revolutionizing “Anti-Aging Skincare” from the Cellular Level

OneSkin wasn’t founded with the goal of launching a product. Rather, the team of longevity scientists started OneSkin as a research platform to test the efficacy of anti-aging products on the market by growing human skin in the lab to replicate the skin tissues and the aging process. Their research platform uncovered the fact that most products don’t treat aging itself but just the symptoms of aging. They were primarily surface-level treatments, and no brands were trying to find and treat the root cause of aging. This is where the team realized that by developing products based on research instead of marketing goals, there was a better way to develop anti-aging products that could target aging at a cellular level. 

“What we realized that happens with the aging process is the accumulation of damaged cells, also called the senescent cells. These cells start to build up in our tissues as we age, and they basically function like a bad apple in a basket. They start secreting inflammatory signals that spoil the healthy cells around to age faster. And that leads to inflammation, collagen breakdown, and the signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and so on,” Oliveira said. 

OneSkin hypothesized that by reducing the amount of senescent cells in the skin, healthy cells could proliferate and function more optimally, producing more collagen, improving barrier function, and improving cellular repair mechanisms. So, they set out to find a molecule capable of reducing senescent cells in the skin. After years of research screening over 900 peptides and then optimizing the most promising ones, they developed the OS-01 peptide.

“We go to the root cause; we go to the deeper levels of the skin to treat what’s causing aging in the first place instead of only treating the surface of the skin,” Oliveira said. 



Beyond Just a Business

OneSkin focuses on more than just selling its products, though. They currently support two institutions via continuous donations. One is the Shepherd’s Centers of America, a nonprofit that helps older adults continue enjoying their life as they grow older. If older individuals need support with technology, exercising, health or mental health, the Shepherd’s Centers of America aids them. OneSkin seeks to support others with a similar mission, empowering people to enjoy their lives as they age. 

Lifespan.io is another nonprofit that OneSkin supports. It is a nonprofit that supports research in the field of aging and longevity with an initiative to gather scientists to share their research. As they are currently supporting a project on Alzheimer’s, they bring community to those with related diseases and benefit from the new developing technologies in the field of science. Lifespan.io focuses on education and promoting science-backed information so people make better choices today and age better tomorrow. 

“More and more consumers are demanding science-backed products. For a while, a lot of companies got away with great marketing, but now consumers are looking for real benefits and long-lasting effects,” Carolina Oliveira said. 

OneSkin believes in developing products through the rigor of the scientific process to deliver products that provide lasting benefits to health. They are proud pioneers in an emerging revolution in the anti-aging industry that will allow more consumers to gain access to technologies and products to live better lives. 

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What Sets OneSkin Apart 

Not only is OneSkin backed by extensive research and years of product development, but they’re also the first company to use longevity science to do it. OneSkin is the first to develop a novel ingredient targeting cellular senescence, a primary driver of skin aging. Prior to OneSkin’s findings, there was no other company using this approach to promote skin age reversal. 

“Most dermatologists and skincare companies are using common ingredients that have been in the market for over 50 years, such as retinoids or other acids, and while these can promote better-looking skin, they may also cause inflammation and irritation and were not developed specifically to target aging itself,” she said. 

OneSkin has a new approach to target what drives aging at the cellular level and validate the age reversal effects in the lab. This is vital in the approach to treating aging at its root cause and sets them apart from other companies advertising age reversal for your skin. 

For more information on OneSkin and their products, visit their website or their social media on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, and be sure to check out the testimonials.

Riley George

Riley George