Nobel-Prize Inspired Innovation: Centropix Pioneers A New Era In Wellness Technology

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Alternative wellness usually conjures thoughts of essential oils, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles and yoga. But now, holistic care is rising to a level of Nobel-prize-winning science, incorporating physics, chemistry, and...

Alternative wellness usually conjures thoughts of essential oils, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles and yoga. But now, holistic care is rising to a level of Nobel-prize-winning science, incorporating physics, chemistry, and electromagnetic technology — finally addressing the root cause of biological imbalance.

Centropix is a world-renowned company doing just that. They have innovated a patented range of electromagnetic field and frequency applications integrated into a luxurious range of products and experiences. Think Apple — but wellness. Thousands of individuals battling burnout, overload at work, and an overall lack of energy are already using KLOUD to regain peak energy levels, boost productivity, and feel a surge in vitality throughout the day.

“Having invested the past 25 years within a well-established industry that spans seven decades, boasting credibility, I recognized a distinct absence of innovation. This realization compelled me to pioneer the next-generation PEMF technology, named Kloud.”

Nik Gleim

Centropix is creating a category of its own. At the helm of Centropix technology is the world’s foremost expert in the Pulse Electromagnetic Field — Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, leading Physicist, Neurophysiologist, and former professor at the world-renowned Max Planck Institute. Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka has dedicated over 25 years to perfecting the most advanced electromagnetic signal available today.

PEMF, or pulsed-electromagnetic field, is not a new space or realm for holistic wellness. The industry goes back to the 1950s and is well-known throughout Europe, particularly in German-speaking countries. PEMF uses electromagnetic fields and brings energy to support the natural regulation processes, thereby improving health and well-being.  

In the past, PEMF devices have been bulky, non-portable, and limited to a narrow range of signals. Not anymore. Centropix’s founders, George Gasich and Nik Gleim, saw these limitations in the PEMF space and set out to solve them. And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

“Unlike other PEMF devices, the signal coming from KLOUD is gentle but powerful. I like to take a mid-day session, or what I call a BioHacking nap on it, to help me recharge without caffeine and relax at the same time so I can continue with my busy and active lifestyle. It takes aches and post-workout soreness out of my muscles, helps me feel more balanced, and really makes a huge difference when I am traveling and changing time zones. It comes everywhere with me – on the plane, in the mountains adventuring, and to the office to keep me going all day without stimulants. 

Katrine Volynsky | CEO Cellular Regeneration. 

Landing the esteemed German Design Award, KLOUD, Centropix’s flagship product,  is both wireless and app-driven, allowing you to choose and experience the benefits across a full range of therapies — wherever you go!

Centropix’s founders, George Gasich and Nik Gleim, saw these limitations in the PEMF space and set out to solve them. And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

“As Chief Marketing Officer and Copywriter at Performance Golf, I have a busy schedule — 12-hour days, over a hundred employees to manage, and a fourteen-year-old daughter to raise. Maximum energy and productivity are essential to my success. The Centropix KLOUD plays a huge role in my daily routine, providing a boost in sustained energy during work, and enhanced relaxation before bed. I’ve tried dozens of other “biohacking” solutions, and nothing compares to the impact I’ve experienced with KLOUD.” 

Donnie French, Performance Golf, CMO | World’s Largest Online Golf Company

Here’s What A Session On KLOUD Looks Like 

On KLOUD, a session begins with lying or sitting comfortably on an applicator or mat. Depending upon the time of day and the needs of the body, pick the program that best suits your desired outcome. Simply choose one of five different programs: relax, balance, energize, synchronize, transform— and enjoy!

The electromagnetic fields are designed to pass through the body and gently activate the molecules involved in regulation and self-healing processes— without any discomfort. 

“I am Nils Biermordt, a three-time world champion in the bench press, an avid athlete, and a dedicated bodybuilder. As a Centropix user, I primarily leverage the Kloud platform to enhance my recovery, optimize my nutritional intake, and elevate my training performance, all aimed at achieving greater muscle growth.”

The applicator, or mat, is available in two different sizes. The full-body mat is designed for systemic therapy. The smaller size, KLOUD Mini, is for localized applications — and is easy to take with you anywhere you go. This means the KLOUD Mini is easily used in your car, on the plane, or at your desk. Using KLOUD for 15 minutes twice daily is recommended for maximum benefits. 

The prestigious TopDoc Clinics Miami, at the Four Seasons in Brickell, and many other high-end medical clinics currently offer Centropix to their guests. The service has improved the lives of many in the Miami area at the holistic clinic and will continue to do so as Centropix expands across the world. TopDoc Clinics in Miami Brickell offers Centropix and many other holistic services.

“Members of TopDoc Clinic’s Bio-Optimized program have reported a range of tangible benefits attributed to their use of the Kloud product. These benefits include significantly improved energy levels, more efficient recovery after physical activities, enhanced sleep quality, and notable relief from various forms of physical discomfort. The positive outcomes experienced by these members underscore the potential of the Kloud to optimize biological functions and contribute to an overall sense of well-being.”

-The TopDoc Clinic’s Team

Prof. Dr. Fred Harms for Scientific Advocate

Prof. Dr. Fred Harms taught as a Professor of Healthcare Management at the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Since 2013, he has headed the Institute for Preventive Medicine and Health Services Research together with Prof. Dr. Dorothee Gänshirt at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, Austria. The Institute works in cooperation with various European health institutions on developing strategies for prevention, compliance, and disease management of chronic diseases and evaluating the potential benefits of medical innovations for patient care.

Among his other numerous activities and memberships, he is a strong supporter of the KLOUD. 

“We surpass all other nations in healthcare expenditure, but paradoxically, we hold the unenviable title of being the unhealthiest society globally. Not only is this approach ineffective, but it also lacks economic sustainability.”

George Gasich, Co-founder 

Centropix Is More Than Just a Wellness Technology Company — It’s A Wellness Movement 

Centropix was created not only to ignite a wave of personal health transformations worldwide but also to empower individuals with resources, including knowledge, awareness, and economic opportunities to live life to the fullest.

The name Centropix derives from the word “Centropy,” which is the opposite of “entropy” (the tendency towards death and chaos). Centropy means “life, harmony, and order.” Constructive versus destructive. Centropix aims to construct, grow, and nurture a community of like-minded individuals committed to changing the world — one molecule at a time. To learn more about Centropix, click on this link.

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