Is There Such a Thing As Having Too Much Sex?

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Romantic life is a healthy, fun and intimate part of any relationship and one of the best possible boosts to your emotional, mental and physical health. But is it possible...

Romantic life is a healthy, fun and intimate part of any relationship and one of the best possible boosts to your emotional, mental and physical health. But is it possible to have too much sex? This is an important question that deserves to be addressed in terms of physical health, emotional maturity and mental wellbeing. So, what does the research say when it comes to having ‘too much sex?


Is It Even Possible to Have Too Much Sex?

It might not be a simple cut-and-dry answer at first, but the truth is, it depends. As you consider the question of having too much sex in light of your own life, ask yourself what values and uses of your time are most important to you. If you spend an excessive amount of time thinking about sex, you can throw off the balance of your life. If such daydreaming distracts you from work or your ability to engage in your hobbies, you might be dealing with an early sign of sex addiction

Even if sex addiction is not on the table, you should still consider whether or not you’re having too much sex. You don’t need to be experiencing physical health problems for sex to be getting in the way of your highest quality of life. Instead, consider the most important people, organizations and events to you. Is your relationship with sex preventing you from pursuing those opportunities? If so, cutting back on sex and freeing up time and mental energy to invest in your friends, family and hobbies can greatly benefit your emotional health and overall quality of life.


How Can I Tell If I’m Having Too Much Sex?

Several physical indicators help answer this question. Both men and women can develop soreness in the pelvic region as a result of excessive sexual activity. Excessive friction can also lead to skin irritation for both men and women, thus providing an opportunity to ask yourself whether you should take a break.

Other physical indicators that you might be overdoing it include pain during intercourse, urinary tract infections in women and neck pain resulting from too much strain. If the amount of sexual activity doesn’t leave time in your schedule to take care of yourself, your problem will only get bigger as time goes on. Additionally, using sex as a coping mechanism to avoid difficult tasks or conversations is a good sign that it’s time to slow down and make more responsible choices.


What Can I Do to Help Myself and My Partner?

If these symptoms of excessive sexual intercourse haven’t raised any alarm bells, then great! Maintain the frequency that you and your partner find most comfortable, but keep in mind a few tricks for making regular sex pleasant and healthy. 

First, arrange your diet around high-nutrient foods that will increase your sexual desire and boost your mood, such as oranges, grapefruit, almonds, cashews, salmon and kale. In addition to dietary changes, alterations to your exercise habits have the potential to boost your sex drive. Exercise, in general, will improve your cardiovascular health and stamina, but Kegels especially will strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and intensify sexual response.

Your emotional intimacy with your partner also plays a vital role in the quality of your sex life. If you and your partner can maintain openness and honesty in your conversations about the sexual dimension of your relationship, you will build a foundation of trust, which is imperative for communicating your needs to each other. If, for example, one of you feels that you have sex too frequently, the trust that you’ve built will make it easier to work together and find a solution.


A Parting Reminder

You owe it to yourself and your partner to assess the place sex has in your lives. If you’re experiencing consequences to your physical or mental health, it might be time to hold off. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations and make an honest assessment of the situation!

Diana Kelly

Diana Kelly